Poems are beautiful way to express our inner feelings. Whatever may be our inner feelings like happiness, sadness, romantic feel; love feeling, emotional feeling, sentimental feeling etc can be expressed in a poetic form. Some people are good in writing poems and some are not. Writing poems is not a difficult task; you really need patience and should be careful while writing. You should be able to find proper words from the vocabulary to express the inner feeling in a nice poetic way.

Love poems are quite popular among all age group people, particularly with teenagers. Teenage love poems are of different types such as funny teenage love poems, naughty teenage love poems, humour love poems for teenagers, romantic teenage love poems, infatuation love poems for teenagers etc. Funny teenage love poems are quite popular and teenagers wish to read more of funny love poems. Many teenagers try to pen funny love poems on their own.

Writing funny teenage love poems is a difficult task and it requires lot of hard work. It also requires stupid sense of humor to express love feeling in a funny way. It is essential that the funny love poems should not hurt others feelings. If you are a teenager and trying to pen one funny love poem for the first time then try to follow some basic guidelines in writing funny teenage love poems.

• Refer to some good poets funny love poems, just read and listen to those poems and try to learn the style of writing from it. • Most important is funny teenage love poems should contain some message and the content of the poem should be of good quality. • Basically you should have funny thoughts and ideas, so that it will be helpful while writing. • Make a note of all lines and quotes that comes to your thought process, also note down other specific ideas that you want to express in your poem. • Give a mild soft touch to love poems with your emotions and feelings. • Funny love poems should be written in such a way that it gives a clear idea and imaginative picture in reader’s mind. • Keep in mind not to use ambiguous words while writing funny love poems.

Funny teenage love poems are just a presentation of your humor and it is essential to use simple words and lighthearted words. Teenagers are always full of positive energy and vibration. For them it won’t be a tough task to pen some simple funny teenage love poems. It is necessary to choose the style of writing as there are many styles like limericks, sonnets, haiku for writing funny love poems. Try to make use of brilliant and vibrant description to attract your love mate. It is better to end your funny love poem with a punch line to a joke. This will surely make the reader think about the poem once finished reading.

Once finished writing your own funny teenage love poems read it twice or thrice, os that it will be helpful in making some changes in it.

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