Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac falling in the period from 23rdSeptember to 22nd October. Venus is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign. Venus is the planet of values, the self, belongings, love and beauty. They usually express these characteristics in action and words. There is no particular characteristic to a Libran. The only feature attributed to them is a dimple. Their physical traits are usually a well balanced feature. They have a charming smile, have a dimple in the chin or cheeks and face is usually pleasant despite being angry.

Libran natives on a wide classification fall into one of the two categories. The shorter people usually tend to have well built physique and their eyes posses a penetrative look in them and are usually brown or blue. They also have broad temples. The second category of Librans is the tall ones, usually with a slender build. The individuals falling in the second category have physical traits like dark narrow and straight foreheads with dark hair and generally grey or blue eyes.

Even when Librans put on weight the extra pounds are evenly distributed and do not tend to accumulate in specific areas. They have some flexibility which can best be described as grace movement. Librans have a beaming smile that can easily flatter anyone or even lighten the mood around. Their facial cut is usually long tapering down towards the chin and a more or less rounded head at the top and the facial structure being very symmetrical. Yet another physical trait that cannot be missed out is the very finely chiseled lips which add a lot to the overall charisma.

Talking about Libran men they are more often than not handsome, but very rarely ugly. Their looks are complimented with balanced features like an all right bone structure and a very appealing voice. Men tend to dress with inequity in restrained colors and are never gone unnoticed with their athletic build and graceful movement. They like being presentable at all times and likes to check his form in the mirrors or as he is passing a window.

Coming to the Libran women they are no less than their counterparts. Libran women are usually very slim and curvy with beautiful large eyes. Their face has a charming appeal with precisely flared nostrils and an open, well shaped mouth and this physical trait is a sure plus point. As mentioned earlier, a beaming smile, well complimented by the level teeth and sometimes a tiny gap between the front two is rather endearing.

When they are confronted with a quizzical question or a rather uncomfortable situation they fiddle with a small object in hand like a pen, ruler or stick when seated. If they are standing they keep shifting weight from one leg to another or on the toes. To sum it up Librans definitely have a cut above the other when it comes to the looks. They are often envied for the healthy glow of their skin and fine, silky texture of the hair mostly of a lighter shade.

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