What Is Your Daily Libra Horoscope?

If there is something a Libra loves, it is love. He lives on it in actuality. Normally an extrovert, but even if he is an introvert, his actions and words give his romantic and seductive nature away. And second to his love of sex, he is chiefly disturbed with values and has very strong opinions about as to how must a relationship should or shouldn’t be. Their most important ritual of courting is a thing they understand wholly.

As you are looking to attracting a Libra male, you find that it is mostly in the act of courtship that he looks like a pro and shines the most. When it at last moves forward into the levels of intimacy, he has problems.

This is due to his naivety than relativity and is a problem while they are working on a relationship when it shows indications of discord and inconsistency. They mainly need a person in their life who knows to create a relationship that is fundamentally and deeply rooted in accord and fairness.

They are never ever comfortable making all of the decisions, but are drawn to a companion who can be really decisive as well as good natured. Their emotional limits can be evident at times and not at other times, but they would rather talk much about themselves than be on their own and brood later.

As to being a friend they are very good at listening to logic of others, but overt emotional displays and tantrums are surely bound to unsettle them. Never the less, if a connected at each other’s hip coupling is appealing to you; this guy is the one for you for better or for worse and in all times.

First Approach: A good start for attracting a Libra male is to be forthcoming, gracious, lovely, light-hearted and amusing all at once. He is desirable of a relationship that honors his ardent need for perfect accord, parity and balance in a relationship that they want to take forward. Being well groomed and highly feminine in appearance is always a bonus as well as being to create a good impression, as he enjoys all that is about the female sexuality and image. The one thing he is not happy and crazy about are loud or overly violent types.

First Date: He is a shameless romantic and loves a people who indulge him always. Social events are always a pleasant and admirable arena, but so are candle light dinners. He wants to show you what a perfect good gentleman he is, so allow him to be. He’s a faithful lover, if you are bent on seducing and marrying him, he will readily accept. Nevertheless he does talk of having some of them traditional values, so if wedlock is what you seek ultimately, as you are attracting a Libra male, it is best to hang around.

Last Date: Speak like a truck driver in a foul mood. Refuse to dress in anything at all but dirty and torn blue jeans and a stained as well as crumpled T-shirt that says “Get Lost”. That’s if you want to lose him.

How to Attract a Libra Man

This is a guide to tell you how to attract a Libra man. Libra is considered as a masculine sign i.e. it is an extrovert. So to basically begin with it is easy to approach a Libra man, being a man and that too a Libra. The most exposable personality of a Libra man is that he is very outgoing, flirtatious if you may. This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage.

The advantageous part is that it is easy to approach him and he would flirt with you without hesitation. However the disadvantage is that it complicates things. You would not know where you stand at first, whether his friend or romantic interest.

If you get to know him as a friend in the initial encounters, it would help you later in developing a romantic relationship with him. The second cardinal rule on how to attract a Libra man is to be social and outgoing.

Libra men likes to be the centre of attention, they crave to be surrounded by a lot of people. So you are more likely to find your Libra man at discos rather than sitting at home. Well the next rule I am going to write about is not going to bother most of the fairer sex, because this is what they do best. May I please ask you to floss yourself?

Try to look your best when you are with him. A Libra man loves beauty in all things; especially in woman. I guess this is not going to be an issue. Are you and your tastes sophisticated? If yes, this is going to help you very much. A Libra man loves candle-lit dinner, costly restaurants, a getaway is definitely not on his list.

Shower him with affection. He loves attention, so this goes without saying and makes him feel special. Libra utilizes all his energy to avoid direct confrontation, so it is totally necessary for you to be indirect. Don’t be too direct and speak your mind all the time. One more important issue that you need to be aware of on ways on how to attract a Libra man is his inability to take decision.

