Interesting Facts About Scorpio and Taurus Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Scorpio Facts and Psychic Readings

 According to the zodiac, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet and not the Disney character. Pluto is known for its power and Scorpios love to be in a position of power. Scorpios can be very emotional, and that emotion often runs deep becoming a volcano beneath the surface that can rupture at any time.

Scorpios are also very intense, sometimes to the point of become past tense. Scorpios tend to look withdrawn, but they have only taken a step backwards in order to observe what is going on around them. This is how the Scorpio learns and picks up tricks of the trade from others to add to their personal arsenal.

According to psychics, Scorpio people can be stubborn. That stubbornness is seen as good or evil depending on the circumstances that brought out the stubborn streak. Stubbornness can be used for good or evil, but the Scorpio doesn’t always know the difference, nor cares to. Scorpio is all about extremes.

They may take an extreme political position or a social position at the opposite end of the spectrum. Scorpios will seldom be seen taking the middle of the road unless their GPS is out of whack. Arrogance is another trait that creeps into the Scorpio personality. That can be an asset in business if used correctly and business is what Scorpio is all about.

When it comes to friendship and love Scorpio has a lot of confidence in their ability as well as a streak of loyalty that is second to none. Relationships are important to Scorpio and something they don’t take lightly. When they are ready to make a commitment, they want to be sure the relationship is worth pursuing. They don’t want to waste time spinning their wheels going nowhere. The phrase “wasting time” is not in their vocabulary.

When it comes to business Scorpios are tenacious. They have a plan in place and work according to that plan. If the plan doesn’t work, they don’t hesitate to switch horses and begin again. Scorpio is very well organized to the point of being obsessive, but they know how to get the job done. Scorpio leadership skills are second to none and they do well in supervisory positions.

Scorpios like to be fully involved with any venture on their plate but are not afraid to delegate responsibilities. They are equally unafraid to take their staff to task for not completing a task or project on time. That is often seen as being a tyrant, but the results negate any evidence of tyrant behavior as the Scorpio always delivers on a promise. Scorpio is a big fan of teamwork and will give credit where credit is due.

Scorpio, like everyone else, has weaknesses. They know what their weaknesses are and work to offset them. They take every opportunity to take that pesky negative and turn it into a positive. They fully realize if they don’t, that will be their downfall and not being successful is not acceptable.

Zodiac Taurus

Zodiac Taurus has the common characteristics of stability, practicality and extreme will power. There is no need to convince them, they will start following a leader loyally all by themselves. They are emotionally stable, model citizens of the society. They have all the good qualities that easily make them the best citizens in a locality. They are very keen and practical in handling their activities.

At the face of difficulties, person born under the Zodiac Taurus is usually unshakeable and firm in their decision. They are completely dependable and prudent. Once they take their decisions, they stand by it completely. At most situations their thinking will be right and just according to the situation. There may be situations when their decisions can go wrong and self-righteous. But even then, they will stick to their decisions fully.

They are very faithful friends who one can depend on and turn to when in need. They help their near ones in every aspect of their need. They help in every dimension including emotional, financial, intellectual etc. Being the silent and good natured, it’s very rare to pick up a fight with a Taurean. Born under the Zodiac Taurus, they are gentle in their handling of a relationship and take care in the right way.

They may be simple, cool and composed on the outside, but they have exquisite tastes in every aspect of life. They have an aesthetic taste for material comforts and possession. They have a liking for little pleasures of live, luxury and comfort. They appreciate beauty, good food, wine etc. Though tempted heavily, they have good control over their senses and avoid temptations at all cost. Thus, they avoid indulgence and covetousness.

Like their sign Bull, they are very much hardworking and loyal to their job. They don’t believe in delicate jobs and won’t feel bad about extremely taxing work. They are the submissive workers loyal to their supervisors and bosses. They are ambitious but practical. The Zodiac Taurus people are the dependable employees when in extreme challenges and risks in a job. They are innovative and put that creative brain of theirs to good use. They can work individually as well make a great team player. They make very good managers and team leaders as they see everyone under him as equals and treat them fairly.

