What Are Haunted Houses?

Did you ever enter into a haunted house and realize that it is a spooky place? Perhaps you felt a presence of darkness and evilness. I know that I have visited a haunted cemetery once and it was a very spooky experience.

I know that many psychics and ghost hunters have scene haunted places and its often a tough place to be for those of us that want to see something new in the world. We must learn how to focus our energies on the entities that are all around us at times. It gives us the opportunity to discover more about ourselves and what we are truly all made out of.

I know that many people in the world think that visiting a haunted house is all about fund and games. However, I can tell you that it’s not all about fun and games. It’s really about getting acquainted with our energy. We have to look at ourselves and realize that we are not alone.

A house haunting can sometimes be a permanent state of mind and being. It can be a state of mind that most people don’t understand completely. I think that when we choose to enter a state of relaxation and love, we understand ourselves better.

However we must always look at our surroundings and realize that we may not always be able to see a future in what we are looking at. Just think about how many times you have seen something scary and then decided to run away from it. It’s important to understand that scary surroundings are a good way to look at your life.

A haunted house should never be a place where you vacation. It seems to be a ghost hunting trend now when people take a vacation to see a haunted location. This should be avoided at all costs. You never know what a ghost can or cannot do. There have been many unsolved police cases where people were killed inside homes that were said to be haunted. There was no killer found and no clear explanation on how someone got killed entirely. I like to call these unexplained mysteries.

I think that people are curious about haunted houses because they give you this idea that something is disturbing. You can easily be caught up in some trend or mindful thinking. I think that we have to really understand what a true haunting is before we begin to study it ourselves. I would suggest that you start out by reading some good books on ghost hunting. Once you do that, you may want to contact a professional ghost hunting team and tell them about your interest in the paranormal. Sometimes they will invite you to come along in one of their outings.

Haunted houses these days seem to be getting more and more popular amongst ghost hunter groups. Before the start of the Internet, nobody really knew what an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) was. We learned this word and many other ghost hunter words from paranormal investigators. The internet allows us to research different ghost hunter keywords and it allows us to learn a little bit more about our own paranormal experiences. It’s amazing to me because we can really learn about paranormal ghost hunting on a daily and weekly basis.

Have you ever been inside of a haunted house before? I have been inside of a haunted cemetery before and I have personally had encounters with ghosts. They once came to me in the middle of the night and tried to choke me in my sleep. Let’s just say the paranormal was always a part of my life and it has always amazed me that a large percentage of the world has had similar experiences to mine.

The church seems to shun the idea of talking about ghosts. However, Jesus Christ himself casted out demons. Therefore, that is enough proof for me to know that demons do exist. However, you may be a little bit more skeptical than me. You may be the type of person that needs physical evidence and proof that demons, spirits and ghosts exist. That is why a ghost hunting experiment might be perfect for you.

Many ghost hunters have evp’s caught on tape and other sightings that they have captured on film. These are clean images and they have never been touched by another person before. I suggest that you take a good look at the paranormal and ask yourself if you understand what a ghost hunter actually does.

Major television networks have taken an interest in the paranormal as well. It wasn’t long ago that the hit television show, “Medium” took place on national television. There was a deep interest in this television show. Another show that took interest was the show “ghost hunters” on sci fi television. I think that we can all learn something from ghost hunters each day.

I have seen some real haunted places in my lifetime. These are places that everyone claims to be haunted to some degree. You can usually find these places online. I know that the internet has a lot of these so called “haunted places” on the internet. It always amazes me that people from around the world take a good look at ghost hunters and ask themselves why and how they can become a supernatural force.

When a place is haunted, it is said to be with an unexplained “ghostly presence.” This presence is not easily explained by the average person. I think that when people have a “ghostly encounter” with a haunted house, they just know it inside of their heart and head. The mind can easily detect from what is paranormal and what is of the norm. We have all been in situations when we have felt the dead around us. Perhaps it was when a parent or a loved one died and then all of a sudden we witnessed them trying to speak to us through animals, noises, voices and even apparitions. Real haunted places do exist for the purpose of proving the supernatural to living human beings.

Jesus said that there was a place called hell and a place called heaven. Hell is said to be a place of unrest. Perhaps the dead that are speaking to ghost hunters on digital recorders are speaking to them from a place of hell. I say this because they seem to be unhappy and they seem to be aware of their surroundings. Ghost hunters often tape these voices and sounds and the living often wonder if they can take it anymore. Many people gets spooked from the voices that are beyond us. In my opinion, you should always ask a paranormal ghost hunter a few questions before you enter your own real haunted place. It can definitely give you some sort of direction.

