Regardless of the validity of a subject often times when a detailed outline of the subject is created there is a vast amount more of information than most may have expected. Psychic abilities are no exception to this. The sheer number of psychic abilities that have been cataloged and described merit some sort of admiration. There are some very thorough records, and they are available online. There are some rather comprehensive sources as well as some sources that are quite good while more general. Many of these sources are completely free and require no registration to view.

While the full list found listed approximately one hundred distinct abilities, most of the common abilities can fit into a number of major classifications. The first that will be mentioned is interpretation. This is a significant ability, especially in regard to today’s psychics. There are a number of sources from which psychics are reported to be able to interpret knowledge. Some have obvious relevance to actual science. Among these are interpretation of the shapes of clouds. Others are more separated from any obvious scientific correlation. One example of these is the interpretation of the songs of birds while touching seeds and other objects. As illustrated here some forms of interpretation require participation on the part of the psychic others are more standard reflections on a thing separate from the psychic. One of the most common forms of this is the interpretation of the astrological bodies and their application to the prediction of the future.

The next category that we will examine is that of communication. This is another form of psychic ability that remains somewhat in the public eye. Only recently there was a prominent psychic that had a television show based on one form of this. One of the most common forms of psychic communication is necromancy, or communing with the dead. There are a number of other forms of psychic communication as well. Some of these involve communication with living beings, including other humans.

Yet another category is psychic action. This is a somewhat muddled category, since some of the psychic abilities that may be considered action are not action in the typical physical sense. Astral projection is a good illustration of this. It is an action in which the psychic travels, sometimes great distances, but does not involve their physical body. This and other actions may have physical effects on other physical bodies in some cases.

Each ability is somewhat different. There may be various combinations of these abilities as well.

In general today psychic ability is relegated to the realm of entertainment. As a result few focus much time or effort on it. There are some methods outlined to increase psychic ability though. Consider your safety when beginning any sort of training. You may find that these things simply are not for you ultimately. Along the way though you may gather interesting information for conversations though. Sharing what you learn may actually help others to find where their interests lie.

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