A Libra man is not a great decision maker. It would put you in favor of him if you are able to help him sort his issues. If you help him make good decisions, there is a good possibility that he would turn to you in times of crisis. A Libra likes everything in balance. Don’t be too sweet, neither a cold person. Libra is a sign of balance, so striking a balance in your life would attract any Libra.

What ever tips we give you on how to attract a Libra man, it is totally essential that you need to develop the art of seduction yourself. We are not God to give you everything you want. However, following the above mentioned rules will definitely put you in a much better position than you would dream to be in. Good luck if you are looking to attract a Libra man.

Libra and Taurus Woman

Are you a Libra Man who has a Taurus woman for a girlfriend and are wondering at the compatibility of a match? Well, have no fear. The Libra Man and Taurus woman is a perfect match for each other. Venus rules both these signs, depicting gentleness, beauty, love and money. Both of you will appreciate the finer aspects and beauty of life, highly refined in your tastes and exercise great diplomacy in all of your actions.

Any thing beautiful a place, an object of art, a piece of clothing will enthrall the both of you. A Libra man and Taurus woman together will love to shop attend cultural events and have meals at specialty restaurants. Both people have a taste for the finer things in life and therefore enjoy being in each other’s company.

While Libra is a Cardinal sign and Taurus a fixed sign, there could be some hiccups in the relationship because both exhibit two different characteristics. Taurus people are extremely prone to being stubborn in nature and the Libran Man has to exhibit lots of patience and persuasion to get the Taurus woman around. A Taurus woman can find the indecisive nature of a Libran Man very irritating. However, Librans are very accommodating and will be always willing to accept other people’s decisions.

Astrologers believe that when a Libra man and Taurus woman get together, it is their karma, which has united them. People belonging to both these signs are looking for security in their lives, making it easier for them to come together and share lives.

Their relationship is one of understanding, love and need to share what both appreciate like poetry, art and culture. In the very beginning of their relationship, a Libra man and Taurus woman have the feeling that they share common interests but as they proceed and grow in their relationship, they find that they are indispensable to each other.

Since, Venus rules both the signs of Libra and Taurus, they enjoy being wooed and their relationship is something very beautiful as it unfolds. By nature, a Libran man is charming and a Taurus woman appreciates this quality in him. He uses his diplomatic charm to get a stubborn Taurus woman to see his viewpoints and even is ready to go her way to keep the relationship going and peaceful. A Libra Man and Taurus woman help compliment each other and that’s what makes their relationship one, which is outstanding and beautiful.

A Taurus woman see the practical side of life while a Libran Man uses his intellect and at times both can become snobs and lazy. This can lead to conflicts in their relationship, but with the Libran man being very tactful, these problems are overcome with ease.

Libra is an air sign while, Taurus is an earth sign. This makes a Libran man very talkative while the Taurus woman prefers solitude. During times like this, Libran men are advised to seek other friends to allow their Taurus partners some time on their own. Their mutual appreciation for each other and the fine things in life is what keeps their relationship going. A Libra Man and Taurus woman can therefore be perfect partners in marriage.

Libra Traits

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac falling in the period from 23rdSeptember to 22nd October. Venus is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign. Venus is the planet of values, the self, belongings, love and beauty.

They usually express these characteristics in action and words. There is no particular characteristic to a Libran. The only feature attributed to them is a dimple. Their physical traits are usually a well balanced feature. They have a charming smile, have a dimple in the chin or cheeks and face is usually pleasant despite being angry.

Libran natives on a wide classification fall into one of the two categories. The shorter people usually tend to have well built physique and their eyes posses a penetrative look in them and are usually brown or blue. They also have broad temples. The second category of Librans is the tall ones, usually with a slender build. The individuals falling in the second category have physical traits like dark narrow and straight foreheads with dark hair and generally grey or blue eyes.

Even when Librans put on weight the extra pounds are evenly distributed and do not tend to accumulate in specific areas. They have some flexibility which can best be described as grace movement.

