What is My Taurus Horoscope?

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Horoscope is a two-dimensional astrological chart that shows relative positions of heavenly bodies at a given time and place. These celestial bodies do have great influences in our lives.

The relative positions of these planets and stars at the time of a birth determine the characteristics of a person and his destiny. These positions are of course not static. They do change and again a new set of positive and negative possibilities arises.

An astrologer studies the positions and these possibilities. Then he draws inferences for the zodiac signs for a particular time period. A Taurus weekly horoscope contains weekly predictions for people who have Taurus as their sun sign.

Taurus is included among earth signs. This sign is special in many ways. Taurus people are very ambitious in nature. They do not make tall claims but they believe in putting hard efforts to reach their goals.

They are mentally strong people who can come out from any trauma by their own. Taurus persons are dependable and sensible also. In romantic relationships they show over protective and possessive tendencies. They can socialize well with others and have leadership abilities. Taurus goes well with water signs – Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.

To get a Taurus weekly horoscope you can log in to any astrological site that has weekly horoscope updates. These updates are made prior to the onset of the concerned week so that you can take a detail look on the predictions. At reputed astrological sites, you have to register your name. They would provide you with daily as well as weekly updates. Some sites also keep monthly updates.

In any reputed site there are normally two kinds of services – free and premium. In free services you would get your predictions without spending a penny. But these free updates sometimes lack details. If you want to go through the descriptive analysis of the positions of the planets you have to opt for a premium service.

For a premium service you need to pay a certain amount and you would get your Taurus weekly horoscope at your mailbox each week. But before going for a service like that you have to make sure that the service is worth paying. There have been some instances where people paid the money but did not get good updates in return.

To avoid these problems, it’s good to get a Taurus weekly horoscope for free for a certain period. Check the accuracy of the predictions meanwhile. If you get good results and feel like knowing more detailed analysis from them, go for a premium service.

Weekly horoscopes do come at newspapers and magazines. But seldom would you find them descriptive. Generally at any newspaper or magazine astrological column, very meager amount of information are given. Same happens for mobile updates also. But mobile horoscope updates are not available for a week. If some body has this in mind that he would plan his week ahead on the basis of his Taurus weekly horoscope predictions, he would have to look for it in the web only.

Today’s Taurus Love Horoscope

Ruled by the planet Venus and associated with earth sign a Taurus is a very level minded and productive person. Falling between the dates April 20th to May 20th, Strong as a bull the Taurus holds the second position after Aries in the chronology of zodiac signs. You are likely to receive a lot of love and affection from your friends and relatives as per your todays Taurus love horoscope.

A Taurus’s main characteristic is to be very stubborn. This headstrong nature of theirs makes them very determined. Confusing them is a difficult task. But they listen to only those on whom they have developed immense trust. It is hard for a Taurus to make new friends or even acquaintances. They are very bad at expressing their emotions but following todays Taurus love horoscope it is not enough for you to just feel the affection showered on you by your near ones, it is also important to return their gesture promptly.

Todays Taurus love horoscope says that it is an excellent opportunity for giving a romantic proposal now which you have been planning for a long time now. Making new friends is also on your cards today. Though you take time to make friendship but once you come to know a person well then there is no looking back. Taurus makes very loyal and good friend. Sometimes a Taurus also tends to become over possessive. Todays Taurus love horoscope suggests giving some space to your near ones. Keep faith in them and do not assume that they will forget you once you are out of sight. In love one do tend to become over protective but if it crosses its boundary then people might start finding your company suffocating.

A married Taurus makes a very good spouse. They are caring and try to give all the time they have to their family. Infact they love to stay at home. They try to take all the difficulties of the outside world upon themselves and do not let any of it affect his/her family members. Todays Taurus love horoscope advices you to decide the priorities of your life and if required be prepared to work hard to obtain it. You have a fascination towards art and good music. You love to give expensive gifts to your near one.

