What Are Some Types of Psychology?

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling questions are the question which has to be discussed before getting married. These questions are about money, sexual life and kids. The premarital questions will help to make a healthy relationship between the couples.

These questions are too necessary asked before the marriage, because this will give a chance to understand each other nicely. These categories of question consist of topic like money, sex, the household, children, and career. This will prepare you for a healthy relationship and great marriage. So it is always better to go for such questions that would help people to understand better. Premarital questions are most crucial because marriage is important most things in a human life.

Premarital counseling questions are like: The counselor can ask any type of questions in the premarital counseling questions can become more personal. About money – Are you interested in Spending money or in saving money, this will let you know about his\her opinion about money. Should we start thinking about our retirement before? About sex- we should discuss about our sexual health, do you have any sexually transmitted disease, if you have have you taken measures against it.

What is your sexual preference- have you asked questions in which he or she is interested, preferred time of day, how much time etc. Who will clean the bathroom or laundry or maintaining of garden- this should be discussed very carefully work should be divided. About household things- do you often forget closing the toothpaste, do you always keep your wet towel on the bed or chair. About kids- have you decided when you will be interested in kids?

I want to know about are you having any infertility, birth defects or any miscarriages etc. Are we both well professional in our life? Do you want to do any higher studies or any training after the marriage; are you interested in doing work after the marriage? How should we deal with the stress or tension of our jobs- we should always keep our personal life away from our professional life we should not mingle them. Which qualities would u like to see in me? Do you love somebody else?

Premarital counseling questions to be asked: Premarital questions marriage will help them in their relation. They will be able to understand each other perfectly. Relationship between them will not go bad at any time. All the things will be preplanned so nothing will lead to quarrel them in any condition.

This question will also help you to know about his or her likings or disliking. This will also let you know about his or her background. The counselor will ask the questions which are more important for the marital life.

Some questions can become more embarrassing or more and more personal. If a problem comes over me then how will be my partner reacting to me then. How does your partner use to settle an argument? This is how the premarital counseling questions would be asked. It is necessary to go counseling for premarital couples.

Printable Beck Depression Inventory

Beck Depression Inventory which is abbreviated as BDI is nothing but a series of question that were prepared to find out how much a patient is depressed, its impact and how the patient behaves in an environment. It is a psychiatric methodology to find out a patients mind and feelings.

The Beck Depression Inventory is generally available in two versions. The longer version consists of a questionnaire which has 21 questions and the shorter version with a questionnaire of 7 questions. Generally the longer version of the Beck Depression Inventory is used to analyze the problems of the patients and provide an optimal solution for them while the shorter version is used for administration purposes. The general aim of Beck Depression Inventory is to find how severe the depression is within a patient.

This Beck Depression Inventory was first formulated by Dr. Aaron T.Beck. Until he formulated the BDI, depression was viewed as a major psychological disorder. This was published in the year 1961 for the first time.

All the questions in the Beck Depression Inventory are multiple choice questions with four choices. All the questions are related to a depressed person’s mind and his feelings such as loneliness, hatred towards the world, etc. A

fter the initial version of the Beck Depression Inventory was released, it was modified and two other versions of it were released after revising the original version. They are the BDI-1A which was released in the year 1978 and the final BDI-II which was released in the year 1996.

The Printable Beck Depression Inventory consists of 21 questions and there will be four options for all the questions. Let us assume that one of the questions in Beck Depression Inventory to do you like this world? The four options for this question would probably be (A) I love this world (B) I hate this world (C) I sometimes like (D) I sometimes hate. Based on the option selected by the patient scores will be given for 0 to 3 for each question.

The total score is then compared with the key which was already developed by the psychiatrist. Based on the range of the score, the effect of depression within the patient will be analyzed. If the score ranges from 0-9, it means that the patient is not at all depressed. 10-18 indicates that the depression between mild and moderate. 19-29 indicates depression between moderate and severe and 30-63 is a sign of severe depression.

The formation of the Beck Depression Inventory made a revolution in the field of psychiatry because of its immense applications. The perspective of the people over the depression changed very much after its introductions. It was also added in many of the universities for research purposes.

As many other countries started realizing the importance of the Beck Depression Inventory, it was later translated into different languages to help different people all over the world. One of the major problems in the BDI is that the scores are very much exaggerated at times even if a person is not depressed to that extent.

Professional Counseling Services

A professional counseling service also known as a counselor provides his services to various people by generally helping them to solve their problems. The latter usually should have deep and thorough knowledge about human emotions and counseling skills in order to better identify the problems faced by people and try to solve them.

