Tattoos are for those lovers of body art. People wishing to get more than closer to a work of art, usually have them tattooed on their skin. They treat their skin as canvass and seek out a worthy design or art to adorn their body.

A Libran is one with an innate artistic skill. They are definitely the ones to appreciate art in its true splendor. A tattoo would be considered their greatest turn on and there could not be a better way of displaying their love for art.

The Libran symbol is a pair of Scales. It is the only symbol in the Zodiac which features a non living object. The other Zodiacs figure living forms, human and animal. 
Harmony is very essential to a Libran. Though he/she might never express such feeling through words to the tattoo artist, it is truly what they seek in a Libra tattoo. They prefer to choose designs that compliment one other, such as an arm band tattoo and other featuring a butterfly near the belly.

The tattoo artist is however sure to run into some trouble with the Libran customer. The Libran would not be the one to convince easily into choosing a particular design. If he has his heart set on something he likes, the artist would not try coaxing him into seeing another. It is not in the nature of the Libran to forgo their opinion instead of one offered by another.

A blue butterfly tattoo matches the Librans Zodiac Sign of light. Other color options include darker shades of rose and black. A mélange of these colors would provide a host of designs to choose from.

The Libran Zodiac picture shows at times a man holding up a pair of scales or in others depicting the scales alone. Libra tattoos are made according to the picture showing scales, but most go for the symbolic representation.

The symbol of the Libran is depicted by two lines drawn horizontal to each other. The subtle variations include designs showing the two lines to curve outwards and their ends being finished to give a fine edge. The top line also curves to form an arch in the conventional design, the ends being drawn straight. The modern variations include the top curve to shape out like the Egyptian Ankh (considered to be a symbol for luck) in place of the arch in the conventional pattern.

Most people and not just the Librans go for more graphic representations of their star sign. They like to hold their sign in prominence and mostly get them done on the noticeable parts of their body.

The websites on the site feature many Libra tattoos and it allows for the art crazy Libran to explore many different patterns. Most of the designs shown are creations of various tattoo studios and if the person finds one that he prefers, he can directly approach the tattoo studio.

Newer Libra tattoos feature the conventional Libran symbol inscribed on a stretched piece of leather skin with feather patterns drawn on the sides.

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