Ephesians 4:11

There are five principle characters that God has anointed the current leaders to meet in the Church. As a young believer who’s strong in the religion I have been called to the part of a Prophet. I had been called to the part of a Prophet in a fantasy, and my character was afterwards supported by three ordained Ministers. I’ve been requested by lots of my readers along with many others I know to describe the part of a Prophet; I expect this inspired article encouraged with scripture can allow you to recognize the part of a Prophet.

The Function of a Prophet

In Acts 21:10-11, we view a demonstration of a few of the functions of a Prophet, since the Prophet Agabus forecasts Paul’s potential imprisonment. A Prophet often gets revelations of their future and we see in Acts 21:10-11, the way the Prophet Agabus receives a revelation from God regarding the future of Paul. The term Prophet means”one who speaks “, in the instance of Agabus we see him talking forth the long run because he gets an immediate revelation from God and Paul’s future.

God’s Prophets are there to help the church and provide them direct messages from God; the function of a Prophet calls for being an immediate mouthpiece for God in certain conditions. We also have to make the differentiation between a Christian that prophesies and the part of a Prophet, since they are two entirely different functions. A Christian that prophesies does this for: edification, exhortation and consolation (1 Corinthians 14:3), nevertheless somebody who at the part of Prophet may exercise the aforementioned, but they’ll also talk Gods revelation, rebuke, leadership and forecast the future. A individual in the use of a Prophet will work out the fundamental gift of prophecy as observed in 1 Corinthians 14:3, but their ministry is going to be extended well past the fundamental gift of prophecy as explained in 1 Corinthians 14:3, their ministry could turn entire churches and countries in a very different direction. The part of a Prophet is a great deal more strong and varied than merely being a Christian that prophecies; the function of a Prophet is a ordained ministry which God has directly referred to as that individual into.

The part of a Prophet may have varying jobs; we saw Jonah’s primary objective in the part of Prophet was supposed to bring the state of Nineveh to repentance under the danger of impending doom. Nehemiah’s job for a Prophet was supposed to rebuild Jerusalem and flip the entire country around and prevent all of the corruption and surplus usury, John the Baptist had one job for a Prophet which was to prepare the way for Jesus Christ, Joseph’s function as Prophet was supposed to translate the Pharaoh’s dream and forecast a future famine in Egypt. We observe how these functions had strong effects on not just the church, but they had strong impacts on nations. A Prophet won’t merely have an impact on the four partitions inside a church and its congregation, but a Prophet is going to have an impact on a complete community and outside. A Christian that prophecies does this toedify, exhort the church, and occasionally to evangelize, but a person in the function of Prophet will be present to influence not merely the church, but also the wider community, other churches, other organizations and state (s).

(Numbers 12:6) When you’re called into the part of a Prophet, you will ordinarily be called by God and after that have ministers of their religion and others affirmed the calling. After about 12 weeks of becoming a Christian, I had a vision of God the Father and Jesus, and then fantasy they phoned me to become a Prophet, in 12 weeks of the event; I’d three ordained ministers in various denominations inform me that they thought that I was a Prophet.

The Prophet – God’s spokesman: by”ace” = behalf of “phet” = to talk. The Prophet is a Fivefold Minister that has been set aside, appointed, and anointed with the ministry lieu of a Prophet, also has been permanently placed to that workplace. Though each believer has a very important role he’s been anointed and appointed by the Lord to do, it has to be known that no quantity of zeal, enthusiasm, fervor, prayer, as well as Bible study, could vaunt someone into any ministry division, such as that of Prophet. Fivefold ministry begins with a calling, not a want, which calling has to be from God. Your mom, your dad, or your spouse can’t telephone you to the ministry; you can not actually call yourself; just God can call a individual into the ministry.

