Have you ever seen some real haunted houses? These are houses that you may or may not be familiar with. Some people look at haunted houses and says, It’s all just a bunch of fluff. However, ghosts hunters and people that have been inside of haunted houses do not believe that spirits are all just a bunch of made of fluff. I think that people that go and see haunted mansions and places like Alcatraz prison, leave feeling that they have been spooked by a ghost. There is the Lizzy Borden house that many ghost hunters claim to be haunted to some degree. These houses are said to have ghosts roaming around at night. Some people prefer to call these beings “misplaced spirits.” Thousands of people consult prophets and psychics yearly to ask questions about these strange beings that seem to loom around at night.

Real haunted houses can be seen anywhere. They can be seen in: movies, pictures, in person, on video and with the physical eyes. Every single human being on the face of the planet have unique spiritual gifts. These gifts are designed by God and given to us to assist one another on planet earth. We have to open our eyes up to the living in order to see if we can connect with the dead.

I personally don’t like to connect with the dead because I don’t know if they are demons or just displaced souls. I have read in the Holy Bible that demons are for real and to not speak to ghosts unless you are casting them out in the name of Jesus Christ. I have no idea why these beings still linger around us. However, I have heard enough convincing evidence in my lifetime that a ghost is not to be spoken to or even messed around with.

The late Edgar Cayce (psychic; sleeping prophet) said that in the years to come, many psychic children would rise up and they will have extraordinary spiritual talents and gifts. I think that we are living in a day in age where we are beginning to see this happening more regularly.

The truth of the matter is that real haunted houses are all around us. It’s up to us to decide if we want to enter them or not. There are a few good books on Amazon.com that teach us about paranormal ghost hunting. I suggest you stop by this website to research this topic. It may be worth your while.

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