One of the core values that we learnt in school was sharing our food with everyone around us. This value may have further stuck with us when we went to college and then moved onto our professional lives. However slowly is loses its track somewhere and becomes a latent value somewhere deep in our system. The free song downloads appeals to this latent value in our systems itself. The intention to share can be seen in the manner in which we lend some of our song collections in the form of records to our friends. The intention to share after completing free song downloads may however be more of a showing off rather than genuine sharing. In recent times the internet has left its impact on almost all industries that it has touched whether big or small across the globe. What were markets earlier are now competition with the advent of the internet. The internet therefore keeps on the nature of information exchange which happens in between people across the globe. Therefore the music industry could also not remain insulated from the internet for long.

Free song downloads brought people in millions to the websites which allowed such free song downloads. They rivaled the number of users only on adult entertainment websites and sometimes the users were also common. The prospect of listening to the latest blockbusters completely free of charge was just too good to pass up. One these free song downloads websites became so popular that they used to almost block out the capacity of traffic on any server which could handle the traffic volumes. The music industry ignored this phenomenon as a small development which will not receive much attention for them to be worried. Some music marketers also made the fatal mistake of assuming that though people may listen to the music online they will still come back to them for buying the original records. That was just waiting to change. The sales of records started to nosedive and the music industry suddenly woke up to the power of free song downloads on the internet.

These free song downloads had hit their volume numbers phenomenally as they allowed ease and convenience of anytime, anywhere enjoyment of music across the globe rather than waiting for the stores to release the records. This was coupled with the fact that the songs available through free song downloads were completely free of charge and did not require any membership details or any sign ups. The music industry realized that the free song downloads tool had the potential to wipe them out if it is left unchecked. They attacked this problem with two folds of action. Firstly they worked to convince the consumer of free song downloads about the harm that these uploaded files bring to their computers in the form of hidden Trojans and viruses. They also appealed to the fan’s loyalty to their music stars and requested them to stop free song downloads. The other route taken was to pursue legal action wherever necessary to set examples of over abuse of free song downloads. 

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