Do you have a calling on your life to become an astrologer? If you do, y out should feel proud to join the many ranks of people searching for hope and direction in their lives. You want to be able to feel like there is hope because writing your first astrology chart is not easy. You have to take time to study the material from books and possibly take a course on the subject. Horoscopes are hot now a days. People from all over the world are going to astrology websites in order to find answers for their lives. The amazing thing is that they are happy to go to these websites because the content is free to read. I have been to a few myself. If you truly want to get a give a good readings, it is important to do a few charts for free. Map out a person’s life on a piece of paper and tell them what you see. You can give insights to anyone that you choose. It can be a friend or family member. Show them that you do have a psychic calling on your life to help other people. Once you believe it, they will to.

Can Anyone Write Astrology Charts?

When looking at an Astrological chart, the idea of making your own chart can seem overwhelming. With a puzzling series of degrees and signs, an astrological can seem as puzzling as that math problem you just couldn’t seem to solve in school. However with a little time and research anyone can learn to make their own astrological chart!

The first step when creating a chart is to make a series of 3 circles, each inside each other. The center circle should be considerably smaller than the two outer ones. You may wish to use a compass to assist you in drawing perfect circles.

The second step would be to divide both of the two outer circles into twelve separate sections. Each of these 12 sections will represent a sign of the zodiac calendar. Then label each section with the appropriate sign. You may want to also use the glyph associated with that particular sign if you wish for it to be similar to a professional’s.

Next you will divide each sign section into 30 degree increments and make these in the appropriate places. Remember a complete circle has 360 degrees.  Accuracy is very important to get a chart that reads correctly.

Once you have your degrees properly marked, you will need to determine the positions of the heavenly bodies’ art the exact time of your birth. You can usually find these in a book called an ephemeris.  This information may be found in books or even online. For the most exact chart knowing the latitude and longitude is helpful.

Next you will need to mark accent signs on your chart. The ephemeris will give you the information you need to mark the correlation of these bodies with the degrees of your chart.  These signs will be those related to the 12 signs of the zodiac, for example you may 20 degrees in Taurus. Next you will mark the positions of the moon, sun, and planets. These all have also their own unique glyphs you may use.

There are also twelve houses on a chart. Each represents a different aspect of life, money, love etc.  These will go in the space between the large circle and the innermost circle.  The first house starts at the first ascension point.

Next you will calculate the angles formed between pairs of heavenly bodies, with the earth at the center.  These can be determined by the degree readings on the chart.

Once you have completed, you chart you are ready to read it! Many books, programs, and other astrologers will be helpful in figuring out what traits and behaviors may be implied on your chart.

Making your own chart for the first time can sometimes be a bit confusing for a newbie, but once you have created your own chart you will soon discover that you have a much better understanding of what astrology is really about!

When is it good to Focus on Astrology?

Astrology can be a very helpful tool as a guide through life. However it must also be said that there are times when best to focus on the power of astrology and times when it may best to seek answers from other avenues.

There are times in life were a little guidance from astrology can be of huge benefit. Astrology can be powerful in helping with seeking spiritual awareness. Astrology helps open our mind to explore what is out of our control and what we do have control over in life. Astrology can help predict trends that may help predict future events based on those of the past. Astrology is helpful in learning more about one’s personality with all of its good and bad traits. The use of Astrology has long been believed to be a powerful force when assisting those seeking love and relationships. Astrological charts can help map out what type of people that may work best for you in a relationship. At times when you have a decision to make or significant life events taking place, many take solace in astrology as guides to help point them in the right direction.

While astrology can be great to focus on when looking for love or having a significant life event, there may also be times in life when it is not in one’s best interest to put all of their time and focus into astrology.  When your health is a risk, one may wish to seek guidance and healing from astrology but do not make it your only course of action. Never risk your health, still seek healing from astrology but if you need attention from professional assistance do so. When making important life changing decisions, don not rely on only astrological information. While you may take it into account ultimately only you can control your own future. You must make the discoing based on what is best for you. Also do not limit yourself by worrying about what may happen, focus on the moment and make the present as productive as possible. Focusing only on astrology for comfort instead of developing healthy relationships with other people only limits ones’ social development.

Seeking a balance between when to focus on astrology and when it may be best to find other ways is very important. In order to get the most out of astrology balance is crucial.


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