Libra is the seventh astrological sign of the zodiac. it is ruled by the planet Venus and Libra women have birthdays from the 24th of September through the 23rd of October. Mythologically, Libra is associated with the Greek goddess of justice, which is probably what makes Librans nothing if not fair and committed to balanced judgment all around. Libra women can argue with balanced and practical logic and be very convincing that her side of the argument is correct. She’s usually right, because her final decisions are very carefully considered.

The Libran’s penchant for weighing everything twice is really based on a sincere desire to reach an impartial judgment. The need to reach a fair verdict is a typical characteristic of the Libra woman and she presents her case in a very tactful way so as to not offend anybody. At the same time, she’s not stubborn and will be ready to accept the other side of an argument is it sounds more convincing and logical.

By their true nature, Libra women are kindhearted, gentle and refined and enjoy social gatherings and entertainment. They can come across as very attractive and kind. Being affectionate comes naturally to them and they are always ready with praises and encouragement.

Libran women love open and luxurious surroundings and dirty sloppy surroundings make them gloomy and despondent. They have a strong sense of personal freedom and do not compromise it for anything though they cheerfully endure any hardship for the ones they love. Libra women make very devoted wives and mothers and their deep concern for the welfare of their family often leaves them nervous and ill.

They are highly intellectual and have amazing powers of analysis and are best suited for any job requiring precision and planning. She is emotional but this does not come in the path while she makes decisions or forms opinions. Their plans are well laid out without regard to the opinions of others. They are highly analytical and clear-minded and adapt well to any kind of work environment. This is primarily because they are ever willing to acquire knowledge and learn.

Libra women love talking but are equally interested in listening to your monologues and support and motivate you all the time. They are highly feminine when it comes to love and romance and are very kind. Being suspicious is not the trait of the Libra woman and she trusts the people she loves, completely.

Libra women tend to become confused or unsure of situations quite often but they always gain their balance and return to their usual lovable selves. Librans love harmony in everything and are artistic in their soul. They tend to get ailments relating to kidneys and stomach which is caused due to their over indulgence in eating and also due to the occasional nervousness and concern. They also tend to get depressed occasionally though it doesn’t last for very long periods of time after which they bounce back to their charming selves with their alluring smile.

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