What Are Some Cancer Astrology TOP Facts?

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What Are Some Facts About Cancer Astrology?

People born within June 21st to July 21st fall under this zodiac sign called Cancer. In astrology Cancer is associated with crab. If, one follows a cancer horoscope we’ll find that a Cancer has all the traits of a crab. The best element of a cancer is water. Its key planet is moon. A cancer’s greatest potency lies in its ability to nurture the people he/she loves. But a cancer’s biggest weakness is not being able to come out of its past.

According to a cancer horoscope, just like a crab you want to remain in the security of your own outer shell. This is so because you by nature are very reserved, you hold on to your feelings without letting anyone know about them. Since you are not very social so you seem to cling on to the few friends you have.

You try to stay within your given territory and want to bring your loved ones into your area and cherish them. Till sometime this habit of yours can be tolerated but if it becomes consistent then people might feel a bit suffocated and bored of you.

A cancer horoscope reveals that like a crab your best defense is to retreat into your shell. You can fight an enemy only within the security of your shelter. Whenever you lose your temper on anybody you just recoil from the scenario in order to avoid any further unpleasant situation.

You might not retaliate an argument with words but you will surely stop talking to that person for a long time. This habit of yours will do you more harm mentally and emotionally. It is sometimes necessary to fight back. Make people sit and take notice of your presence.

Cancer horoscope forecasts that you will love to bask in the sun of your past glory for as long as you can. But in order to progress one needs to look ahead, not backwards. Even a past mishap will keep you occupied for a long time and you might fear that something similar might happen to you again.

Try to overcome such depressing thoughts by increasing your social circle and visiting new places. A cancer horoscope says that you are a complete family person and if you get enough attention at home then you might not have the urge to be in the company of new people. With the sharp claws of a crab you would hold tight to the people you love.

This cancer horoscope section discloses your lucky numbers which are 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, and 25. Your lucky days are Monday and Thursday. Lucky colors are Orange and White. Lucky stones you can wear are Pearl, Moonstone and Rubies. Lucky talisman is Seashell.

Your positive qualities are- you are kind hearted, affectionate, influential, extremely imaginative, loyal, showy, and dramatic. You can try out professions that of a teacher, hotelier, businessman, chef, surgeon, or even a banker. Keep a control over your mood swings to retain the happiness of your love relationship.

What Is The Love Between A Cancer Man and Virgo Woman?

Cancer man and Virgo woman though have different characteristics; they can be a compatible couple and show lot of affection, love for each other. In spite of different nature, they can lead a happy life and have a lasting bond. Cancer man will shower all his love and affection on Virgo woman to make her feel protected and secure. Since both are extremely dependable, loyal and sincere, they have no reason to get jealous or suspicious about each other.

The only thing they need be careful is their criticism, because both are vulnerable to hurt. Particularly, Virgo woman needs to be extra careful about her criticism since by nature, she seeks perfection and when she does not see it, she can be very critical. Crab represents zodiac sign Cancer. Crabs are slow as well as sensitive and Virgos are patient and practical. She should remember that her Crab, is too sensitive and even a couple of harsh words could send him behind his shell.

The Cancer man is normally very patient with Virgo’s fastidious and precise nature. Virgo woman is normally very shy and finds it very hard to show her intimate and deepest feelings. The Cancer man will need to shower all his love and attention to stimulate his Virgo woman and she will keep him warm and cozy all through the life. Cancer man can teach his Virgo woman some patience as well as how to express one’s feelings. On the other hand, Virgo woman can teach her Crab to be more reasonable and not to be too sensitive.

Cancer man and Virgo woman makes a good match, which can lead to genuine and lasting bond. Cancer man and Virgo woman both will feel more confident and passionate with each other than with any other zodiac sign. Cancer man’s soft and cuddly style of lovemaking will make the Virgo woman feel warm and secure.

When a Cancer man dates a Virgo woman, they are in total harmony with each other. Right from the first date, the Virgo woman is aware that her Cancer man is “the one”.

Virgo woman is aware of his sensitivity and depth. On the other hand, the Cancer man feels secure because some one like a Virgo woman with such refine taste chose him. Virgo woman is attracted towards Cancer man by his sharp features, his affectionate and compassionate behavior, but at the same time, his sudden mood swing may put Virgo woman in awkward condition.

Cancer man in turn falls for the practical nature and simplicity of his Virgo woman. A Virgo woman will constantly strive to make her Cancer man happy by cuddling him whenever necessary.

