Psychic surgery is a spiritual healing by which the healer will make his bare hands enter inside the patient to remove the disease or defective tissues, organs or any matters that makes him ill and thus restoring the normal health for the individual . Psychic surgery spiritual healing has therefore a very important role in treating the people without pain or any scars or marks on the patient. Though psychic healing is a much used term, psychic surgery spiritual healing is not that easy as we think or even imagine. It is not possible for all psychic experts to perform it as it needs ultimate focusing on ones spiritual energy and its far more related to the psychic world than just getting powered by spiritual strength. It needs the powerful triggering and sensitiveness and should have all ultimate psychic energy infusing on to the healers body so that he may too becomes the part of the universe and will be able to communicate with the guardian spirits and angels thus resulting in the healing and the complete wellness of the patient. The psychic surgery spiritual healing requires an extended extra sensory perception that is very sharp and constantly enhancing the level of the spiritual power. Mr. Jun Labo is the pioneer in the field of psychic surgery spiritual healing and he is known as the father of this method. This method is otherwise known as bare handed surgery as the healer will touch the patient’s body and organs without any gloves or any artificial measures but merely bare handed. Jun Labo has done his first healing in a religious program on following his mother. There he saw a lady dying with heart attack and he started rubbing over her chest which resulted in the pumping of blood and he was just scared of it. After some seconds, with advice of the public, he rubbed again, and every thing was alright then and the lady lived and he became a well known psychic healer. He trained the psychic experts trained in the psychic surgery spiritual healing by enhancing their psychic abilities.

Jaime Liacauco, has seen Jun Labo operating a patient’s eye for glaucoma. He just took off the eyeball from the socket and removed that black colored layer from the eyeball and put it back in the eye socket. The patient did not even yell with pain. Moreover there was no anesthesia or any extra drugs used to remove the pain. Jun Labo, analysis the disease before the treatment by placing a sheet in the front part of the patient and he, himself acts like an x-ray machine. It may be difficult to believe this but it’s a fact that he had identified the disease correctly. The dark spots on the sheets were the problem areas and the white spots were not that serious problem. All these he made out of his extreme psychic strength and thus lays the power of our unseen, unexplainable, and unbelievable spiritual energy.

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