What is Ashtanga Yoga?

The practice of yoga is a series of disciplined and sequenced physical exercises which require the disciple to go through many tiers before they can reach the levels of self awareness and self realization or even when they can pass to the levels of teaching other disciples. One of such high energy procedures in yoga is ashtanga yoga. This form of yoga is what purifies and detoxifies the entire body as well as highly energizes the body.

Ashtanga yoga is a subset of the entire yoga code which originated in the Hinduism religion in India. Therefore ashtanga yoga can be better understood by understanding the word asht as well as anga separately. Asht means the number 8 in the Hindu language and the same combined with anga means 8 exercises for rejuvenating and cleaning out the entire body in the from any negative energies or energy which is latent or lethargic in nature. This sets the body free from any impediment it may have against receiving the entire cosmic energy.

The ashtanga yoga system is credited to the Guru Ram Mohan Bhramachari in the early 1900’s. The knowledge was donated by him to his disciples when further it was compiled by Vamanna rishi and brought to the modern world in its more formal form. The complete name of this system is known as ashtanga vinayasa yoga. In more common parlance ashtanga yoga may also be known as Mysore yoga as the same was practiced very widely in the court of the maharaja of Mysore.

Ashtanga yoga works on the central core of generating heat in the body by specific processes of combining movement of the body with the breathing exercises which will push out the latent energy from all corners of the body and then bring it to the pores of the body as well as the exhaled breathing. Therefore most of the disciples are required to carry ample amounts of fluid as well as towels etc in order they do not feel uncomfortable in the process. The fluids however are recommended to be taken only 2 hours before the start of the ashtanga yoga session in order that the body already absorbs the required fluids in the cells.

It has been recommended that ashtanga yoga is performed in the presence of only a registered guide in order that the ashtanga yoga disciple does not do any harm to the energy centers of their body. The ashtanga yoga guide has complete knowledge of how to take disciple through various levels of activization of the muladhar chakras in the body. These nodal points of energy are so powerful that they can be channelized to increase the body temperature in a healing manner.

Ashtanga yoga has been shown to be the most effective for the disciples who have heart conditions. The immediate action of ashtanga yoga on thinning and cleansing the blood makes it a much better alternative than taking a pill to keep the blood thin as recommended by the medical fraternity. This ashtanga yoga in its pure form is a freedom mechanism for the body as well as the mind from only looking at medical solutions for everything.


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