Many people give up on having a love life after they have been alone for so many years. God will provide you with a companion that will love you when he feels that you are ready, God will allow you to marry and be with them forever.

Many times in this life, people will come to the conclusion that Jesus has forgotten about them and that he has not remembered them in their prayers. I have never met a man or a woman who has not felt at some point in their life that God has forgotten about them or has abandoned them. Many friends of mine have told me that they feel like God is always watching over them, but then wonder if God really cares. Often they are troubled by the amount of problems that God has allowed them to endure.

I often hear people say bad things about God. They say that he is hurting them or allowing someone else to hurt them. This is not true and it can be very painful for anyone who believes that God has abandoned them. God is truly a Lord of great love and integrity.

My first few months in Iraq were the toughest for me because I felt alone. I was away from my friends and family in New York City and I thought that no one cared for me in Kuwait. I thought that God had somehow abandoned me. I also wanted the Lord to give me a wife. I did not know how I was going to meet her, but I prayed for her every night that I was in the war.

I could not figure out for the life of me why God had not given me a wife or a loving companion. I kept on praying to God for years to give me a lover that I could call my own and a wife who would love me forever. I did not meet my wife Sally until I was on leave from the military and she was the only girl that I ever loved in my life.

I know what it’s like to have to wait for your soul mate. I believe that Jesus allowed me to wait that long so that I could get all of my deep sin out of my life. I did not want to give life all that it had. I wanted life to give me a chunk of the pie. I wanted to meet the woman that God wanted me to be with.

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