As per todays Taurus love horoscope try to find the inner peace which will help you to keep your temper in control because if a Taurus gets angry then he/she lose all sense of right and wrong. This habit of yours may scare your loved ones from speaking out their mind. Your ego might also come in between your healthy relationship. Your lucky numbers for today are 17, 23, 28, 29, 40, and 46. Your lucky color is pink and you can wear emeralds to enhance your fortune further. Today is the perfect day to use your charming personality to impress someone. You are most compatible today with a Pisces. Some eminent Taurus personalities are Queen Elizabeth II, Alexander Pope, Andre Agassi, Alan Bennett and many more.

Astrology foretells the future and aids you attain perfection in life. The horoscope for your zodiac sign enables you to know about compatibility, love, business, travel, health and much more on a single day. The daily horoscopes available online provide accurate predictions. If your birthday falls in between April 20 and May 20, your zodiac sign is Taurus.

Taurus daily horoscope provides lot of information about what is coming up for the day. It identifies the days in which you need to pay more attention to your health. Sometimes, the planetary positions may have negative impact on health and may cause some health issues. The daily horoscope lets you know about the timing of illness, accidents etc. It also specifies whether the day involves much physical or mental strain. Knowing them in advance can help you take precautions to avoid illness or accidents. You can try to manage stressful situations without any complication, as you are able to plan well in advance.

Sometimes, your hard work and efforts may not provide fruitful results. Your bad period may bring more conflicts in job or business. The movements of planets in your birth chart influence your life immensely. If you know that you are going through a bad period, you can take steps to reduce the severity of problems with the help of daily horoscope be it profession or business. Taurus daily horoscope lets you know which days are favorable to make important decisions and to start any new venture.

The planets have great impact on romantic relationship. Reading Taurus daily horoscope can help you know whether your potential partner has compatible sign. If you are already married, you can understand the expectations of your partner. Fulfilling his\her expectations can help you enhance the romance between you both. Hence, you can avoid using sarcasm or any other defensive tactics which is going to make the situation worse.. Your straightforward approach can help to fine tune your relationship.

The angles of planets in your birth chart have significant influence on your health condition. Sometimes, your astrological chart may show the potential health problems on a day like cold, body pain, headache, stomach upset etc. If you know them before starting a day, you can avoid heavy workload and take care of what you eat. This helps to avoid any severe issues in health status.

You can understand the future of your children by reading the daily horoscope for Taurus. You can avail the service to improve the life of your child. The basic predictions provided in daily horoscope act as a guidance to decide in many aspects of your child’s life including education and career.

Taurus daily horoscope is really amazing and it provides solution to almost all your problems. You can avoid any frustrating situation or manage it better by foreseeing such events. The astrological scans for your sign make your life simple and worthy.

Taurus Libra Compatibility

Taurus is an astrological sign in the Zodiac from the Taurus constellation and is represented by the bull. Taurus is a negative, feminine sign which according to astrology means a little introvert. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, representing love, beauty & money which also rules Libra.

Persons who are born between April 20 & May 20 are Taurus individuals. Their characteristics include determination, will power, practicality, solidity. They are law-abiding & lovers of peace. They are reliable, trust-worthy, dependable individuals. Occasionally they are stubborn, possessive & rigid.

Libra, one of the Air signs meaning they have a lot of wisdom and intelligence is the seventh sign in the Zodiac from the Libra constellation. Libra is a positive, masculine sign which in astrology means a little extrovert. Individuals born roughly between September 23-24 & October 22-23 are Libra individuals.

Librans are the Scales so they are about balance. It is the only sign in the Zodiac whose symbol is inanimate meaning an animal or a person does not represent it at all. Librans are considered to be elegant, having good looks & good tastes. They are charming, diplomatic & social. They are really proficient in music & arts. Compatibility between various signs is dependent on their characteristics. Talking of Taurus Libra compatibility, Taurus seeks the good and gracious looks of Libra as a life partner. There will be a social balance between the two living in harmony & understanding each other psychologically & physically. Taurus is considered to be the most sensitive of all Zodiac signs individuals may sometimes require more understanding & dedication from Librans.

Occasionally Libra may resent the stubborn Behaviour & money loving trait of Taurus. However Librans being diplomatic & are manoeuvring Taurus. This money loving trait influences the sexual activity of a Taurus male. More the money more sexually active he becomes.