In turn, Cancer man with his sharp memory, imagination and attractive personality will draw a Virgo woman towards him. In short, Cancer man and Virgo woman when strongly bonded with love, affection, their mutual understanding and trust will make them compatible to each other. The only word of caution is they need a control on their sensitive and critical nature.

Horoscopes in love with cancer man is exclusively for people born under the sun sign Cancer. The zodiac sign of Cancer man is crab, which is very sensitive by nature, caring for his family and romantic too.

The cancer man, who is gentler in handling things, takes the role of mother to his partner and family. He is a loving father to his children, a wonderful husband to his partner. A Cancer man is more depressed, if his partner tends to be more independent or bossy. If he does not choose his right pair, then life tends to be full of anxiety for the most sentimental cancer man.

Horoscopes in love with cancer man help the person with this sign to look for the perfect life partner. Though these men go well with all signs, but they gel well with Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

These men before getting in to a relationship would be better if they look for partners who are more compatible to their sign. Or else the life would be a hell for the typical cancer man who loves to dedicate half of his time and affection for the well being of his family.

If he finds his right partner de is more dedicated and faithful to her. His motherly love and care to his pair may sometime lead to over possessiveness, which may lead to friction in relationship. When he feels dejected or in a somber mood, he expects his partner to cajole him and soothe him with caring words or he may get in to his nut shell, wanting to be left alone.

Horoscopes in love with Cancer man are sought by these people for various facets of life, like marriage, job, education and financial security. As these horoscopes reveal everything about his past, present and future, he will get a good insight about his present love life, or future relationship .

The cancer men have an artistic inclination, and an ideal gift for him would be a trip to cinema or his favorite restaurant. He also likes perfumes, deodorants or a good collection of music CD’s. A cancer man is more comfortable with women born under Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces.

Relationship tends to be smooth for a cancer man if he chooses girls with these sun signs. If his family life is not organized or if he lacks true love from his pair, he often feels miserable and likes to go on his own.

Horoscopes in love with cancer man help the cancer man to choose his right job. Men under this sun sign are more creative. They like to work as a team giving the same warmth and care to those working under him. This sign is dominated by moon, which sometimes becomes too gentle and he wants the same care from his partner. Cancer man once he finds his fellow mate prefers to settle down in relationship as that makes him more secured Cancer is definitely a reliable sun sign for women who like to be loved to the core.

Daily cancer horoscope will get your dream reading about your marriage, lucky colors, people to meet, body parts appealing to other sun signs, work, relationships, lucky numbers, matching stones, positives, negatives and future if you belong to the sun sign cancer.

People may fall under the category of Leo, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Gemini, or other zodiac signs. As per your sign you get to know all about the day ahead and details or every small happening. Some people never trust on these details and act as per their mind. But lots of others trust on the horoscope details and astrological facts and figures.

With Daily cancer horoscope you can know everything about the symbol for the week and the ruling planet. Get daily updates as well as weekly information on what’s new in future. Know all about the positives, negatives, job environment, good points, relationship situations, love scenes, or reunions.

Astro fun is all about knowing everything bound to happen in coming days. Daily cancer horoscope will make you enter the world of tarot reading, numerology, psychic reading, horoscopes, and cards reading. Get to know about your future in Vedic style with feng shui support. Astrologers online express their feelings and knowledge on the basis of expert study and years of experience in the field of horoscope reading.

Daily cancer horoscope will give you an in-depth analysis of what you need to do including the lucky colors that may favor you. For all those believe these things will matter a lot and they typically follow the instructions and guidelines.

All the above explains how your daily updates can be and the information of your day ahead. With online expert guide you can get full fledged knowledge on every part of life. Register with a reputed astrologer online to get daily cancer horoscope updates and reviews. With a simple procedure just enter your date of birth and some other details and experts will compare the sun sign and perform the reading.

You may be interested to know all about relations, love life, or just work matters. Get any kind of information as per need and make improvements. People usually fall down negatively if any negative information is heard.

But with the data in hand you can proceed further with better efforts. Horoscopes act as a stepping stone to success and are referred by lot of people today. Popularity of referring to tarot messages, astrology, horoscope, psychic love reading, or card reading is increasing from time to time.

Apart from this it is simple to know all about your health and personal stories in no time. Daily cancer horoscope will be a review in short about life in advance. Know everything about whether your signs are compatible. Get a free review in the form of three minute video.

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign in astrology. It is feminine and an introvert sign. Being a water sign, it is a cardinal sign ruled by the Moon. People born between June 22 and July 22 are said to belong to this zodiacal sign.