It should be noted that the use of psychological theories should be included. Without the knowledge of human psychology, the counselor would never to be able to excel in his job. Also, theories involving human nature and needs should be fully learnt by the counselor because in every field of counseling, these are needed. For instance, if a counselor doesn’t know when and why to apply certain theories then he isn’t deem fit to be in this field of professional counseling service.

Professional counseling service also involves extensive communication since the counselor should be able to try to build a bond with the particular person. For this to happen, he should understand the uniqueness of human minds and apply his knowledge with a bit of personal judgment in it.

It’s not an easy job and requires long hours of research and patience from the counselor’s side. Furthermore, he should have another quality known as self-awareness. Basically the mechanism behind self-awareness is that a person should be able to understand himself first then be able to judge other person.

The entire principle rotating around self-awareness states that if one should have self-assurance and esteem of oneself, then only one can be an excellent counselor. But as goes the saying ‘preach only what you practice’, if the latter himself has low self-esteem or self-confidence, he won’t be able to do the job.

Moreover, professional counseling services also include expressing feelings and motivations which drive us to attain certain goals. There’s something known as non-verbal communication that it, sometimes without saying anything, we do happen to express our feelings through our body language, our thoughts and behaviors.

The counselor should be able to understand those feelings and help to identify the problems related to them. Because those feelings if they‘re not properly expressed can lead to other sub problems such as indigestion or bad headache.

Also, there’s something known as verbal and non verbal skills which a person providing professional counseling services should be having. It should be pointed out that a proper counseling session without any communication (both verbal and non-verbal) is useless.

There should be some verbal communication whether the person suffering from any sort of depression would be able to express his feelings, anxieties and own views. It really helps to build any bond between two specific persons if both can express their feelings and point of views properly.

Also there’s non-verbal communication whereby the person through his feelings and body language can improve verbal communication in many ways. In one way, the person tends to identify his own out comings, abilities and occupations.

Furthermore, during professional counseling services, one should always relax and try to make the most of the sessions. Also if one can make the most of one’s abilities, then the session can be considered to be a highly successful one.

Psychologist Videos

Psychology deals with studying and understanding in a scientific manner, the behavior and mind of individuals. A number of psychologist videos are available which provide an insight in the various psychological problems. Albert Bandura, the famous psychologist is responsible for the social cognitive theory. His video Bandura Bobo Doll is an experiment on the behavioral problem of aggression.

Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology in his educational video “why is Psychology Good?” discusses the pros and cons of psychology and how in future psychology can be good enough to provide positive results. Stanley Milgram, the popular social psychologist’s video containing his experiments on obedience is discussed widely in the field of psychology.

Psychologist videos are helpful in continuing education, self-study, and training as well as in teaching. Addiction counseling videos are used extensively in providing psychotherapy. Some of the popular videos in this section include Rod Mullen’s Encounter Groups for Addictions, William R. Millers video series Motivational Interviewing,

The Therapeutic Community featuring lectures by George DE Leon. Stephanie Brown’s video Treating Alcoholism in Psychotherapy appears in two volumes and provides useful guidelines to clinicians about providing treatment and recovery to alcoholics.

The psychologist videos titled “Assessing ADHD in the Schools” and “Classroom Interventions for ADHD” are a valuable source of information for teachers, mental health personnel and school counselors who are dealing with children having ADHD. The videos feature Dr. Russell Barkley, an expert in dealing with problems associated with ADHD. The videos feature easy procedures of assessing students for ADHD and different approaches that can be adopted for successful treatment of ADHD in children.

Psychotherapy videos which are body oriented include titles such as “Healing Childhood Abuse and Trauma through Psychodrama” in which Tian Dayton, the psycho dramatist involves participants in groups to face childhood abuse and trauma and heal them through tested approaches. Other popular videos in this section include Ernest Rossi’s video “Mind- Body Therapy” and the life and work of the legendary trainer Zerka Moreno in the video “The Zerka T. Moreno Series.

Psychologist videos on child counseling include Violet Oaklnder’s “Gestalt Therapy with Children” in which the psychologist provides openings for a young adolescent boy to express his anger and other pent up emotions. Terry Kottman, a child therapist illustrates in his video “Alderian Play Therapy” the important role of play and communication for children. Other popular videos in this section are Gerald Koocher’s “Psychotherapy with Medically Ill Children”, David Scharff’s “Object Relations Child Therapy”which deals with relationship between parent-child.

Psychologist videos for couple counseling include popular titles such as “Couples Therapy –An Introduction” by Ellyn Bader, Sue Johnson’s “Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy”, Augustus Y. Napier’s “ Experiential Therapy” which focuses on solving the problems of a couple by timely interventions. “Voices about Relationships” is a popular video by Robert Firestone of The Glendon Association. Psychologist videos are available on a range of issues including dealing with addictions, ADHD, family therapy, group therapy, positive psychology, reality therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and problems relating to children and adolescents and many more.

