What Are Tarot Card Readings?

What to Expect From a Tarot Psychic

There are many different types of psychics currently living and working in the United States. One of the most reliable and visible aspects of this community is the tarot psychic. These psychics make their living by giving accurate and thought provoking tarot readings to their customers. If you’re considering this type of reading, it’s important to know what to expect before you get started.

First of all, you’ll need to empty your head of all the ideas you have of tarot psychics. Many people watch movies with tarot psychics or have been at a party with a host who does readings for fun and think that these types of games are indicative of what a tarot reading is all about. If you want to get an accurate reading, you must be open to new possibilities and must let go of the preconceived notions you have of tarot cards.

Before having your reading done, it’s a good idea to reflect on the issue that you’re looking for guidance on. Be sure to really consider the specific questions you have. For example, if you go into a reading looking for information on your relationship with your husband, but only focus your energy on thinking of love, you might not get the specialized information you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’ll get information on a platonic love, such as a good friend or relative. Be sure that you’re thinking of a very specific situation before you get started and your answers will be much more in line with what you’re looking for.

Once you know what you need help with, you’ll need to decide the best way to get your tarot reading. One option is to have one done face to face. This helps some people to feel more comfortable with their psychic and to have a better feeling of trust with them.

However, depending on your location, this might not be possible. Some people prefer to have their tarot readings done online. Not only does it not require you to leave the comfort of your own home, it’s much more private. Often times people feel more comfortable discussing their lives with a tarot psychic when they know there’s no chance someone will see them walking out of a psychic’s storefront.

When you’ve decided how and when to have your reading done, it’s time to get started. Your psychic will likely ask you a few questions before beginning. The reasons for this are two fold. For one, it helps to break the ice and put you at ease.

It also helps them to be able to interpret the results. Remember, they are not getting a fully written novel that details what you should be doing. They often simply see a symbol or get a feeling about the cards that are drawn. If they can understand how that card might fit into your situation, they’ll be much better able to read them correctly.

Having a tarot psychic read you is a great way to get answers to some of life’s most difficult questions. If you start out knowing what you’re getting into and are ready to keep an open and clear mind, you’ll be able to walk away from your reading with a sense of peace and understanding.

Knowing About Tarot Card Decks

Tarot card decks comprise of 78 picture cards. The tarot cards have been used since centuries to reveal the concealed truth and to predict the future of men.

Tarot cards have become tremendously popular in the last couple of centuries and thousands of people consult tarot card readers to find out ways to solve their problems or to know about their future.

Tarot cards have become quite a powerful tool to know about the inner strengths of man and apply it to develop a highly successful career. Tarot cards have helped man for years to receive an insight on his future which has guided him through the various events of his life.

The most popular and easy to interpret deck is the Rider-Waite deck. This tarot card deck is used both for predictions and for the learning purpose. A tarot card deck is the most important thing since without this tarot interpretation is not possible.

There are different types of tarot card decks and they have to be arranged according to their values. For each tarot card deck there is a separate arrangement. There is no official tarot card deck. Tarot cards decks are available in many forms. However, a standard tarot card deck comprises 78 cards with 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana. These major and minor Arcana cards are divided into four suits. This is the most common format for the arrangement of tarot cards.

There are some unconventional tarot card decks as well. These tarot cards offer a challenge to the readers and attract them to explore more into the psyche. This is specifically applicable to the modern tarot card decks which are arranged according to the themes.

There are several themes such as the animal theme, the Asian theme, Egyptian theme, esoteric theme, goddess theme, Celtic theme, angels theme, art theme, gothic theme, historical theme, novelty theme, multicultural theme, earth religions theme, women oriented theme etc. In the present times various themes are used by the tarot readers since the tarot reading art has come of age.

The Rider-Waite is the most popular of the tarot card decks and many decks in the following years have followed this format. These inspired tarot card decks are stylized in a manner way and the color combination is also different here. The Universal Waite and the Albano Waite tarot decks are inspired from the Rider-Waite decks. The former one has artworks of softer tones and the later one has high contrast.