Some people try to do ghost hunting alone and that can be a very scary experience. You never know what a ghost is going to do. I suggest that you don’t play with the dead. If you are trying to do it as a onetime experiment to prove the existence of ghosts, then I would say to go for it. But to live your life out ghost hunting, can bring some really bazaar and evil activity into your life. You may wish that you never messed with the dead if you play long enough in its field.

Have you ever seen some real haunted houses? These are houses that you may or may not be familiar with. Some people look at haunted houses and says, It’s all just a bunch of fluff. However, ghosts hunters and people that have been inside of haunted houses do not believe that spirits are all just a bunch of made of fluff. I think that people that go and see haunted mansions and places like Alcatraz prison, leave feeling that they have been spooked by a ghost. There is the Lizzy Borden house that many ghost hunters claim to be haunted to some degree. These houses are said to have ghosts roaming around at night. Some people prefer to call these beings “misplaced spirits.” Thousands of people consult prophets and psychics yearly to ask questions about these strange beings that seem to loom around at night.

Real haunted houses can be seen anywhere. They can be seen in: movies, pictures, in person, on video and with the physical eyes. Every single human being on the face of the planet have unique spiritual gifts. These gifts are designed by God and given to us to assist one another on planet earth. We have to open our eyes up to the living in order to see if we can connect with the dead.

I personally don’t like to connect with the dead because I don’t know if they are demons or just displaced souls. I have read in the Holy Bible that demons are for real and to not speak to ghosts unless you are casting them out in the name of Jesus Christ. I have no idea why these beings still linger around us. However, I have heard enough convincing evidence in my lifetime that a ghost is not to be spoken to or even messed around with.

The late Edgar Cayce (psychic; sleeping prophet) said that in the years to come, many psychic children would rise up and they will have extraordinary spiritual talents and gifts. I think that we are living in a day in age where we are beginning to see this happening more regularly.

The truth of the matter is that real haunted houses are all around us. It’s up to us to decide if we want to enter them or not. There are a few good books on Amazon.com that teach us about paranormal ghost hunting. I suggest you stop by this website to research this topic. It may be worth your while.

There are a few haunted places that are on the internet. These houses are said to have displaced spirits in them. I believe that these entities are operating on a different vibration. They can see us, but we cannot see them. I think that when we go back to being a spirit without a body, we can see people, but they cannot see us. I think that we have to find some sort of peace within ourselves to find what we are searching for. We need to re-focus our minds on what we think is happening in the real world. There are millions of haunted places on planet earth. Some of these places are said to be located under the sea as well. There is a conspiracy that world governments are covering up secret alien bases. Some people say that these are beings from another world that come here on their own to investigate human behavior and activity. You may or may not believe this. I personally would like to see how true this is at some point in my life. It’s a matter of curiosity more than anything.

Haunted places can also be found in many books. Writers have written their own personal stories about their ghost hunting experiences. I know that many ghost hunters claim to see “beings from beyond” the grave. I know that this may seem impossible to some people. However, I have personally witnessed hearing human voices on a live digital tape recorder after visiting a haunted cemetery. I am not the only one. I have heard hundreds of paranormal recordings of the dead and I can assure you that we are not alone.

Thanks to modern day technology and equipment, we can now hear the voices from beyond the grave. Some religious groups claim that these are nothing but demonic spirits. However, some of the voices that I have heard on tape seem to be of children and loving beings that just want to be heard. I am not 100% convinced yet that all of these beings are demons.

I often watch the television show “ghost hunters”. I love it when the paranormal investigation team goes into haunted mansions. These mansions are said to have the ghosts of the deceased owners living in them. Some of them have their stories to tell. I sometimes think that it may be their energies doing the talking on video. It’s almost like they have a story to tell and they want someone from the living to just listen to what they have to say. I wonder sometimes if we need to listen more clearly to what they are saying. You can usually just pick up a word or two. They don’t seem to talk in long sentences. They clearly want to be heard, but can only speak to the living in small ways.

Spirits have been speaking to us since the days of the Prophet Samuel, when he spoke to the witch to give a message to King Saul. Spirits are trying to speak to us. It’s hard to say when or why they speak to us. They seem to come out more so at night than in the day time. I wonder what makes them want to speak in the night?

If you are like me, you have probably heard of haunted mansions. I know that when I get these haunted images, I have to find out exactly what they are all about. Who sent them and why are they hear? I want to know everything.