Psychology Encyclopedia

Psychology means the study of the mind; it is an applied and scientific study of human beings or animal, their mental functions and behavior. Psychology encyclopedia gives a detailed knowledge of various spheres where it can be applied and includes researches done in the field of social science, natural science and humanities.

It includes the meaning of psychology, its history of evolution and various theories relating to the study of the subject. The professional or the practitioner of the psychology is known as the psychologists. During the medieval period there came into existence Muslim psychologists and physicians and it was more about adopting clinical and experimental basis. Study of psychology includes the concept of perception, behavior, attention, emotion, personality, motivation and interpersonal relationships. It is all about exploring the social behavior, mental function and even psychological and neurological processes.

The psychology encyclopedia also includes the argument on sensibility, soul and the properties of the nervous system. There are psychological experiments which were conducted around in the year 1021 though, the study of experimental field began in the year 1879. The first laboratory was opened by the German physician Wilhelm Wundt in Germany and he is also known as “father of psychology”. The first book related to psychology was published by William James, an American philosopher and psychologists as “principles of psychology” in 1890. Later on many psychologists and philosophers came into existence expressing their thoughts in various books.

Psychology encyclopedia contains the theory of behaviorism which was founded by the American psychologists in the early 20th century. Behaviorism made the theory more sophisticated which got it more popularity and there were more of subjective inquiries such as psychodynamic analysis. The theory of behaviorism was based on the study of observable behavior.

It focused on behavior-environment relations and behavior as a function, the interaction between the organism and the environment. The psychology encyclopedia includes human psychology which was developed in 1950 and was discovered by the compilation of both behaviorism and psychoanalysis. Humanistic approach ought to be the glimpse of the whole person its personality and cognition. It focuses on human’s self identity, death, freedom and meaning.

The psychology encyclopedia has the entire detail about the arguments by various schools of thought relating to a particular model to be used as a guidance theory by which almost all the human behavior could be explained in detail.

Now days the perspective of viewing psychology has changed, it is more of understanding the behavior, consciousness and social interaction. The psychology encyclopedia explains the psychology as the biopsychosocial approach which is a modern approach and it says that all the given behavior and mental processes are affected by biological, Psychological and social factors. It is based on cognition and emotional behavior, expectation and reaction to ea event. There are two aspect of psychology, the biological aspect which refers to the biological factors and socio-cultural aspect refers to the social and cultural environments.

Psychology of Art

Psychology is all about getting into the task of painting and analyzing, it’s exactly how the painter is actually trying to convey the concept through the painting. It is all about knowing the imaginations which could have used by the painter while preparing and developing the art. In the same way psychology of art can be seen even in the singer or any other artist.

By listening to the music or the song one can make out the personality of the singer and the singer’s state of mind, feelings, thoughts and emotions. The songs generally have a very deep meaning and concept and could be easily been understood. The song reflects the situation of the scene in the movie or any play. In the same way music notes predict the nature and the mood of the musicians.

Getting into the song will reveal and display the secret of the singer and the composer. Thus, we can even say psychology also seems to be an art. It seems to be an art to know people’s state of mind and their feelings, thoughts and emotions. This however cannot be understood without going into the depth of the knowledge of psychology of art. Art could be anything as it appears and made and there is no particular definition to define art. Art can be in painting a picture or portrait; it could be dancing or even playing musical instrument and stuff.

Art seems to be very vast and every piece of creativity in the universe can be said to be an art. On the other hand psychology can be defined as the study of human behavior, thoughts, reaction, emotions and mental processes. Art is said to be a form of expression, expressing the inner state of mind and soul. Art is also said to be unique because of the different ways of its creation and as well as the ways of perception.

Behind the creation of any great piece of art there seems to be a motive or certain incentive attached with the creation. That particular motive can be anything like the inner emotion, inner thought or an incident or even anger or something. An art is a kind of mirror which reflects the creator’s state of mind and the creator’s way of perceiving things.

And this is what which brings the concept of psychology as an art. Therefore, we can say that psychology and art walks hand in hand. These are not the same but in fact reflect each other’s characteristics and traits. The topic psychology of art is an interesting topic as both discusses and explains about the personality of human beings.

The possibilities in a human state of mind are limitless and for one particular art there could be even ten different reviews and opinions. This is exactly what psychology seems to deal in the real sense. In psychology of art, art and psychology are the two different things which lead to the same aim. Art is perceptual and so questions could be asked based on our perceptions of viewing and seeing things. Psychology of art is very old inventions and depends on the philosophy of life.


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