Tarot card decks have symbols on them. These symbols are not the same on all cards. In certain tarot card decks the numbered suit cards and the pip cards have unique symbols while in others they are similar. A single card suit consists of similar symbol in a number of cards. These symbolic decks are intriguing but the picture cards are easier to understand. Whichever deck is used the principles of card reading remains the same. Tarot card readers can provide accurate readings by interpreting these cards.

Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot cards have been fascinating people down the ages. The psychic power in these cards enables the tarot card readers to foretell your future and tell about your past. Each deck has twenty four cards with particular symbols for each one. There are specific meanings for tarot cards. Let us know about each of these symbols in brief.

To know the meanings for tarot cards, we have to know about major Arcana first. Cards of this deck hold big secrets in them. Some of the important cards of major Arcana are:

-Justice – As it is, justice is denoted by a women body holding sword and scale. She also has a scale. The card of Justice stands for everything right and fair.

-The Emperor – As the name suggests Emperor stands for masculine attributes like protection, accomplishment and power. This card is good when your life needs security. But often it bears different sinister results like unreliable or tyrannical.

-The Lovers – Card denotes new love relationships, sexual life, new beginning and at the same time the card can also depict betrayal, futile relationships and parting.

-Death – If you go by the meanings for tarot cards, death card is regarded as the most ominous of all cards. This card is the symbol of both bad times and good times. It stands for changes.

-The Magician – Magician in this card is actually a man juggling some balls in air. It stands for opportunities, possibilities and the capability to handle tricky circumstances. At the same time, the magician can be treacherous.

-The Fool – Fool’s card stands for a new beginning or a fun-filled journey. It depicts excitements, adventurous endeavours and high energy level.

-The Empress – Empress’ card is for everything supportive and kindness. When planning family, this card can bring good luck to you. Therefore at times it stands for protective and extremely sensitive emotions.

-The Hierophant – This is the card for priest, the male counterpart for the High Priestess. Priest stands for a wise man giving conventional advices, a learned person who can be approached when insight is needed.

-The High Priestess –According to the stated meanings for tarot cards, insight and perception is denoted by this card standing for collective consciousness. She keeps secrets. Naturally, though truth still picking this card would invariably mean insecurity.

-The Chariot – The chariot card foretells the upcoming conflict in your life. But at the same it also stands for all positive possibilities in recent future. Therefore the image on the card is that of a chariot pulled by two horses in two different directions.

-The Hanged Man – This card represents that phase where you are at loss of making any decision. So, you are recommended to be flexible and get yourself mentally readied for a sacrifice.

-Wheel of Fortune – Wheel of fortune, as per the meanings for tarot cards, denotes life circle. It is about the ever changing state of luck, which brings good as well as bad times for you.

-Strength – Needless to mention the Strength card depicts endurance, chivalry, bravery and inner strength. At the same time it stands for the binaries like vulnerability, sense of lost, defeat etc.

-The Tower – The card of Tower represents sudden changes, ups and downs of life and everything that is undesired by you. Generally we are apprehensive about transformations for which we are not prepared. But, if we learn to take it positively, basically it opens horizons to explore.

History of Tarot Cards

The history of tarot cards suggests that it dates back to the 13th century A.D. The first deck is thought to have been created in Italy. It is still a mystery that whether this is true.

Between the 17th century and 18th century a Catholic Priest, named Eliphas Levi, is believed to have created the tarot deck of cards, as per the history of tarot cards. He was a teacher and writer. He is believed to have created the popular tarot deck.

Priest Levi was born as a Christian and he was trained to be a Catholic priesthood. He also studied several other religions such as Hinduism, Judaism, Masonic, Cabalism, and several other religions. He was also a very good student of astrology, metaphysics, and astronomy.

As per the history of tarot cards when he created the first Tarot deck, he used all his knowledge pertaining to religions, the different elements of nature such as fire, earth, water, and air. These elements are regarded as powerful astrological symbols and symbols. He also used several references from Bible. Even the book Bible is depicted in some of the tarot cards. His idea of creating the cards was to use it as a technique to help his students with the art of self-improvement, divine enlightenment, and self-awareness.

