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Prophet Stephen is an experienced clairvoyant psychic reader in West Palm Beach, FL.  He has been giving psychic readings in the areas of love, money, career and spirituality for over 30 years.  He is fast, accurate and detailed.  Call him today at 561-295-8635.

  • Picks Up on Past, Present and Future Events.
  • Psychic Readings lasts for 30 Minutes.
  • No Appointment Necessary.

  • Prophetic Gifts to Reveal Mysteries in the Spirit World.
  • Known to pick up on specific names, dates, times and locations.
  • Ability to Pick up Dangerous Trends Happening in the Spirit World.
  • Fast. Accurate. Detailed.
  • Call Anytime.
  • Spiritual Teacher. 
  • Radio Show Host.
  • Published Author.


Prophet Stephen first received his prophetic anointing at the at of 13.  He first realized that he could give prophetic words when he started to tell people what he saw for their lives in the areas of love, money, career, spirituality and much more.  When Stephen receives a prophetic word, he tells you what he sees. Stephen believes in helping people from different walks of life. He ministers to Christians and non Christians alike. His prophetic words have touched over 50,000+ plus people across the world.  Each years, Stephen receives thousands of requests for live prophetic words.  As Stephen taps into the spiritual world, he sees the outcome of what is to come in a persons life.  His goal is to help people to see and understand their path clearly.  When Stephen goes deep into the spirit world, he often picks up on specific information such as dates, times, locations and names.  He is considered to be a top professional in his field and loves helping people.

Prophet Stephen is considered to be one of the top prophets of the 21st century. He has given thousands of psychic readings to people from all walks of life. For a limited time, you can receive a prophetic word for only $99.00. for 30 minutes.  Call our office today at 561-295-8635.

Prophet Stephen is the real deal. He has helped me since 2004 and has allowed me to see the future before it actually happens.  What he sees actually happens. He is the only psychic that I turn to in my times of trouble.

Cindy K.

West Palm Beach

Never met anyone like him before in my life.  He simply taps into your question fast and tells you what is going to happen next.  Must see and hear to believe. I ask him questions about my business all of the time and my love life. He is great.

Sonya P.


Stephen helped me to find my soulmate. He told me when he was going to come into my life and it actually happened. My reading lasted for around 40 minutes.  Picked up on specific name that actually happened.

Paul H.

Jupiter, FL

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