No sign is as grounded as the Zodiac Taurus. Down to earth, they have the best stability mentally and emotionally. They are spiritually strong and have an inner harmony. They are decided about their beliefs and strongly support them. No amount of persuasion can break their beliefs and thoughts.

But under extreme conditions Taureans break into blind fury and can be unstoppable. When this bottled up emotions break open, it is like that of volcanic disruptions and can hurt everyone near to them.

But basically, Zodiac Taurus is good in heart and basically the gentle and energetic bull.

Zodiac Sign Taurus Love

The Zodiac Sign Taurus love to attract people towards them and be the perfect hosts to them. This is because of their tendency of need of praise. They love to be pampered and loved. Tureens are known to be stubborn and obstinate. This trait of theirs is both a positive and negative feature of the Zodiac Sign Taurus Love life.

Usually a calm and composed Tureen is also a perfect control freak. He can have a complete hold over their emotional state. They tend to be strong willed. As the Rock which never changes with climatic changes, the Zodiac Sign Taurus Love never falters.

He loves, he loves forever. The love is either there or not there. There is no in between for the Taurean. Once the Taurean falls in love, he holds on to it strongly and always. He will be stubborn about it and will go world’s end to hold it back. They are extremely loyal about their relationship.

They also expect equal amount of loyalty from their partner. They get confused when their level of loyalty is not reciprocated. But they will confront anyone and keep the confusions to themselves. Inside them they will try to dissect this and inspect where they went wrong.

To the Zodiac Sign Taurus Love is devotion, a religion. He is completely dedicated to the relationship. To break a relationship is almost impossible by the Taurean. They will tend to hang on to the very end. And even after the breakup, they will want to be friends.

Taurean is very much a domestic person. Family and friends come first to them rather than themselves. They are very protective and possessive. The Zodiac Sign Taurus Love the woman who loves them and is extremely protective of the lady. Even at the slightest hint of interest on their partner by others can lead to jealousy very easily.

They expect complete truth on a relationship. Even if the partner turns out to be little mysterious, they get jealous and stalk them. But they will be never open about this. To them love is never verbal. They fume inside themselves.

The Zodiac Sign Taurus Love is all pampering. They love to be pampered. Little tokens of kindness and gesture go a long way in a relationship with Taurus signs.

Cook them a meal or take over their share of work at home once in a while and they will feel loved completely. On the same scale, they too pamper their partners with care and affection. They go out of their way to take care of their partners. Expect a Taurean to suddenly take the day off and give one a complete spa treatment making the day special in all possible ways.

The only set back in the Zodiac Sign Taurus Love may be the cold fury they show, when pushed to the extreme end. They tend to keep their feelings suppressed to themselves that at extreme conditions they break out as a volcano. There is no stopping to this blind fury.

Zodiac sign of Taurus bull

Zodiac sign of Taurus bull is the part of Earth which is emotionally involved with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, All the plain descriptions are proper here: salty of the Earth, feet resolutely place on the land and so onward. Those clean by an Earth Sign in their horoscope are realistic, onto land and authentic. These guys aren’t taking big risks, much wishing a sure thing. Most of the times they deliver up their own brain, they keep going, despite waiting for the result. They place immense pressure on brains and guide their kids firmly in substance of values, good etiquette and good ethnic group.

Zodiac sign of Taurus bull feel affection for life form in accuse of a, don’t divest him of the emotion. This characteristic alone is enough to win community all over. They take pleasure in a close friendship, and the liking and knowledge this manages to pay for. They are kind of gentle and activist. These bulls are well discovered in their own character.

Zodiac sign of Taurus bull are consistent and faithful, simple to get down with and as a good player you are Sensible and onto dry land. Most outstanding mark of Taurus and Aries friendship compatibility is the excited surroundings of their common force. A trade on a firmly commerce basis has a superb possibility to be good quality grouping. The Arian is a fire sign and Taurus being an earth sign, are very sensible and will shine together. Taurus is always in good position and would make a good marriage life, but Aries is the difference for marriage with Taurus.