All this was not very relevant to foretelling of the future until the end of 18th century. A gentleman named A.E. Waite recognized that the tarot cards could be used for the purpose of predicting events of the future. So he created the Rider-Waite tarot deck which was completely based on the concepts of Eliphas Levi. He published the tarot cards deck in the year 1896. The Rider-Waite tarot card deck is presently one of the most popularly used edition across the whole world.

The western culture got its first taste of tarot cards in the 1900, when the First World War was going on. It became immensely popular during this time. During this of time popularity, the idea of tarot card readers evolved along with the astrologers, and the psychics. The history of tarot cards says that till a long time the tarot card deck was considered to be evil and the readers as devil.

Presently it has come to the limelight that no tarot card possesses any kind of evil or supernatural powers. These are simply used as a tool to predict the future with the help of the signs and the interpretation of these signs. A tarot card reader can interpret the signs as per the picture the card depicts. Anyone who wants a reading pertaining to tarot should visit a tarot card reader. The reader would analyze the card he or she pulls out of the deck, and the individual with the interpretations.

The history of tarot cards suggests that it has been one of the best possible techniques of knowing oneself. Any individual can get to know about his or her future, the event which are going to take place, and how will it effects that individual.

The Major Arcana

The Tarot deck contains cards which are used for prophecies, and foretelling events from the future. These are sets of cards those have specific symbols with different meanings. These packs of cards usually contain twenty-four cards with different symbols on it. Each of the symbols has its own names. This tarot deck is also known as tarock or tarocchi, in other languages.

These twenty-four cards form the trump cards or the major arcana. These cards represent big secrets. These are very important in making the prophecies.

The names of some of the important tarot deck cards in the major arcana are,

-The Fool – It depicts the start of a new venture, or a journey. It carries the aspects of fun, excitements, adventure, and other enthusiastic things. The fool, most of the time is shown standing at a cliff’s edge. It is the leap of confidence.

-The Magician – This card has the image of a juggler, juggling a number of balls in air. This card is the sign of new scopes and opportunities, and the ability to tackle critical situations quite easily.

-The High Priestess – This depicts our insight and perception. She denotes our association with the collective consciousness. She is the custodian of all types of secrets, both positive and dark secrets.

-The Empress – This is regarded as the mother in the pack of tarot cards. She is supportive, compassion, full with love. If you are thinking about parenthood, pulling this card is a very good sign.

-The Emperor – As the empress is the mother, this is the father in the pack. He depicts authority, support, achievement, protection, and other traits of a masculine authority.

-The Hierophant – He is the high priest, and the masculine form of the High Priestess. He is depicted by a wise man. He can be an advisor, teacher, and counselor.

-The Lovers – All of us would love to get this particular card. This denotes new love affairs, sexual life, attraction, and also depict unfaithfulness.

-The Chariot – This card can point out the conflicts that you are going to face in the future, but it also shows that all will be well in the future.

-Justice –This card represents right, truth, whatever is fair. She uses her sword against the unfair and untrue.

-The Hermit – If you pull the card of hermit, it would be the time when you should not take any rash decisions.

-Wheel of Fortune – This card depicts the circle of life. As in real life the wheel has the ability to move in both directions, upward and downward, it can bring good luck and even bad luck.

-Strength – This card denotes the qualities of willpower, strength, endurance, empathy, bravery and resilience.

-The Hanged Man – This card represent the time of indeterminate state. The card is depicted by a man hanging upside down and both his hands are tied.

-Death – The most dreaded card in the tarot deck. It does not depict death as physical death. It is just the death of something that is important, which can also be good times or bad times.

-Temperance – This card represents peace, health, harmony, and cooperation. It symbolizes the abilities of dealing with critical situations easily, and self-control.

The various manifestations of the psychic powers aim at guiding individuals through their troubles and finding solutions. Tarot card reading is one of the extraordinary psychic powers possessed by individuals.

Similar to divination, tarot card readers use their psychic powers to gain an insight into the past, present and future of the individual seeking answers.

Tarot readers wanted and sought after by people are experts in interpreting the tarot spreads and helping people sort out their problems. These experts use tarot decks and tarot spreads to understand the various aspects of the seeker’s life. With the help of this understanding, a tarot reader gives him or her the answers to the queries posed to him or her.

