Trusting in Jesus means that you are going to be giving yourself a new reason for following Christ. I think that when we learn how to trust God, we can actually improve our lives. I think that we often forget how much God truly loves us and how much we need to grow closer to God on a daily basis. Jesus really gives of himself to us in unique ways because He loves us so much and because He wants to make sure that we are well taken care of and that we are eager to serve Him.

Serving Jesus Christ means that you are going to take out the time of your busy schedule each day to spend some quality time with Him. You have to learn how to read the Holy Bible each and every day. This is the true source of all knowledge. It is really a book of wisdom that can teach you how to obey God.

Psychic Edgar Cayce was known for reading the Holy Bible on a daily basis. He said that this was the only book that he ever really ever read. That’s interesting since so many people around the world do not understand Edgar Cayce or how he got to be so popular amongst people that loved his psychic readings.

I think that when we offer ourselves up to those that truly want to learn more about God, we actually give ourselves a new found hope. We can actually learn how to serve God and we can learn what makes our lives so compatible with his. I think that when we learn to realize our own life’s potential, we can actually learn how to deal with our own lives and the lives of those that we are actually trying to help on a daily basis. I think that we can better our own lives by being patient and learning as much as we can about God and about our life.

In many different ways, we can better our life and the lives of others by just praying and asking God to help us each and every day of our lives. God may ask you to do something that you may never feel comfortable with. When this happens, just know that God is fully in charge and He knows what is best for us. Just try to remember that God is the person that you can always count on and trust. Trusting God is a process. You have to learn how to trust Him over time and He usually asks you to seek Him out on a daily basis. Don’t give up on God if you feel like your prayers are not being answered in the way that you want them to be answered.

God is always in charge and knows what is best for us. Just allow God to give you what you need entirely so that you can honestly grow into an understanding that God is in charge and will provide for all of your needs with time and with love. It’s all about the daily journey with God that makes all of the difference.

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