A Taurus female would expect a steady income from the Libran male. Studying further the Taurus Libra compatibility, we find that Librans are flirtatious, which cannot be tolerated by the possessive Taurus & can cause a strain in relationship between the two.

But women who are Taurus possess all the good qualities of being a wife such being faithful & caring to their spouses. Taurus usually remain passive during intercourse & expects Libra to be active, this again causes strain the relationship.

Libra constantly weighs facts & decisions. This may not be liked by Taurus who tends to make decisions which they consider right. This is another negative aspect of Taurus Libra compatibility. Librans are indecisive; they are very bad in coming to a final decision & keep changing decisions. Taurus cannot tolerate this.

Taurus may cherish the diplomatic behaviour of Libra & Libra might like the reliability & trust worthiness of Taurus. Both being under Venus, they like to posses alluring & fascinating items. They have a strong passion for collecting beautiful art & jewellery. Both Libra & Taurus have a strong interest in music, art & theatre. An important facet in this relationship is that both appreciate beauty & culture. Though the relationship initially may have some hiccups, in the long run if both are to compromise their similarities & dissimilarities, this relationship may to be fruitful.

This pair likes to avoid any confrontations and so the relation is bound to be smooth. They love peace and harmony and if it is available in each other’s company, they will surely take it. They are more restrictive in indulging in any kind of experimentation and so life can be very smooth. Taurus and Libra appreciate art and the finer things in life. Also, their penchant for a luxurious life will make them feel at home in each other’s company. Both need a very stable financial basement to sustain their respective lifestyles in the way the need it to be.

But the hiccups arise once the couple deeply involve themselves in each other’s feelings. The very first thing that will face a road-block is the Libran tendency towards indecisiveness. This is very much complicated due to the free-flowing Tauran nature and the Bull may go out of control in anger and incapability to force the issue with the slow moving Libran. The Tauran emotions may not receive the due credit from the Libran side with subdued emotions and this may add fuel to the already raging fire.

Another Libran quality that may fall in the line of fire is the flirtatious nature of the Libran. Being an Air sign, the Libran is sure to mingle quite freely with his fellow people. Also, his attraction towards prettiness makes him even more vulnerable towards pretty looking members of the opposite gender. Although Libran flirtations are almost temporary and meaningless, they are sure to aggravate the injured Bull in more ways than one since he tends to be more possessive towards their partner. So the communication gap needs to be settled as fast as possible in order to tame the Bull and bring things in order.

Being gender-specific, a Tauran male with a Libran female is sure to set the stone rolling initially. But soon, the stone may find a block big enough for it to cross and so may become the end of the road. Although both the Taurus and Libra love art and luxury, the Libran female is bound to disappoint by the over-possessiveness of the Tauran and he himself may find that the Libran is far too open for his liking. On the other side, we have a Libran male coupled with a Tauran female. This may go very well and there can be occasional bumps in the road which can be rectified with a little effort from both sides. The insecurity, which the female may fell due to the out-going nature of the Libran, can be easily overcome if she is a bit patient and convincing. The Libran will surely enjoy her company and sooner rather than later, he will be completely under her control. But patience is the key factor here.

The strong foundation needed is ready but the Taurus and Libra couple must be able to build on it with a little compromise from both sides. The Libran must learn to respect the Taurus’s strong emotions that in turn must accommodate for all the Libran demands so that a lasting relationship is built.

Horoscope Taurus

Taurus as the name and its sign suggests is a very physically strong person but at the same time is very soft and gentle at heart. You are a Taurus if your birthday falls within the dates 20th April and 20th May. Venus is your ruling planet and according to Greek mythology Venus is the god of love. This justifies your loving nature and therefore you receive a lot of love too from your near ones. Horoscope Taurus will unfold many fascinating facts about you and also what surprises the future holds for you.

Horoscope Taurus defines you as a very protective, ambitious and productive person. Your strong built makes others rely on you too for even the smallest of things. You also are more than happy to take all the burden of responsibilities on your shoulders.

By doing so much for others you obviously become possessive towards your near ones. This nature of yours is welcome by others to some extent but do not let this habit of possessiveness stretch too far or else people might start getting scared of you.

