Scorpio is called the romantic of all the zodiac signs because it rules the house of love. The Scorpio lover simply oozes with romance and requires a partner who can keep up and have the ability to take everything to the limit and then some.

Being intuitive, they have the ability to pick out a potential partner pretty quickly and become accurate with their pick. Scorpio’s can be domineering, so it takes a strong person to keep an even keel in the relationship. Scorpio’s always love a challenge.  Don’t be afraid to take the upper hand once in a while.

Scorpios do not kiss and tell, nor do they like to be the subject of kiss and tell. They are very loyal to their lovers and demand the same in return. Scorpios like variety and sometimes a surprise. This keeps your love life exciting and you will reach heights with your Scorpio like you never knew existed.

Scorpios are also romantic and love a quiet evenings at home or a quiet dinner out. These are the times the Scorpio may be recharging their batteries. Surprise your Scorpio with a home cooked dinner especially if they don’t cook for themselves very often. Watch their favorite movie, even if it’s a snoozer for you. Small acts of thoughtfulness equate to love for a Scorpio and the pay back will be well worth your effort. A Scorpio can be your best friend as well as lover. They will always be there for you as well as support whatever it is you want to do. It is not unusual to find your special Scorpio has prepared some kind of surprise for you. It might be muffins in the morning, lemonade and cookies after mowing the lawn or taking your car for an oil change and a trip through the car wash.  Scorpio’s are thoughtful to a fault when it comes to their special one.

Scorpio’s, if they feel they can’t seem to be the one in control most of the time, will resort to manipulation and trickery to get what they want. They will manipulate circumstances and events as well as spin their actions in their favor. They know they are potentially undermining a strong relationship but sometimes the need for control outweighs truth, justice and the American way. A Scorpio will see through any smokescreen set up to deflect the blame in another direction. This could be the beginning of the end for the relationship unless cooler heads prevail and call a quick time out.  Both parties need to regroup, decide if they wish the relationship to go forward and begin the repair work if it is.


As you can see, Scorpio’s can be their own worst enemy. At the end of the day they know they have to be committed to the relationship if it is to survive. They will ultimately do the right thing to get back on track or end the relationship before any permanent damage can be done.

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