All the animal lovers around the world have pets. These pets are part of family and are loved by everyone in the household. But the mode of communication between the pet and its owner differs from household to household. Some owners fail to communicate with their pets or understand the needs of their pets. This is where pet psychics come into the picture. Pet psychics are people who allegedly have the ability to communicate with animals and thus help in creating a family bond between the pets and their masters.

A lot of pet Psychics are available throughout the United States. Pet psychics became popular around the world due to the television show named “PET PSYCHIC” which was broadcasted in 2002 in the animal planet channel. Sonya Fitzpatrick was the pet psychic who hosted the show and claimed to communicate with the animals as well as departed pets of the audience.

Dogs are known as a man’s best friend. The beneficial effects of owning a pet have been known for ages. These pets are known to cheer up the entire family during difficult times. These pets sometimes exhibit unique behavior and sometimes connect with their pets. Pet psychics help the owners with these issues. They help the master and the pet to connect and to form an intimate bond, which goes far beyond words. They, allegedly help the pet and the master to solve the problems faced by the pet and make them much closer.

A lot of pet psychics have cropped up all over the U.S and have full-fledged websites listing their achievements. Some of the famous pet psychics are Sonya Fitzpatrick, Lena light, Shira and Barbara Morrison to name a few. They have a lot of people flocking to them who want their pets to communicate better with each other. A lot of people believe with the theory that pets are psychic. Frogs are known to be psychic and so are cats. Dogs are the most popular pets and are thus are the area of focus for these pet psychics.

Pet psychics have their critics also. These critics argue that a human and an animal cannot communicate and these psychics are nothing but a farce. This criticism arises out of the simple fact that humans and animals ate two different beings and beyond comparison for effective communication. But a majority of people feel the need to reach out to their pets and thus in the process cheer up their life too. Thus the number of pet psychics are on the rise .To add to this fact are a number of movies which feature the communication between Man and his pets.

So, the bottom-line is that though many believe that it is almost impossible for a person to communicate to an animal there are many instances to prove the existence of the same in Pet Psychic community. Thus disproving its existence requires a still lot more research into the topic and a better understanding of the same in more meaningful and comprehensible terms.

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