What Are Psychic Predictions?

Psychic predictions are great when you really want to know how your future is going to turn out.  Some people ask a lot of questions about their future and everyone seems to want to know about where they are going to be headed in their lives someday. 

Everyone seems to be mainly focused on what they want and not on what the spiritual realm wants to give to them.  If you are really looking for a psychic prediction to come true for you, then I highly suggest that you take a good look at yourself and find out what is most important to you.  

You have to really decide on what is the most important thing for you in your life because it’s going to matter in the long process of things.  When you do things on your own, you really get to take things to another level and a new accord.  

You can really find what you are searching for deep inside of your heart.  You can find yourself through many different avenues and things don’t be so concerned about the timeframes of your psychic reading because a psychic cannot know everything about the future.  

They are only revealed so much and usually a psychic is not revealed any specific information concerning your future.  I usually just ask a psychic to give me any information that they possibly can so that I can see which way I am supposed to go in my life.  When you ask a psychic reader for some type of sign, they can usually give you one.

I once had amazing psychic predictions come to me before I bought my first home.  A psychic advisor told me that I was going to buy a home on a lake and it happened just three years after it was predicted for me.  I was amazed and that’s when I first became interested in the psychic industry.  I thought for sure that someone would be able to tell me what my future was going to hold.  Sometimes I enjoy getting a live psychic reading from a psychic that is around me.  

I am usually spiritually lead to a psychic advisor that can help me for various different reasons.  I am always amazed at how fast a psychic can really work with their psychic readings.  Some psychics are so gifted that all they need is a name and then they can tap into the situation for you.  

Edgar Cayce was a world famous clairvoyant psychic that was able to do that.  He would do his psychic readings in a trance like state and give his clients amazing psychic predictions.  He is someone that I would like to have met when he was alive.  I find it fascinating that Edgar Cayce read the Holy Bible every day and was somehow still lead to give psychic readings for people.  That is someone using their abilities to just help other people.

Psychic Predictions From 2009

There are many different psychic predictions for 2009 floating around the internet. Some come from trained psychics with a history of making accurate predictions and some come from laymen who simply have a strong feeling about our changing world. Following are some of the more interesting psychic predictions for 2009.

A cure for the common cold. Psychic Silvia Browne has long been known for her shockingly accurate predictions. One of her more interesting claims for 2009 is a cure for the common cold and flu. Her prediction relies on the use of heat to cure the rhino virus, which causes colds and flu’s. This idea makes a lot of sense if you consider it.

After all, the bodies first reaction to becoming ill with a cold or the flu is often to develop a fever. Silvia believes that doctors will find the perfect temperature to kill the virus that live in our bodies and will implement this information to cure the common cold and flu.

Improved relations with foreign countries. Many psychics have predicted the improved relationships that the U.S. will have with foreign countries. While it’s easy to make a prediction like this when a new president is taking office, there are many who made these predictions well before the election was decided. Several of the psychics making these claims have very specific and detailed predictions on how our ties will improve with many different countries.

A return to nature. As people become more concerned with the environment and the impact that we have on the earth, many psychics believe this will mean a return to natural materials and foods in 2009. While the country is all ready moving in this direction, many predictions have stated that the swing will be much larger and more profound than many people believe. Not only will people begin to buy natural clothing and food, they will take great steps to change the way they live their lives and many will return to the do it yourself, made from scratch culture of our ancestors.

Another topic that is gaining a lot of attention in psychic predictions for 2009 is the weather. Many psychics, including Christopher Reburn, are predicting more snow, more rain and more storms overall than in previous years. These storms will not just be in areas that are used to hurricanes, tornadoes and snow storms. Some predictions call for a major snow storm in Southern California as well as a series of storms with hurricane speed winds in the Midwest.

When considering the psychic predictions for 2009, it’s important to keep them in perspective. Remember, life is mutable. Psychics are able to predict what the future looks like from this point. As time goes on, things change and their predictions can as well.

When considering whose predictions to take seriously and whose to take with a grain of salt, consider their track record. Most psychics who go public with their predictions will have an online archive with their former statements. Of course no one, psychic or not, is perfect. You’re likely to see all psychics have hits and misses, but when one or two seems to be spot on most of the time, there’s a good chance that you can believe in their psychic predictions for 2009.

We’re always looking for an interesting gift for a holiday or birthday. When you find yourself a little strapped for cash, the best option is to think of a creative and inexpensive way to make a homemade gift that the recipient will love. One option that people really seem to love is a booklet with 2009 psychic predictions. These can be made with a little bit of research, a printer and some paper.

Let’s face it, psychic abilities are fascinating. It’s always interesting to think that there are people out there who can accurately predict and sense what’s coming up and are willing to share their knowledge with us.

At the end of the year we often will check out the predictions for the next year and think nothing about them until the end of the next year rolls around. However, if you can provide a handy guide to the major predictions and who they were predicted by, your friends and family could follow along throughout the year and see what came true and what didn’t happen.