True prophets aren’t novices, neither are they only aspiring ministers. It’s a good idea to consult with people in coaching at a prophetic calling as”prophets in coaching,” when they really are, or even a”prophetic individual in coaching,” if they’re”one who prophesies,” instead of a”prophet,” a se. A true prophet isn’t someone seeking to become or at the process of being a prophet, instead he’s a prophet, and has at all times been a prophet before he was formed in his mother’s womb. While”colleges of prophets” can be helpful in developing those which were anointed by God with the anointing of a prophet, an individual can’t merely have a path to”learn” for a prophet. Nobody can “teach” a person for a prophet. Prophets aren’t”educated,” but are often”captured” and then”made” from the Lord. Nobody can intrude into some other ministry office , particularly the office of the prophet. We explain the ministry offices only for the sake of knowing them , but only calling something, if it be:”a prophet,” or even”a teacher,” or even”a’37 Oldsmobile,” for that matter, doesn’t make you . Any minister is exactly what he is because of everything he can and is, not due to what he calls himself. The best way for any ministry would be to just do everything that God has equipped him allows him to perform, and allow his ministry functionings specify who he is. Ministry offices aren’t names or places to which anybody can be appointed with any individual, such as themselves, or some other individual agency, but instead they’re acts for which Christ as the Head of the Church anoints and to he appoints particular believers of His choosing.

Jer. 1:10 In this verse God provides the overall functions of this prophet. The various aspects of this prophet’s ministry could be summed up in this six-fold description (I’ve given a brief outline of what I think to be the overall application of all those aspects ):

1) to pluck (origin ) upward -“weeds,” both from the lives of individual believers, and”weeds” growing at the Church, that will be false instruction and brethren.

Listed here are a few of the features of prophets that may be deduced in the composite of several distinct Scriptures far too many to list separately.

Prove the thoughts of Christ and provide special instruction regarding His own will for the lifestyles of people in addition to for classes.

Unveil revelation and lighting and inspired use of this Logos(i.e.. The Word of God)

Give confirmation and see at a variety of ways through their ministry.

Relate divine leadership to the Church and churches.

The following are some purposes of prophets with a specific Scripture mentioning to encourage them:

Amos 3:7 Prophets have been awarded the secret counsel of God.

1 Sam. 9:9 Prophets are SEERS; they view things supernaturally from the Spirit which other individuals don’t see.


2 Kgs. 6:8-12 Prophets can hear things which aren’t designed to be discovered by other people; if God shows it to them, they are even able to hear wicked plans conceived in solitude and secrecy.

Jer. 1:16,17 Prophets announce judgment

Eph. 4:11-13 Prophets ideal, older, Saints and the Church into Manhood.

Rev. 11:3-13 Prophets will implement God’s judgments.

Prophets introduce sin:





Ac. 13:1) exposed sin and attracted rectal conclusion upon Elymas the magician.

Ac. 16:16 Prophet Paul reveals the sin of witchcraft at a fortune-teller.


2 Sam.

2 Kgs. 5:26 Elisha the Prophet subjected the sin of his slave.

A lifetime of a prophet, or else a prophet that’s known to maintain the office of prophet could be full of rejection, miss-understanding, isolation, depression and anger with all the planet as well as the church body. The revelations given to the prophet occasionally are too difficult to survive and to manage plus a prophet has difficulty expressing what he’s visiting from the Word of God and on earth to other people. The revelation being hard to survive, and with few men and women int he body of Christ that could survive it, creates the prophet every single lonely out of friends he could have a profound heart to heart dialogue with.

A prophet can appear to hold the entire world on his shoulders and frequently when not enjoy and awarded positive edification can develop very despondent de sad and even mad with all the lukewarm church he finds all around the area. Prophet’s need prophets for buddies, nevertheless pride frequently stops the emerging newcomer prophets in training from forming bonds which are successful.

God has a method of beating the pride from a prophet and God will place the novice prophet in a very hot and sacred fire before the prophet is humble and ready to cool down and not be so hot headed and judgmental of the Bride of Christ. It’s just when the prophet is humble and healed and whole, he can do effective ministry within the human body and plan to do every fantastic work the Lord has for him.

In my own life, I must say I’ve been quite prideful and I have been defeated at a hot passion of the Lord. The last extreme burning took 3 decades and instructed me to praise God even in the midst of extreme suffering. It’s essential for your prophet even when he’s got no one who loves him or knows him which the LORD God Requires of Him and the Lord Jesus loves Him. The prophets great deal in life isn’t a good person, and it could be quite extreme and hurtful, and I wouldn’t request to be a prophet when I weren’t one.

If it is possible to see scripture profound, when you were rejected for a lot of your life and you’re unhappy with the way the world it might be that you’re known to be a prophet.

I am hoping this has taught you something and you’re able to view exactly what a prophet actually is and can.

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