Pittsburgh, Pa is known for its share of haunted houses. There are actually hundreds of haunted places in Pa. I would say that ghost hunters frequent here because Pennsylvania is known for vampires and ghostly sightings. I think that a good ghost hunting team can scope out Pennsylvania and get some hard evidence of the existence of ghosts. There are thousands of haunted museums and spirits that are speaking to the living.

Pennsylvania has a lot of scenic roots and hills. There are all sorts of old houses and haunted mansions that can be found here as well. It’s hard to say why a spirit would target this one area alone. I can tell you that ghost hunters that have visited Pittsburgh have caught some interesting videos and put them on YouTube.com. I think that anyone who visits Pa, will see that spirits don’t sit still for too long. I know that Pittsburgh was once the home to many steel mills. When these steel mills closed, many people in the Pittsburgh area suffered because they simply had no jobs. The factories and plants all closed and many residents took their own lives because the money just wasn’t there anymore and these men and women saw no reason to keep on living. They felt as though there life was doomed.

This could possibly be the reason why there are so many haunted places in Pa. If you are like me, you like to investigate matters and get to the bottom of why certain places are more haunted than others. I can tell you that nobody really knows why. It’s a matter of what happens on a daily basis. If you are into ghost hunting and really want to learn more about ghosts, then visit Pa this summer and do some ghost hunting of your own.

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