There are several options when making these books. One option is to sort them by the person doing the prediction. You can give each psychic you’ve chosen their own chapter and outline the predictions they’ve made. At the end of each chapter you can provide a score card. As the year goes on, the person who receives the book can check off the predictions that were realized. At the end of the year, they’ll be able to tally up the accurate predictions and see who has the most accurate track record.

Another option is to sort the book chronologically. This can be a bit difficult, as events are much more simple to predict than specific times. However, many of the events will themselves have time periods they’ll fit into. For example, if you’re dealing with weather predictions, you can typically put them in order based on the season in which they’ll happen.

For a really personalized touch, you can add your own friends and families predictions to the mix. Just send one e-mail out to numerous people and ask them to meditate on the coming year. Then they’ll simply shoot an e-mail back with details on what they think will happen. This can be a really fun way to not only add some interesting information and predictions to your book but to find out if anyone in your circle of friends and family has any hidden psychic abilities.

Gift ideas like this are great because they’re not useful and inexpensive, they add a personal touch as well. The ideal gift for anyone is one that will be useful not just the day they open it but throughout the entire year. Creating and gifting a book on 2009 psychic predictions is a great option to give a gift that your loved ones will be able to enjoy all year long. If you make it a tradition, people will look forward to your unique and inspiring gift.

Your Psychic Predictions

The feeling that a person is outside the door even though the bell hasn’t rung yet, the eerie feeling of someone walking up behind you, a dream you vaguely remember coming true or a feeling of you already having been in that situation earlier(déjà vu as they call it), don’t you have such experiences often? Well, all of us have a certain amount of extra sensory influence that we call psychic power.

Subconsciously, people often know what is going to happen in the near future. These thoughts are generally passed off as a lucky guess that turned out to be right. Psychics are those who realize this capability of theirs and take their intuitive powers seriously.

Psychic phenomenon has been taking place since ages. It is only recently that people realized its potential and began taking such intuitions seriously. Psychic predictions have been made ever since and people have witnessed these predictions to be true on various occasions.

Its validation has been proved many a time. One of the first psychics who worked on it at a professional level was the Fox Family from Hydesville in 1840’s. Their family is said to have been visited by spirits and they went on to exhibit their potential and psychic predictions to people around them. They drove their point to show people that life did continue beyond death.

A psychic prediction is a declaration or statement about a certain event that will take place in the future anytime soon and is made by people who have intuitive powers. The word is basically of Latin origin – pre meaning “before” and dicere meaning “to say”. Psychic predictions have been made for about a couple of centuries now. However, we cannot be sure of how many have turned out right and how many have not. When we look into these predictions in a deeper sense we realize that they are very accurate and detailed, they just cannot be ignored.

Certain psychic predictions were recorded for success from Les Propheties, one of Nostradamus’ very well known books. The first publication of the book dates back to the year 1555. Some of the predictions in this book are upsetting, some are funny and a lot of them turn out to be scarily accurate. At a certain time, the Vatican was also caught up in a rage regarding the ‘Fatima Prophecies’ debate.

How true these psychic predictions are is one question that invokes varying responses depending on the outlook of every different individual. For instance, if a prediction had come true for a person he would believe in them. A person for whom the predictions did not work will understandably tend to disbelieve.

Just stating one of the predictions for the year 2008, a renowned psychic had said that elections have always been a subject of keen interest among the Americans. He also said certain world events will raise the question of whether or not elections will be held in America that year. He also predicted that the Republicans will give way to a new Democratic leader.

Almost all of us are eager to know what is in store for us and seek a psychic reader for psychic predictions. It may be general curiosity or in relation to a particular situation or incidence. Millions of people from around the world search for online psychic help as a solution to various problems. Some seek predictions just out of curiosity.

You can understand psychic prediction if you understand the concept of perpetual momentum. Psychics study the path of energy in a particular direction in a definite manner unhindered. They do this by tuning in to a supernatural force that cannot be accessed by many of us.

Their predictions are statements are based on information passed on by this unseen energy. All of us are said to be carrying our life blue print around us. By recognizing this blue print, psychic predictions are made possible. Life is all about making the right choice.

The choices you have made till now have resulted in the situation you are in and the life you lead today. It is very important therefore to accept a part of the responsibility for the situation before you even approach a psychic.

For decades, fortune tellers and soothsayers have been busy predicting the future of people. By obtaining psychic predictions regarding out future from a person who is known to be psychic, we are at peace. We know what to expect in the near future and are therefore rid of anxiety.

True psychics have the ability to see right into our future and do not base their predictions on probabilities and evidence to make a guess. Most are stunned by the extent to which they give them accurate information regarding their friends, family, health, relationships and situations.

Psychic readers are sought after by people to solve their personal, career, religious, economic, cultural and social issues. It is very essential choosing the best psychic reader for your requirements. Psychic predictions can have an impact on your thinking process and psyche. Wrong predictions by an inexperienced psychic can deeply impact your way of thinking and create psychological issues.

