Compatibility for Taurus and Gemini may be questionable but that is open to debate looking at the nature of the individuals involved. While a Taurus individual will move forward in life with a steady pace, he will achieve stability and success when it is destined to come to him. A Gemini individual however is restless and expects everything to be completed in a jiffy. Reckless behavior, discrepancies and inconsistency form a major part of his life and these attributes are reflected in his behavior at all times. Though this may be the case for most people, there are certain exceptions.

A Gemini individual is known to be funny and smart. He is also witty and intelligent. While a Taurus individual is known to be attracted to these features, a person born under the zodiac of Gemini is attracted towards the stability that comes with a bull. Also, the resolved nature and the strength appeal to him. Compatibility for Taurus and Gemini, in this case spells success, because as we know, opposites attract and this set of zodiac signs form the perfect set. However, it may be noted that the compatibility problems that creep into this relationship is the sole effect of incapacity of the concerned individuals to make compromises.

To further analyze the compatibility for Taurus and Gemini signs, one must note that an individual born under the sign of the bull will always be resolved to taking important decision without any aid and on sole discretion. Gemini individuals, however, are completely different as they tend to move freely and hate any kind of restrictions. People born under the zodiac of Taurus are known to be extremely possessive and jealous and this is the trait that the Gemini individual will detest in his partner.

Compatibility for Taurus and Gemini doesn’t stop there. If one looks at a Gemini woman and a Taurus man, initial attraction is almost like walking on cake for them. While they may get on like wild fire in the beginning of their life, what happens after a few years is a tough question to answer. A Gemini woman however, will win the heart of a Taurus man with her vivacious character and personality. A steady life and stability in Taurus will be ignited by the sparks that fly from the Gemini woman. If they manage to resolve differences, they can be perfect for each other. If we take the case of a Gemini man and a Taurus woman, this combination is not likely to have come straight out of heaven. A Taurus woman will need stability and the lively character of a Gemini man will put her off completely. Again, differences can be worked out, but one can never say much about the reactions of different individuals. After the initial date, it is highly unlikely for this pair to ever see each other again. Compatibility for Taurus and Gemini work according to the attributes that the individuals possess, but also because of the way they react to certain situations.

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