People born within June 21st to July 21st fall under this zodiac sign called Cancer. In astrology Cancer is associated with crab. If, one follows a cancer horoscope we’ll find that a Cancer has all the traits of a crab. The best element of a cancer is water. Its key planet is moon. A cancer’s greatest potency lies in its ability to nurture the people he/she loves. But a cancer’s biggest weakness is not being able to come out of its past.

According to a cancer horoscope, just like a crab you want to remain in the security of your own outer shell. This is so because you by nature are very reserved, you hold on to your feelings without letting anyone know about them. Since you are not very social so you seem to cling on to the few friends you have. You try to stay within your given territory and want to bring your loved ones into your area and cherish them. Till sometime this habit of yours can be tolerated but if it becomes consistent then people might feel a bit suffocated and bored of you.

A cancer horoscope reveals that like a crab your best defense is to retreat into your shell. You can fight an enemy only within the security of your shelter. Whenever you lose your temper on anybody you just recoil from the scenario in order to avoid any further unpleasant situation. You might not retaliate an argument with words but you will surely stop talking to that person for a long time. This habit of yours will do you more harm mentally and emotionally. It is sometimes necessary to fight back. Make people sit and take notice of your presence.

Cancer horoscope forecasts that you will love to bask in the sun of your past glory for as long as you can. But in order to progress one needs to look ahead, not backwards. Even a past mishap will keep you occupied for a long time and you might fear that something similar might happen to you again. Try to overcome such depressing thoughts by increasing your social circle and visiting new places. A cancer horoscope says that you are a complete family person and if you get enough attention at home then you might not have the urge to be in the company of new people. With the sharp claws of a crab you would hold tight to the people you love.

This cancer horoscope section discloses your lucky numbers which are 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, and 25. Your lucky days are Monday and Thursday. Lucky colors are Orange and White. Lucky stones you can wear are Pearl, Moonstone and Rubies. Lucky talisman is Seashell. Your positive qualities are- you are kind hearted, affectionate, influential, extremely imaginative, loyal, showy, and dramatic. You can try out professions that of a teacher, hotelier, businessman, chef, surgeon, or even a banker. Keep a control over your mood swings to retain the happiness of your love relationship.

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