What Were Soviet Union Psychics?

The former Soviet Union was believed to have used psychics during the cold war. It is said that the former Soviets used psychics to pick up information on their enemies and they were able to even create death to those that became a problem to them.

It is said that the Soviet psychics were able to tap into any area that their commanders told them to tap into to get successful information. It is also said that this information was so exact, that it prompted the United States of America and other countries to start their own psychic program.

None of this has ever been proven, but people that were involved with government psychic jobs have told their stories of how they actually survived and worked for the government as psychic spies. Whether or not you believe that this is true, it still remains a fact that it is intriguing people worldwide even to this day.

Some people have posted videos on YouTube to demonstrate their belief and proof of psychics being used by the government. It is amazing to hear that the former Soviet Union used psychics because the project seems to be keep secrets. It’s right up there with finding UFO’s and secret alien camps on planet earth.

You may or may not believe in psychics. However, you can be rest assured that whatever it is that people see through their own eyes actually has its advantages and many people have connected with life from the other side through the use of their sixth sense and through the use of their own spirituality. It’s hard to say why some people use psychics and why others do not. You have to be determined to use a psychic online reader if you are trying to look for information.

Some of the former KGB psychics are said to still be in existence and most will not talk about their experience even to this day in fear of getting killed by a former staff member of the government. There seems to be secret societies of people all over the world that acknowledge psychics and some have even stated that they would love to work with a psychic advisor, but are afraid to talk about their own experiences.

There seems to be a reason why the government does not want to disclose this information. It seems to be because there is some truth to all of this and the proper people that were involved may be to old or even deceased to talk about their experiences. The government seems to hide what they don’t want the general population to know for whatever reason.

Although we may not be able to ever prove that there were psychics working for the former Soviet Union, we cannot take away the fact that many psychics have claimed to have worked for the former Soviet Union at some point.

I believe that for every myth, there is always some proof to the story. I believe that we are sometimes not supposed to know about the supernatural for whatever reasons the spirit world does not want us to know about it.


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