You are never too old. God has a plan in store for you. Just when you think that the world is working against you, God comes in and shows you that he is much more powerful than anything that you are facing. Many times in life, we feel that we have no strength to carry on. God makes it possible for us to see that he is the one that gives us the peace that we need on a daily basis. Jesus comes in to restore our lives to a better position. If you have ever lost anything significant in your life, you may imagine it being hard and difficult. However, God showed you that he was still there for you. Rejoice and say amen when you feel like you are under spiritual attack. It means that Satan is to scare that you are getting closer to God. He doesn’t want to see your relationship with God flourish. The devil wants to see your life is misery and sorrow so that your can begin to hate God.

Ask yourself, do I really need that in which I am trying to obtain? Am I really in need of it, or is it something that I can live without. Many times we ask ourselves if we are supposed to have something. In reality, we don’t really need it. We need to ask ourselves what God is supposed to give to us and what we are supposed to have. In this way, you can be sure to see that God has something inspiring to give to us. There is nothing in this world that is more powerful than God. Nothing can ever take his hands off of you. When you feel sad, turn to him and say, “Lord, I need you now and I won’t let you go.” There is a new foundation in life that must take place. For starters, ask God where to go when you are sad. Is it a friend or a counselor that can help you? Always ask God when you are going to take your next step and why. God has a lot to say when it comes to our personal lives. Developing a closer walk with him each day is necessary if we are ever going to find our spiritual life path in a good way. Spirituality takes lot of time and discipline. Few people ever find their path in life because they don’t take enough time to spend with God each day in order to make that happen. By reading your Bible each day, you can easily come to God and find your path. The path is the first step in opening ideas and keeping your life moving in a good direction. Repent and turn to God. Tell him of your sins and he will forgive you. Pray for strength in your hour of need and he will give you peace from within. Turn to the Holy Spirit and ask him to teach you something new today. The Lord has many openings for you in this life. Only those that turn to him will understand what is happening in their life each and every day.

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