Librans have a beaming smile that can easily flatter anyone or even lighten the mood around. Their facial cut is usually long tapering down towards the chin and a more or less rounded head at the top and the facial structure being very symmetrical. Yet another physical trait that cannot be missed out is the very finely chiseled lips which add a lot to the overall charisma.

Talking about Libran men they are more often than not handsome, but very rarely ugly. Their looks are complimented with balanced features like an all right bone structure and a very appealing voice. Men tend to dress with inequity in restrained colors and are never gone unnoticed with their athletic build and graceful movement. They like being presentable at all times and likes to check his form in the mirrors or as he is passing a window.

Coming to the Libran women they are no less than their counterparts. Libran women are usually very slim and curvy with beautiful large eyes. Their face has a charming appeal with precisely flared nostrils and an open, well shaped mouth and this physical trait is a sure plus point. As mentioned earlier, a beaming smile, well complimented by the level teeth and sometimes a tiny gap between the front two is rather endearing.

When they are confronted with a quizzical question or a rather uncomfortable situation they fiddle with a small object in hand like a pen, ruler or stick when seated. If they are standing they keep shifting weight from one leg to another or on the toes. To sum it up Librans definitely have a cut above the other when it comes to the looks. They are often envied for the healthy glow of their skin and fine, silky texture of the hair mostly of a lighter shade.

Libra Woman

She could be what you can call a complete woman, with her charming manners and delightfully pleasant elegance, similar to Air that she represents, which will sweep you off your feet. It’s only when you get into her that her male characters come to dominate.

You start a debate and she would definitely be the one to finish it. She is so attached to arguments and always pries to get the debate go on as long as it’s fair and honest. This will be occasionally followed by a cute little smile along the sidelines and this would all the more decrease your share in the conversation.

And hey, don’t be fooled because by the time you have gathered yourself back, she would have made the decision on your behalf and all you would be left to do the “Yes, dear!!!” part, as most married men seem to do these days. But don’t worry.

She will mostly end up at a better solution than you would as she is always open to weigh all possibilities and so it’s better that her male side helps this out. After all, the balance is meant to be fair and honest. And she is not the stubborn female you are made to think that she is. This is because of her need to make the fair choice always. She doesn’t persist with her own views as long as what you put in seems meaningful to her.

Being a genial diplomat, she puts forth her argument as neatly and inoffensively ass possible and you are bound to accept it. So a Libra Woman Desires an open conversation with everyone being involved and the right direction is taken.

A Libra Woman Desires luxury in its most attractive form and a dirty environ is sure to send go crazy. This may even affect her physically and so needs a serious look into it. When it comes to love and romance, you are bound to be awed by her ability to change herself to the strongest feminine model you could see. She will be there to motivate you, help you in bad times and most of all, and give you the trust you sorely need.

Suspicion is not in her vocabulary and she wouldn’t even dare to open your mails. The male part helps when you are running into bad waters and lead you to the right path. She would demand some serious respect for you from everyone in your surrounding. This intense relationship will make it hard for you to ever leave her even if she is on the wrong side of things.

Unless made to sway to a side by compulsion, the balance is bound to be fair. And even this occasional imbalance will be corrected with the utmost disdain as there is her inner fire which keeps her motivated. She is the best available princess to act in your life’s stage and all that a Libra Woman Desires turns out to be beneficial to you too. So men go grab your Libra Woman as soon as possible.

Libra is the seventh astrological sign of the zodiac. it is ruled by the planet Venus and Libra women have birthdays from the 24th of September through the 23rd of October. Mythologically, Libra is associated with the Greek goddess of justice, which is probably what makes Librans nothing if not fair and committed to balanced judgment all around. Libra women can argue with balanced and practical logic and be very convincing that her side of the argument is correct. She’s usually right, because her final decisions are very carefully considered.