Haunted mansions are not a thing of the past. They seem to be a place for the living to go and investigate. Many home owners of these mansions are said to hear voices in the middle of the night. They cannot sleep properly because they seem to be catching some spiritual images. They can hear a spirit screaming or talking in the hallways of these large homes. These are unexplained occurrences that seem to keep the living aware that they are still around. No matter how many house blessings they get, the spirits just don’t seem to want to leave. It’s hard to say if we will ever experience a clean house again.

I have seen a few haunted videos in my day to make my socks stand on end. These are videos that I would rather not talk about for various reasons. I think that anyone that understands the paranormal can tell you that a haunted video is something that makes you say, “what”. I think that a video of a ghost is the most shocking evidence that you can have on the topic of ghosts. When you see an image of a spirit, it really makes you wonder how the spirit can see you and why it wants to make its presence known. It’s interspersing to me that spiritual beings are with us and we cannot even see them.

Animals can often see what a haunted video can see. Our eyes cannot see it, but just watch any animal and you will see that its eyes run from the presence of spirits. Some animals will make funny noises or run. Many dogs will just start barking at completely thin air. It sees something that we cannot see and that’s what makes it all more interesting.

Many ghost hunters keep a collection of haunted videos in their homes and houses because they want to show that they know and understand the presence of evil and they are willing to show it to the rest of the world. Can we ever prove the existence of spirits? This is something that paranormal ghost hunters are trying to do as I write this story.

I have come to the conclusion that haunted videos are just a process of learning more about the supernatural. I learn something new every single time I see a ghost. Ghosts are all around us. We need to examine fully why they are trying to speak to us. I think that when we get clear explanation of what they want from the living or what they are trying to tell us, we can easily see that these spirits are here as a sign of something that the living cannot see yet.

Pittsburgh, Pa is known for its share of haunted houses. There are actually hundreds of haunted places in Pa. I would say that ghost hunters frequent here because Pennsylvania is known for vampires and ghostly sightings. I think that a good ghost hunting team can scope out Pennsylvania and get some hard evidence of the existence of ghosts. There are thousands of haunted museums and spirits that are speaking to the living.

Pennsylvania has a lot of scenic roots and hills. There are all sorts of old houses and haunted mansions that can be found here as well. It’s hard to say why a spirit would target this one area alone. I can tell you that ghost hunters that have visited Pittsburgh have caught some interesting videos and put them on YouTube.com. I think that anyone who visits Pa, will see that spirits don’t sit still for too long. I know that Pittsburgh was once the home to many steel mills. When these steel mills closed, many people in the Pittsburgh area suffered because they simply had no jobs. The factories and plants all closed and many residents took their own lives because the money just wasn’t there anymore and these men and women saw no reason to keep on living. They felt as though there life was doomed.

This could possibly be the reason why there are so many haunted places in Pa. If you are like me, you like to investigate matters and get to the bottom of why certain places are more haunted than others. I can tell you that nobody really knows why. It’s a matter of what happens on a daily basis. If you are into ghost hunting and really want to learn more about ghosts, then visit Pa this summer and do some ghost hunting of your own.

Are you being haunted? It may be a good time for you to seek out some psychic advice. I know that many psychics experience questions about the supernatural and the paranormal. Psychic and paranormal events can happen when you least suspect. I know that many people in the world that we live in say that a psychic event is bound to happen at some point in your life. Some people tend to look at the paranormal and smirk because it can give you some interesting study and view. If you are finding yourself to see spirits or hear weird things in the middle of the night, then its best for you to get some guidance in this area. You really have two physical options. One is to consult a psychic or the other is to speak to ghost hunters. A ghost hunter has hand on experience with ghosts and they can even do a haunted house investigation in your home to see what is going on. They can tell you if you are just “loosing it” or if you are really seeing something supernatural.

Many ghost hunters spend thousands of dollars on paranormal ghost hunting equipment. I personally have seen them on television. I have only met one ghost hunter in person. I can tell you that they are very serious about visiting haunted places and capturing evidence on tape. They may be your best source of information when it comes to the paranormal.

I suggest that you look at yourself and ask, “why do I want to learn more about my haunted place?” Am I trying to find answers or am I just being spooked. Some people just want these haunting to go away. They don’t even believe in the supernatural and yet they are being troubled by them. Did you know that a great majority of ghost hunters were once atheists or people that simply did not believe in ghosts? They became ghost hunters after their own paranormal experiences with ghostly beings. I think that you will find comfort from others that may have been haunted before. It’s best to seek out people that are going through similar experiences as you.


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