Zodiac sign of Taurus bull can be a tower of power. You’re seldom hard, except in the region of loyalty, and your character is generally even, realistic and enjoyable. Bulls the Taurus have an ideal the skill of thrashing up an epicure meal. And pinnacle it by candlelight and dreamy melody. As of occasion the Bull rip trimmings for the time being stuck in the swamp. He or she might not wish to go up with each way or possibility The Taurus Bull may forever exterior.

Zodiac sign of Taurus bull is with Safety and possessions and a vital person who gives these things will quickly make it to the peak of your catalog. In zodiac is well-known for his ability to center and for his perseverance? They are obliging to whom they are needed in all ways. They attain what they want from side to side his ability to carry on nature. They finished today’s work with the given deadline never keep today’s work to be done tomorrow. If you keep in mind that a Taurus is a follower to their sanity and use it shrewdly, you’ll have a covert armory at your removal.

Zodiac Love Taurus Scorpio

Relations, weddings, engagements and love, all are set in the Heaven! It is believed that god or if you don’t believe in god, then perhaps a spiritual entity sets and fixes these relations, and these are uncovered only with time and only as per a scheduled fixed by the world above us. It is disclosed with time but Humans! Our poor Humans! The breed most susceptible to lowly follies like impatience! Notwithstanding the patience they develop the curiosity to venture out and look at different clues towards whatever small knowledge he or she could derive out about the future.

Zodiac love Taurus Scorpio interpretation or Horoscope interpretations is one such technique where we lesser mortals try and learn what the higher immortals thought and planned about us. Zodiacs are the steps into the heaven’s red book. There are 12 constellations that ring the earth’s horizon, and these are called zodiacs due to their special significance. They resemble a human known shape and are supposed to have an influence on our lives. The twelve zodiacs are given each a month’s time and all the people born under the zodiac are called by the sun sign assigned to it. The 12 zodiacs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Like it is in science, Opposites attract, such is in the case of Zodiac love Taurus Scorpio are two very unlike and opposite zodiacs. Zodiac love Taurus Scorpio attracts each other and with considerate efforts have the potential to be a long and fulfilling relationship. Scorpios are highly magnetic and this appeal of theirs pulls Taurus towards it. Taurus on the other hand wishes to indulge in a highly satisfying long-term relationship. In scorpions they can see these potentials. But like every side of coin, Taureans are susceptible to being possessive. This nature of their makes them want a stable relationship and as a matter of fact, Scorpions also share similar thoughts and hence the click!

Zodiac love Taurus Scorpio both are so much into each other’s mental plane that the level of understanding is so much so that they can clear each other’s insecurities. Taurus is the master of the physical plane, very creative and roaring to experiment, Scorpio has great intuitive skills and hence when people from these two signs, as a team they can Light the world for themselves as well as for the people around them. Zodiac love Taurus Scorpio fall in love with each other easily and successfully because both are first very unlike and love crops up out of mutual admiration because they are also equal in prowess, meeting each other as a perfect match. Both are stubborn and hence they can stubbornly stay in love with each other! Though at times this may prove to be a vice because they both might refuse to compromise, and the arguments would become fiercer. Having a common goal other than love might keep these fierce lovers together and let them concentrate on things except love and fighting!

What is the origin of the zodiac sign Taurus?

Zodiac is the Greek word which means “the circle of animals”. It also means the “circle of life”. The zodiac signs are represented by the animals allotted for the great act of heroism. It is even said that zodiac is derived from the nature of numbers and geometric sequence. All the 12 zodiac signs are divided into different elements fire, earth, air and water. Each sign is associated with the planet and the features of the signs depend on the ruling planet. Taurus comes under the category earth. It is a fixed sign and it sustains and stabilizes what has already been created. Zodiac sign Taurus commences from April 20th to May 20th.

The sign of Taurus originates from the tale of princess Europa and Greek God Zeus, the bull. It was God Zeus who transformed himself into the snow-white bull in order to attract Europa as he was in deep love with her. He transformed himself into the beautiful bull and did not lose the opportunity of carrying away Europa to Crete, when she sat on his back while petting him. When he took her away to Crete it is said that god Zeus ravaged her. In the remembrance to the affair, God Zeus was said to be the creation of the bull image in the Taurus constellation.