People of horoscope Cancer have love combination with those belonging to Taurus, Aries and Gemini signs. A man belonging to Cancer sign is entitled for a career improvement by the association with a woman belonging to Aries sign. The planet Mars in Aries acts as an electric charge for boosting career, prestige and aims of the person in Cancer sign.

The woman in Aries is a good adviser with regard to the wealth aspects of the Cancer man. The man with the horoscope Cancer has love combination with the woman with the Aries sign who sets a fast pace towards progress.

The dreams of the Cancer man come true by association with the Aries woman. The Cancer man basks in the limelight of his community. Because of the expectations of the Aries woman being high, the Cancer man becomes apprehensive and emotional conflicts start arising.

Differences of opinions prop up regarding selecting the residential place. The Aries woman has a fiery temperament which is not matched by the water element of the Cancer man. There is requirement for both the individuals to show maturity in dealing with each other so as to avoid conflicts. There are chances of impatience developing between the members of the zodiac signs.

The Aries woman has both good quality of encouraging the partner and the negative quality of criticism. If the man belongs to Aries sign and the woman to Cancer sign, physical attraction dominates between the two. The man helps the woman to succeed commercially. Either way, the couple should develop mental attitude to learn from each other the positive side of life.

The person having the horoscope of Cancer sign has love combination with a person of Taurus sign. The woman with Taurus sign encourages the extravagant tendencies of the man in the Cancer sign. The man in the

Cancer sign must concentrate on work more so that their relationship does not while away in play and enjoyment. The man in the Cancer sign tends to brood on lost time and spent money and ends up in bad mood. The woman with Taurus sign is intelligent enough to caution the man with Cancer sign regarding structuring the time for pleasure and business.

The man with the Cancer sign has a good sense of direction to prevent the woman in the Taurus sign from ending up in where she began. The Moon in the Cancer sign and the Venus in the Taurus sign elevate the romantic moments in the couple’s life.

A person belonging to the horoscope Cancer enjoys mysterious and clandestine love combinations with the person in the Gemini sign. Both these signs help each other in realizing each other’s secret desires.

The Moon in the Cancer and the Mercury in the Gemini sign are prone to create an atmosphere of tense moments in a subtle way. The woman with the Gemini sign makes the man in the Cancer sign to turn his vision inwards which creates interest in the latter.

Amongst the twelve star signs that make up the western zodiac system, cancer is the one that starts on June 22nd and ends on July 22nd of every year. So if you were born anywhere between 22nd June and July, you would look at cancer as your zodiac sign.

Cancer star sign, like all the others has some unique features and characteristics that can be noticed in people born under this sign. A detailed analysis will be given about the features, characteristics, the likes as well as the dislikes pertaining to the cancer star sign.

The animal that is the bearer of this sign is the crab and some of the characteristics of a crab pass down to humans as well, but only those who are born under the cancer star sign. People usually tend to be shrewd and cautious, protective and sympathetic, loving and emotional and imaginative as well. There are those who are extremely moody, over-emotional and clingy too.

Cancer star sign has no clear cut traits for its human counterparts on earth. This only goes to say that people of this sign cannot be grouped under particular traits or characteristics. You may find a Cancerian who is timid, but also one who is very outgoing. Some of the brilliant people have been born under the cancer star sign.

Security is extremely important to people born under this sign and a feeling of being at home is what recharges their batteries. People may appear to be a little thick skinned, unemotional, shrewd and formidable on the outside, but once they are known to people, they are the best to be around.

On the negative side, a Cancerian can be very moody, may sulk at times which is unnecessary. They tend to be untidy and lazy in their lives, suffer from lack of confidence and may brood over insults flung at them.

They enjoy flattery and are surprisingly, flattered very easily. Being very determined, they can be difficult to work with. Surprisingly then, people under the cancer star sign make good journalists, writers and politicians. They would also do well in other areas of work for example public health and welfare and other host of occupations where they meet and mingle with people.

Cancerians enjoy parties and are patriots. They like being in the company of children and are romantics. They strongly dislike failure, opposition, being given advice or being told what to do.

For the cancer star sign, romance is of utmost importance. They enjoy being loved and reciprocate feelings of their partners and spouses. While they are the best to be with in relationships, they are also the ones you should keep away from incase you see your relationship turning sour.

Since Cancerians change quickly, they make for exciting, alluring, mysterious and stimulating partners. This sign signifies magical events and once you meet Cancerians and get into their good books, life is but a chain of magical events. They can be fickle minded but then again, that is just one of their many traits.


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