According to Horoscope Taurus you are a very emotional person too just like a coconut which is hard in its outer shell but soft within. People can win you over very quickly and also hurt you very easily. With time you will learn to distinguish between your real friends and who all are jackals in disguise of friends.

Horoscope Taurus also states that you are an introvert. If you like somebody then you have to let the other person know about it before it gets too late. May be the one you love likes you too. By just saying the three immortal words you may change your life forever. But do not open your feelings very easily in front of a strangers; remember everybody is not that clean hearted as you and they can take advantage of your innocence.

People having zodiac sign Taurus are very short tempered. They sometimes tend to become very dominating and if things do not happen their way then they can become very irritated. Anger has never done any good to anybody; it is only successful in getting matters worse and in spoiling one’s health. Horoscope Taurus suggests that instead of losing your temper try to sought out things by having peaceful conversations. Try to access the situation from other’s point of view as well; this will help you understand the thought process of other people.

Horoscope Taurus says that you are a luxury lover, sometimes you get lazy too. You love to be at home with your near and dear ones. Making new friendships or relations is a difficult task for you. You do not seem to care about what others think about you as long as you have your old friends who understand your nature completely. Taurus do not like to take advises. Even if they do then the source has to be a strong and an old acquaintance of his/her. You are associated with earth sign and therefore are compatible with Virgo and Capricorn who share your sign. You may not be much attuned with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius who has fire signs as fire gets extinguished by earth.

Tomorrows Taurus Love Horoscope

Love horoscope predicts the love life of a zodiac sign. It includes character traits, sensitivity of the zodiac sign, and compatibility of one zodiac sign with other zodiac signs as well as it encompasses its view of love and mutual relationship, finance and career, and job opportunities as related factor to career as found by psychic reading. These horoscope readings are available in both print media and in web for all the zodiac signs and it is available in two daily modes that is today’s horoscope reading and tomorrow’s horoscope readings. Tomorrow’s Taurus Love horoscopes cover love life and mutual relationship for the day ahead.

Compatibility of love life is covered by love horoscope and tomorrow’s Taurus love horoscope covers the love life and mutual relationship for the day ahead. Online horoscope readings cover these features and this reading is available on request from reputed astrological websites. Request generation for online horoscope reading is an easy process and it can be done from any corner of the world. Most of these online horoscopes services are available free of cost so is the readings of tomorrow’s Taurus love horoscopes; it is availed by the Taurus people as well as for those who has a Taurus love partner to know the prediction for the days.

Love horoscopes readings in email box are not dealt by astrological websites. These services are available with community websites where friendship, love, birthday natal charts, love compatibility test, valentine details are available. Tomorrow’s Taurus love horoscope readings are dedicated service for the Taurus people to know about their love related life.

We have a general curiosity about our future and in some specific areas, love is one of the main factors of this common concern subjects. Individual love horoscope reading provides insight in this particular area of interest. In print media the personalized horoscope is available for single view only but in online version it is possible to view all the readings at a time .For example, if some Gemini wishes to view the readings for tomorrow’s Taurus love horoscope, it is an effortless process for him to view other readings also.

The readings and predictions of Tomorrow’s Taurus Love horoscope indicate the favorite number of this zodiac sign, lucky days, lucky numbers and lucky color. These predictions are made based on the general forecast on this zodiac sign. In most of the cases these precise factors provides positive result on practical life thus mostly availed by the astrology sensitive people.

Although numerology factor works well with online tomorrow’s Taurus love horoscopes and readings alike, but prediction on love life cannot be accurate here because while making predictions only the ascendant angles are only considered. Love life of a person irrespective of his zodiac sign depends on different intricate calculations of both the partners’ horoscope sign chart which is not done in this kind of horoscope predictions. So it may not be accurate as well as it is computer generated general prediction on a particular zodiac sign, it cannot be personalized hence accurate and relevant to all Taurus people, respectively.

Taurus Man Scorpio Woman

Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs of the Zodiac. A Taurus Scorpio relationship can be very adventurous and exciting. But on most occasions their relationship is best suited for a short period of time.

A Taurus man is lusty and earthy. They are very honest and loyal to their partners and don’t like fooling around with them. Naturally they expect the same faithfulness from their partner. They like to feel secured when they are in a relationship and they try their best to make their partner feel secure as well. Often, a Taurus man if fully committed to his partner.