Constellation is the group of stars making an image or replica in the sky. There are 12 constellations and all these constellations depend on the 12 zodiac signs. This Taurus constellation can be viewed large and prominent in the northern hemisphere. This constellation makes the image of the head of the bull. The full bull is not viewed as it is said that the bull was half in the water carrying Europa to Crete. The Aldebaran, brightest star in the sky and reddish orange in color forms the eye of the bull. There are two clusters of stars the Hyades and the Pleiades. The Hyades have 300 to 400 stars and all stars are around 400 million years old.

The Taurus personality is very different from others. Taurus belongs to the fixed sign earth so; they are very stable and are the hidden reserves of power and strength. They are very stubborn and very rarely change their opinion. They are sweet-natured, loving and extremely caring. They do not possess dual character and loves living life simply. They like luxurious life with good food to eat. They always need someone in their life to share their feelings. They speak truth and loyal to everything. They hate betrayals and if someone betrays them that person becomes the biggest enemy of his. He rarely gets angry but, once the anger crepts into him it is very difficult to calm him down just like the red ferocious bull.

Taurus personality is very secretive in nature and they are not very honest with their emotional drives. They tend to remain a bit reserve and reacts according to the mood. They have great mood swings and they also need emotional and financial security.

Taurus Zodiac Tattoo

Taurus Zodiac Tattoo is one of the 12 zodiac tattoos available. Since eras, people have been mesmerized by the dots that we have made between the stars creating constellations and thereby acquiring the 12 Zodiac gatherings as we know them today. There’s a sense of romance and heavenly link between our fates and the stars lying in the sky. They are as if inter-related and this has always fascinated people. One should notice something that outside the borders of the United States, each culture has adopted the 12 zodiac symbols and have interpreted them in their own ways. The basic functioning mechanism behind the symbolic 12 zodiac members is that each of them has specific characteristics and traits which differ them from each other.

Let’s have a look at the Taurus Zodiac Tattoo. Taurus is basically one of the 12 zodiac members. Taurus people are those who were born between the 21st of April and the 21st May. The sign is thought to be governed by the Goddess of love, Venus. There is much strength that have been studied about Taurus people and those include the patience of the latter. Taurus people are down to earth and having a high patience level. They do set themselves a set number of goals which they need in any condition to fulfill. That’s the power of Taurus. If they focus on something, they shall try all their best to finish it. Their strength is that once they become your friends, they shall warm up to you very quickly. They are the ideal friends and that’s their forte. They won’t even leave you be it when you’re happy or sad.

Furthermore, Taurus Zodiac Tattoo also project the fact that Taurus people do have some drawbacks and those include envy and over possessiveness. They tend to display too much love for the people they are in a relationship and that’s bad. They’re also too much caring and sometimes they do cross the limit when they invade the privacy of their loved ones. The tattoos clearly show that. The over possessiveness of the Taurus people can also be termed as their insecurity regarding their counter parts and they also fear that they might be left alone.

Moreover, as can be projected by the Taurus Zodiac Tattoo there’s another drawback which one should highlight about Taurus people and that’s a bitter nature. They are people who do not easily forget and forgive. If you’ve done something bad to them, then they’ll always keep a grudge about it. That’s a bad quality but it’s inbuilt in their system. Taurus people are resentful and have an inflexible way of thinking sometimes. Their stubbornness comes in being here. If they’ve decided to do something, even if that thing is a bad one, you won’t be able to stop them. They’ve got a big egoistic problem.

Also, one should notice that in Taurus Zodiac Tattoo, the tattoo can be of ethnic nature or Celtic. The latter can be made around your armband or around your neck. Whatever astrological sign we might have, the tattoo will portrait that in a vivid and mesmerizing way.

Taurus zodiac symbols

The zodiac sign of Taurus is the bull; its symbol is Unicode, the head of the bull and two horns. It is the second sign in zodiac and ruled by planet Venus, the goddess of love and desire. It is a fixed earth sign and it brings stability in the Taurean individuals. Taureans are loyal and honest people. They stick to their words are punctual by nature. They always need a disciplined life so, that they can carry out their plans in a fixed pathway. They are conservative and traditional people who love to live life in the golden old ways. They are very much reliable and honest individuals. They remain very levelheaded even in a chaos surrounding. They are like bull who acts for the present and least bothered about the future.

