Prophet Stephen is a top expert psychic reader in West Palm Beach Florida. He gives psychic readings in most any area to include: love, money, career, spirituality and much more.  You can get a psychic reading with him right now by calling 561-295-8635 .   You can call him 24 hours daily as there is no set schedule. Prophet Stephen gives psychic readings to his clients as they need him.  You will find that his clairvoyant abilities tap into the past, present and future.  When he sees the future for you, he tells you exactly what will happen. Prophet Stephen has already given over 50,000 psychic readings and has over 30+ years of professional psychic reading experience.  People often call Prophet Stephen when they want to know the future of a certain situation.  You may be asking yourself, “When is he going to be calling me?  Why Can’t I find a job?  Where should I take my career? These questions and much more are some samples that you can ask him.  

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Prophet Stephen first realized that he was gifted to see into the past, present and future when he was 13 years of age.  His prophecies have helped thousands of people since then to find clarity and direction for their lives.  Prophet Stephen spent the greater part of his youth giving free psychic readings to friends, families, clients and those that needed a reading.  He became highly sought after for his accuracy and many people around the world enjoy talking with him now because they enjoy receiving prophetic messages from him.  Your first psychic reading with Prophet Stephen is FREE!  If you want to buy more time, you can do so without having to worry about paying pay per minute charges.  Prophet Stephen enjoys giving psychic readings to his clients that are in need of hearing the truth about their situation.  Prophet Stephen wants to ensure you that he can give you what you need on a daily basis. His hope is to allow you to see that you can tap into the spirit world through one of Americas top psychics.  Call him now at 561-295-8635 to get an appointment.  

Prophet Stephen has helped me with love questions over the years. I am happy to say that I went back to my ex after speaking with  him.  Prophet Stephen gave me prophetic inisghts that helped me to see that being with him was going to bring happiness to my life.  We ended up getting married after being together on and off for ten years.  I use Prophet Stephen several times a month.

Melinda B.


I was not into getting psychic readings before meeting Prophet Stephen. I met him at a psychic show that he was doing here in West Palm Beach.  My girlfriend brought me along to watch him.  He was so accurate and helped me to connect with my father that had crossed over to the other side.  I started crying in front of everyone and never felt so connected with my father.  Thank you.

Gregory L.


There is nobody else like Prophet Stephen. He started to pick up information about my husband and I with only giving him my first name and date of birth.  It is amazing how fast this man is.  He does his readings quick and you don’t even have to tell him anything. He just reads your spriit as though he was reading a book on your life.  He is spot on and cares a lot about people. He is the real deal.

Sally K.


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