Scorpio woman, on the other hand is very intense. Unlike a Taurus man, a Scorpio woman does not have a huge appetite for sex but likes to experiment with her sex life and explores it to the fullest. Like Taurus, the Scorpio people are very loyal and faithful. Scorpio woman is highly passionate and her passion at times can be a reason for misunderstandings with her partner. A Scorpio by nature is very suspicious and often spies on her partner. This can be very annoying for their partner and can lead to the suffocation of the relationship.

Because of their nature, a Taurus man and a Scorpio woman are opposite to each other, However, most of the times it is the opposites that attract each other and hence there is a magnetic feel to their relationship. Their relationship has a very strong sex appeal and both the Taurus man and the Scorpio woman are highly attracted to each other physically. Scorpio people are very passionate and love to express their love to their partner. On the other hand a Taurus is very sensual and has a huge appetite for sex. So quite understandably when a Taurus man and a Scorpio woman get together they can really heat up the bedroom.

Even though a Scorpio woman and a Taurus man differ in characteristics, they tend to have similar personalities. This is one of the main reasons why they face many hurdles and obstacles in their relationship. Both of them are very stubborn and full of ego. Hence it becomes very difficult for them to try and understand each other and look at things through each others point of view. Also because of their stubborn nature, both of them want to dominate over each other. Both of them want to take charge of their relationship and in this process the relationship dies out.

In order to workout their relationship in a positive way, both the Taurus man and the Scorpio woman need to show tremendous amount of respect for each other. Along with this both need to be very patient and should have a calm temperament when things are not going too well. On the part of the Scorpio woman, she has to show more faith and trust in her Taurus man and limit her possessiveness to a certain extent.

With a little bit of adjustment and compromise from both ends, a Taurus man Scorpio woman relationship can definitely be a good bet.

Taurus Woman Virgo Man

Virgo and Taurus zodiac signs are compatible to each other because of the many common qualities. Both their attitude towards life is the same. A love match between Taurus woman and Virgo man will have accord and synchronization. They do not believe in reckless spending and carelessness. They hate contradictions and always stay away from them. Their relationship will be full of loyalty, dedication and devotion towards each other. Both Virgo man and Taurus woman believe in present and lend a hand to each other.

Both Virgo man and Taurus woman crave for relationship that gives security and is totally committed. In fact, these two qualities only attract them to each other. Taurus woman will make his realize his own adoring side, which he had kept under guard until now. She will also make him see the subtleties of expression of love and romance. He will also appreciate her quality of accepting life as it comes as well as her organized nature. Taurus woman’s dedication and dependability will be equal to Virgo man’s devotion and commitment.

Taurus woman is attracted towards the Virgo man’s intellectual foundation and he is drawn towards her practicality and steadfastness. They are also drawn together due to their common interests in arts and crafts, financial security as well as their home and garden. This relationship might get a bit complacent due to lack of encouragement but this may not become a major issue. In fact, this combination proves the saying that “matches are made in heaven”.

The Taurus woman’s sensual nature blends well with the Virgo man’s love for details hence nothing will be ignored as they seek sexual pleasure together.

The Virgo man will show his Taurus woman that she must listen to her mind and she in turn will teach him to have faith in his sanity. The Taurus woman will charm her Virgo man with her calm and caring attitude and will give him emotional support. Both are required to spend some time together and understand each other, they do that then their life will be smooth sailing. Taurus woman as well as Virgo man is home loving and not outgoing type. With little flexibility and adjustments they can make their life a bed of roses.

Taurus woman and Virgo man match will hit the right note from the very beginning. Both have similar personality traits, which will have a firm foundation to their relationship. Both Virgo man and Taurus woman are very meticulous about the minutest of details of life. They will not show any kind of inconsistency.

Taurus Virgo couple might face some emotional problems, which can of course be resolved with little patience. Virgo man may not very well appreciate Taurus woman’s possessive nature. However, if they openly discuss their problem, every issue can be resolved. Both Virgo man and Taurus woman are very materialistic and value the security. In short, the Taurus-Virgo union is one of the best as far as compatibility between the partners goes.


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