Taurus zodiac symbols maintain their self- respect and dignity. They are the hidden reserves of power and strength. They have a childish attitude and gets irritated even on silly talks. They rarely get angry but, once they lose their temper, it’s very difficult to calm them back. The anger can continue for a day, week, month or years. They are very stubborn and stick to their point of view, no one can try to change their opinion as it can hardly change. They are very slow to react at the changes. They want to live life king size and want to enjoy all luxuries of life. They want to earn just to live a luxurious life. They can be good businesspeople, if they really carry out their plans well. Jobs like banking, insurance and stock market are good job field for them.

They love material possession. Taurus zodiac symbols like to spend on themselves, fine clothing and good food is the necessity for them. They want to be relaxed all the time and want to spend time in a beautiful holiday resort. They would love to take retirement if they think that their earnings are enough to spend the entire life. They are very sensual lovers and are always in seek of a relationship. They are passionate and charming and love if their partner gets dependable on them. They always need someone to share their emotions and could share their problems. They are romantic and needs full satisfaction from the relationship.

Taurus zodiac symbols are very patient lovers. No one can stop them loving whether it be any kind of hurdle or obstacle. They live for the partners and can make them feel very special. They never like to compete with other men in love. He loves doing things the way he wants to do. Taurus zodiac symbols can be best loyal friends, lifelong and loving partners, loyal and honest employees and best shoulders to cry upon. They are aware of their priorities and they do what they speak, and they never underestimate anyone especially their enemies. They never seek for initial attention but, later they reveal their alluring and attractive personality. Someone looking for a loyal partner, taureans are best to choose. They will never make you give a second thought on your choice.

Taurus Zodiac Symbol

The Zodiac Symbol of the Taurus is that of the bull. To understand better how Taurus people got that symbol, one should have a look at the myth behind it. In the Greek Mythology, The Goddess of Wisdom, Minerva who was also the daughter of Jupiter, had a unique art of embroidery, and she presided over a committee of embroidery and fine arts for her mortal subjects. One of them, a fine lady named Arachne was so well versed in embroidery that she found her work to be like that of Minerva. She challenged the latter to a competition which the latter readily agreed. The contest was of great quality. Minerva created a work of heavenly order with Jupiter and Neptune in the center and in four corners, the fury of Gods whom the mere mortals dare to discontent. It was a clever trick to intimidate Arachne.

Contrasting the work of Minerva and Arachne, one can say that Arachne made a purely fictional and utterly beautiful embroidery projecting the failures of Gods. She depicted the story of Jupiter’s love interest Europe in a vivid and extremely mesmerizing stitch. She showed how Jupiter had taken the form of a white bull with unusual horns to attract the latter. He forced the girl to climb on him and they swam together to the city of Crete. By looking at the various clues given in the story, one can judge that he abducted her, since he then claimed her to be his wife. The picture clearly portrayed a girl longing for her friends to help her, stating for the Zodiac Symbol of Taurus.

Moreover, the Zodiac Symbol of Taurus can be judged be Jupiter or Zeus in the roman mythology, who took the form of Taurus. It has got a high significance. Also, one often wonders why the symbol of the Taurus in the sky shows only the upper half of its body. Well, the logic behind that is that Jupiter was too busy to carry Europa to Crete that his lower part of the body was always under water. Also, Taurus as illustrated by its symbol, the bull, is taken to be an element of great power and strength. It was one of the first zodiac members to be discovered and long ago, the sun was in the Taurus constellation and this period marked the New Year for many people. It was the time for celebration.

Furthermore, the bull as the Zodiac symbol of the Taurus can be judged to be an element of great power, capacity, endurance, love and admiration towards their counterparts. The bull can be stubborn but as well as a determined and strong leader, with strong communication skills. The latter is a hardworking one having specific goals. One can easily count on them. But one should also grasp the fact that their stubbornness can be a hard pill to swallow. But nevertheless, despite their drawbacks, Zodiac Symbol of Taurus does deserve to be treated with respect for all their qualities.


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