In this world of ours there are people who seem to possess more than just the five senses found in a normal human being. The use of the word normal in that sentence doesn’t mean that people found which abilities are abnormal; it’s just that they seem possess an extra path that gives them power to do some great things. We are going to discuss about the different types of psychic abilities. Let us first answer what exactly is a psychic ability, well it is the simple straightforward way to find your inner-self and how to develop and use your under-developed sixth sense. So it is basically a way of sensing something using another method altogether, but we’re not aware if that ability is present in us or no. Here are the different types of psychic abilities:

Major arcana: • Clairvoyance: it is the gift of visualizing something that is not present in front of the eyes. It can be anything from a movie, to a name written on a paper or just a photograph that is easy to remember. It is believed that this ability is mostly found in kids, and most of them fail to gather it when they need the most that is higher studies.

• Clairaudience: it is the gift of hearing thins which otherwise do not exist around the subject. They seem to hear the talks of dead people and can easily remember them as well. There are two sub-types in this first is when the psychic feels that a spirit is communicating with them and giving some advice, then it is the type of hearing thoughts that come directly into the mind of a psychic.

• Clairsentience: it is the gift of sensing things which might not exist around you and you can’t feel but the person having this ability knows the exact whereabouts of the person. These are considered to be of the smarter category where they sometimes take the information from the surrounding; they can also feel the changes in the individual’s body.

The above were the three main types of the different types of psychic abilities. The others concluding the topic are as follows:

• Telekinesis: it is also known as psycho kinesis is a very rare ability to move object without physically touching them or fondling with them. People who possess this ability are often questioned of their authenticity.

• E.S.P: it means Extra Sensory Perception which is the awareness of the information of the events external to the psychic. These cannot be gained through senses nor are they deducible from previous experiences.

• Levitation: it is the gift of levitation oneself in the air. It is another rare ability which is questioned for its authenticity. Stories about levitation are dated back to the 16th century.

So these were the different types of psychic abilities that exist and are in most of the cases unrecognized till the end of life of the individual. Everybody must get closer to their spiritual self and it is believed that each one of us possesses different types of psychic abilities.

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