There are numerous talented psychics who are experts and enjoy a good reputation. Take time browsing through the internet. Go through a lot of psychic websites and narrow down on a few of them. Visit them personally if you can to see which of them make you feel very comfortable.

Psychic readers who provide psychic predictions are usually compassionate in nature. They are also truthful and even if they do foresee a calamity they are most gentle in voicing the details.

Certain people find it easier talking to a psychic clairvoyant reader on the telephone or communicating with them through email. Some psychics even offer free consultation for the first time.

Even if you do take the help of a psychic to predict your future, remember that we always have the power to change our destiny. Choose the best, reliable psychic who can provide you with excellent readings and also provide you with a glimpse into your future.

Chat Online Psychic Predictions

Psychic predictions received online are quite different that those done face to face. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the online method is it is not necessary to waste time traveling to visit with a psychic reader in order to get information and advice; when going online, you can talk to a psychic much faster without wasting money on gasoline to drive there. Depending on the specific services you are requesting, it may take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 day to complete your reading.

The Negative Aspect

However, there is one disadvantage to getting your psychic predictions over the internet; because you are not speaking to anyone in person, there is a larger chance that your question could be misinterpreted by the reader due to intercommunication blunders. This is why it is important to express yourself in a clear, detailed manner. Doing this will allow you to get the best results possible out of your online psychic reading experience.


There are a few effective hints everyone should know when it comes to online readings. In order for your reader to create a stronger psychic link to you, first supply him or her with your date of birth as well as your first name and a photo, if you feel comfortable doing so. If you are making inquiries regarding your life in connection to someone else’s, like your significant other, a date of birth and first name for him or her will prove invaluable.

Asking the questions, where, when, and who will not get you as detailed of answers as how, what, and why. Also, psychics are unable to nail any event down to a certain date and time; however, they are able to provide you with extremely accurate advice on how best to handle future events in addition to what may happen if you do follow their advice.

Obviously, the questions you ask should be clear and logical. Ambiguous and highly vague questions are not those of which psychics are accurately able to provide answers; a psychic is completely different from a clairvoyant. If your psychic is preparing a long, detailed reading for you and you feel you have forgotten important information after you both chat, it is perfectly fine to contact your psychic and provide him or her with that information.

The entire idea behind chatting with a psychic who provides predictions online is to give you the necessary information and advice to improve any situation or future outlook. Of course, the decision on whether to follow the advice is completely up to you. It is important to take the information you are given, analyze it, and use it to make smart, informed decisions about life.

Handling Negative Predictions

Everyone hopes to hear their recent future will be happy and worry-free but this is not always the case. If you do happen to receive a negative psychic prediction, realize that predictions are usually based on events that take place if the client decides not to change the direction of their life. Again, the choice to act is completely up to the you.

Due to the huge influx of the psychic arts in our everyday life currently, it was only a matter of time before people started going to psychics to figure out what is going to happen in the future. There are many reasons why people seek the solace of learning the future. Problems, bad phases of life are some of the primary facts.

So it is nothing wrong if some psychics try and predict the future for a particular country or place which has been going through a bad phase of itself. Current psychic predictions for the year 2010 for the world at large suggest that there is going to be noticed a period of general growth and progress in this period.

Most of the psychics who were consulted to read the future for people all over the world had some common things to say. Psychics are in tandem that 2010 is going to be a better year generally than 2009. The areas of macro-economics, finance, education and relationships for people are some which are going to improve thoroughly than what they had been in 2009.

The economic recession which was faced by the world at large during the year of 2009 will be better in this year and there will be fewer fluctuations in the market. The economic condition will be better for people all over the world and this will be noticed starting right from the last week of January.

The coming months of the year are going to galvanize the economic improvement and people should take advantage of this trend to improve their conditions. Making a sound financial plan to secure their assets and cash reserves is a good idea.

The improvement seen during the initial parts of the year in the financial sector is going to filter into the later part of the year and there is going to be many agreements and deals signed during the second half. Current psychic predictions also say that there is going to be many deals signed regarding environment, monetary and trade issues in the second half of the year. There will be constant economic data filtering in from all parts of the world which will be positive in nature.

This will lead to a strong bounce back to the pre-recession days and people will be able to get back the jobs they had lost and regain some of the wealth they had back before the recession hit. Apart from this, the huge global deficits which were racked up by many countries during the recession hit 2009 would be reduced by great levels and there would be a sort of balance in the making.

Though the current amount of global deficits seems to contradict that, the trends observed in the first few months of the year 2010 are going to act as a strong indicator for this. Current psychic predictions are basically in favor of a better year than 2009 was and there is going to all round improvement headed by the financial sector.


Being a full time psychic reader is my passion for helping people with my clairvoyant skills. I enjoy writing helpful articles about astrology, horoscopes, psychics and tarot. I hope that you enjoy my blog and please tell your friends about us. Enjoy!

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