The Zodiac represents the supposed path taken by the sun across heaven. The path is said to be divided into 12 equal portions of time. The word zodiac is of Latin origin and it signifies the animal circle.

All those born in the period of September 24 to October 23 come under the Zodiac of Libra. The Libra is the most unique sign in the zodiac, because its symbol is an object and not a living being like the other zodiacs. Libra is the most cherished because it signifies the highest point of the year, where one reaps benefit for all work they have put in throughout the year.

Librans are considered to be the most forward of all people and are often the ones with the good looks. Unlike the Aries and Taurus, Librans show a gentle and elegant character. They are giving in nature and appreciate all forms of beauty. They love the sense of accord or harmony of things, like amongst people in the society or harmony in music.

The Librans are acknowledged to have good critical thinking prowess. They look at issues impartially and are not biased in their views. Although they do not take to a difference of their opinions and do not budge from the stand they have taken. They also do not take criticism lightly and they are not the exemplary display of patience either, they wish their views to be immediately accepted. On the whole, they show a temperate character and one might consider them to be diplomatic.

Librans have the wonderful gift of feeling other people’s emotions. This great characteristic of theirs lets them feel the emotional needs and wants of others around them. They don the role of a protector to one who is intimidated, and may be a person in whom one might find solace. Peace loving in heart, they abhor all sorts of conflict and violence. They believe in the strength of numbers, unity of the society or unity amongst their own close ones.

The Librans tap into their right side potential of the brain, (not implying most of them being left-handers), they display artistic talent. Although they are the ones who neither pioneer new ideas in the field of art nor are they the trailblazers, they do show a good deal of perception and show integrity in their work.

On the relationship front they are usually willing to compromise and also let themselves be at a disadvantage for their partner’s sake. They would prefer to continue the established relationship with another rather than spoil it. Their understanding of the other person’s feeling makes them much more comfortable while forgoing for the other.

Librans display a good deal of vigor; however it may not be the same effort they put in for all sorts of work. They do not usually contend to the rough and manual chores. Most Librans are ambitious in nature, only few being contented with what they have. Sought out as diplomats, the Librans do not make the greatest of politicians which usually requires an extreme, biased view of things, which definitely is not their forte.

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