The tarot readers help an individual to gain an insight into their past, present and future. They also help in the exploration of the seeker’s mind and to know more about his or her psyche.

The seeker must put forward a single question at a time before the tarot reader for an answer. The use of psychic powers requires concentration and focus.

The tarot readers wanted by seekers are sensitive individuals who possess an extra sensory perception, commonly called the sixth sense. The seeker’s questions need to be precise and to the point in order to get proper and meaningful responses. Vague queries can only generate vague answers and therefore would not serve the purpose of solving your problems.

The tarot readers wanted and popular among clients use their psychic capabilities to seek answers to all types of queries. There is no need to worry about the problems and obstacles in your personal or professional life. Just visit an expert tarot card reader and find answers to all kinds of questions.

The solutions to problems relating to career, money, property, family, love, relationships and so on can be found with the help of an expert tarot reader. Professional tarot card readers charge a fee for readings. You can also avail tarot readings online. Free tarot card readings are also available on the Internet. You can use these free tarot readings and judge whether you want to pay a visit to an expert for better guidance.

The method of tarot card reading is almost the same for all readers. The tarot readers wanted by clients are dependable sources for finding solutions to their problems. The seeker presents his or her query before the reader. Then the reader asks the seeker to choose a particular number of tarot cards from a deck and place them in a certain way face down. The ser of chosen cards placed face down is known as the tarot spread. Each tarot card carries a meaning, depicted by the picture and number on the card. Along with the meaning of each single card, the reader also explains the implication associated with the tarot spread as a whole unit.

Professional tarot readers wanted by seekers help in attaining knowledge of the self and the different aspects of life. This subsequently helps in understanding the past and the present and in shaping the future.

Anime Tarot Cards

The anime tarot cards refer to the decks of tarot cards designed on the themes of the animation developed in Japan. The term ‘anime’ means the motion-picture style animation created in Japan. Based on cartoons and comics, these cards incorporate the themes of violence, sexuality and such others. The setting of the anime cartoons and comics is futuristic. Anime cards are also more colorful and stylized than ordinary tarot decks. These characteristics of the anime cards make them popular among professional tarot readers as well as amateurs interested in exploring this genre of psychic powers. A deck of anime tarot cards is an interesting tool to begin your journey into the world of mystery and magic associated with tarot.

Different anime card decks are available for use. Some of the popular anime tarot cards are as follows:

• Love and mystery tarot: A romantic anime card deck, this is based on the Rider-Waite structure of tarot cards. However, the designs of the cards are not traditional ones but variations based on the artistic expressions of the art from Japanese comic books.

• Fey tarot: Enigmatic and magical, the fey tarot deck comprises of beautifully designed anime tarot cards. The cards depict images of mystical creatures like fairies, nymphs, sylphs, monsters, dragons and such others instead of the traditional symbols.

• Sailor tarot: Influenced by the Japanese animation series, Sailor Moon, this deck of anime cards was created by an ardent admirer. The cards of this deck have pictures of the characters of the series that act as the symbols for tarot reading.

• Les adorables tarot: The deck of les adorables tarot cards is uniquely shaped. Thinner and longer than common tarot cards, the cards of this deck showcase watercolor styled pictures belonging to the anime genre of art.

• Manga tarot: Influenced by the manga style of Japanese comics, this deck of cards is one of the popular anime tarot cards. These cards are associated with the Eastern world and its imaginative implications. One unique aspect of the manga tarot cards is that the male figures in the traditional tarot cards are transformed into female ones in the manga tarot cards. The same transformation occurs for the female figures as well.

• Fradella adventure tarot: The deck of Fradella adventure tarot cards is influenced by the ‘Cyber Age Adventures’ fiction series. This deck consists of anime cards with illustrations of superheroes and villainous figures that serve as symbols.

The anime tarot cards are used for tarot reading to find solutions for all sorts of problems. The anime cards are used to gain an insight into the past, present and future of the seeker. The colorful and stylish anime cards add to the element of mystery and magic. Tarot reading is one of the popular manifestations of psychic powers. The psychic reader helps in understanding the meanings and implications associated with the tarot cards. The tarot cards showcase the varied aspects of the seeker’s life and help in finding the solutions to your personal and professional problems.


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