The Libran’s penchant for weighing everything twice is really based on a sincere desire to reach an impartial judgment. The need to reach a fair verdict is a typical characteristic of the Libra woman and she presents her case in a very tactful way so as to not offend anybody. At the same time, she’s not stubborn and will be ready to accept the other side of an argument is it sounds more convincing and logical.

By their true nature, Libra women are kindhearted, gentle and refined and enjoy social gatherings and entertainment. They can come across as very attractive and kind. Being affectionate comes naturally to them and they are always ready with praises and encouragement.

Libran women love open and luxurious surroundings and dirty sloppy surroundings make them gloomy and despondent. They have a strong sense of personal freedom and do not compromise it for anything though they cheerfully endure any hardship for the ones they love. Libra women make very devoted wives and mothers and their deep concern for the welfare of their family often leaves them nervous and ill.

They are highly intellectual and have amazing powers of analysis and are best suited for any job requiring precision and planning. She is emotional but this does not come in the path while she makes decisions or forms opinions. Their plans are well laid out without regard to the opinions of others. They are highly analytical and clear-minded and adapt well to any kind of work environment. This is primarily because they are ever willing to acquire knowledge and learn.

Libra women love talking but are equally interested in listening to your monologues and support and motivate you all the time. They are highly feminine when it comes to love and romance and are very kind. Being suspicious is not the trait of the Libra woman and she trusts the people she loves, completely.

Libra women tend to become confused or unsure of situations quite often but they always gain their balance and return to their usual lovable selves. Librans love harmony in everything and are artistic in their soul. They tend to get ailments relating to kidneys and stomach which is caused due to their over indulgence in eating and also due to the occasional nervousness and concern. They also tend to get depressed occasionally though it doesn’t last for very long periods of time after which they bounce back to their charming selves with their alluring smile.

The Zodiac represents the supposed path taken by the sun across heaven. The path is said to be divided into 12 equal portions of time. The word zodiac is of Latin origin and it signifies the animal circle.

All those born in the period of September 24 to October 23 come under the Zodiac of Libra. The Libra is the most unique sign in the zodiac, because its symbol is an object and not a living being like the other zodiacs. Libra is the most cherished because it signifies the highest point of the year, where one reaps benefit for all work they have put in throughout the year.

Librans are considered to be the most forward of all people and are often the ones with the good looks. Unlike the Aries and Taurus, Librans show a gentle and elegant character. They are giving in nature and appreciate all forms of beauty. They love the sense of accord or harmony of things, like amongst people in the society or harmony in music.

The Librans are acknowledged to have good critical thinking prowess. They look at issues impartially and are not biased in their views. Although they do not take to a difference of their opinions and do not budge from the stand they have taken. They also do not take criticism lightly and they are not the exemplary display of patience either, they wish their views to be immediately accepted. On the whole, they show a temperate character and one might consider them to be diplomatic.

Librans have the wonderful gift of feeling other people’s emotions. This great characteristic of theirs lets them feel the emotional needs and wants of others around them. They don the role of a protector to one who is intimidated, and may be a person in whom one might find solace. Peace loving in heart, they abhor all sorts of conflict and violence. They believe in the strength of numbers, unity of the society or unity amongst their own close ones.

The Librans tap into their right side potential of the brain, (not implying most of them being left-handers), they display artistic talent. Although they are the ones who neither pioneer new ideas in the field of art nor are they the trailblazers, they do show a good deal of perception and show integrity in their work.

On the relationship front they are usually willing to compromise and also let themselves be at a disadvantage for their partner’s sake. They would prefer to continue the established relationship with another rather than spoil it. Their understanding of the other person’s feeling makes them much more comfortable while forgoing for the other.

Librans display a good deal of vigor; however it may not be the same effort they put in for all sorts of work. They do not usually contend to the rough and manual chores. Most Librans are ambitious in nature, only few being contented with what they have. Sought out as diplomats, the Librans do not make the greatest of politicians which usually requires an extreme, biased view of things, which definitely is not their forte.


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