Numerology is a branch of astrology, a science that deals with numbers. It focuses on the importance of numbers in our lives and on the way they make an impact on our day-to-day existence. The basic difference between numerology and astrology is the fact that while the former deals with just numbers the latter takes into account planetary movement and that of other celestial bodies like sun and the moon. But while astrology involves complex calculations and cannot be done without proper knowledge of the medium, numerology is much easier.

Numerology, as a proper branch of astrology, developed thousands of years ago. To some it was just a ‘pseudo-science’ but to others it was a methodical calculation that had been existence for centuries. In numerology each alphabet has a corresponding number. The job of a numerologist is to make a study of your date of birth and name and make an analysis of the numbers and interpret them. These numbers give valuable insights into the character and personality of an individual. It is believed that our names are a combination of numbers, which emanate positive or negative vibrations. You can always consult a numerologist to see if the way you spell your name is going to prove lucky for you. When your name is spelled in the correct way, it will generate the right vibrations that will be reflected in the positive outcome of your undertakings. However, this needs to be done carefully as a minor mistake can make things go awfully wrong.

Numerology works on the basis of the “Fadic System”. This is nothing but simple adding up of the numbers. Double-digit numbers are added up to bring it down to a single number.

Numerology mainly developed in the western countries. There are two main forms of numerology namely Chaldean numerology and Pythagorean numerology. The Pythagorean form of numerology is what most of us are acquainted with as it is based on simple calculations. On the other hand, Chaldean numerology is believed to be much more precise and correct in its interpretations. Both the Chaldean and Pythagorean forms of numerology base their calculations and their subsequent interpretations on a single digit number.

Through simple calculations of numerology, even you can determine your life path number. Life path number stands for the innate qualities of an individual. These are present right from the time one is born and is capable of achieving. The life path number is considered to be one of the vital numbers in an individual’s chart. You can find out your life path number easily by adding up your complete date of birth. On the other hand, destiny number is indicative of what an individual should attempt to achieve.

If you want to seek the help of an expert in numerology, you can always browse the web to find out the details of the best in the business. Numerological readings can be ordered online and some of the websites even offer free numerological reports. All you have to do is to submit your full name and your date of birth.

Numerology is the Study of Numbers

There are many cultures which consider certain numbers to be very important. Such people who believe in numerology believe there are ‘good’ and ‘bad numbers. Of course this differs from person to person so while 7 might be a lucky number for Joe, it could be a pretty bad one for Dave. Lucky number generator

Numerology is the study of numbers and number systems which is associated with various traditions and beliefs. Lucky number generator. People who believe in numerology believe in numbers having an effect on various aspects of a person’s life from wealth to career to relationships. Lucky number generator.

Numerology and its study go as far as the time of Pythagoras although it is not treated as formal branch of mathematics.

While many cultures do consider numbers to be good, bad, lucky or unlucky, the prevalence of this is found primarily in Asian countries and cultures. Very often one will find people paying huge amounts of money in order to obtain a ‘lucky’ license plate number or a telephone number. Hundred of thousands of dollars are said to be spent on a particular plot address of a home.

Numerology is considered more as an art rather than a science. This is because the process of using numerology is frequently to bring in good luck or perhaps to change prevailing bad luck into good. Of course this argument of numerology being an art and not a science is hotly debated by numerologists and astrologists. Even psychics are known to use numerology in their processes. Lucky number generator

There is a lot of inter relation of numerology with astrology. Numerology basically tries to convert material things into a number and then try to derive some meaning out of that. They try and see into the future and predict the outcome of an individual’s situation on the basis of these derived numbers. Numerology is an ancient art and has been around since probably when humans first learnt to count. It is continues to be practiced in many forms in many cultures worldwide be it fortune telling or psychic reading. Lucky number generator.

So can one actually gauge how lucky a person is? An English psychologist by the name of Richard Wiseman tried to find out. For a period of over eight years, Wiseman and his team carried out research as to what made some people luckier than others. They carried out hundreds of experiments and interviewed thousands of people. At the end of it all Wiseman claimed that he had an idea of what luck was all about. He claimed that some people were luckier than others because they were open minded and thus take advantage of opportunities that most others would not see. Even in bad situations, Wisemen found the so called lucky ones who turned it around were the ones who spotted a way out because they were actually looking for one. He concluded that lucky people basically think and act in ways that lead to good fortune in their lives and most of the time this happens without them knowing it!

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