What Are The Different Types of Spells?

Dark Warlock Spells

Warlocks, the male counterpart of witches, have psychic and magical powers that make them different and powerful from ordinary human beings. According to one interpretation, warlocks are capable of achieving difficult objectives with the help of their powers when they use them for a positive purpose.

However, if used for negative purposes, dark warlock spells magic can cause severe damage. When used for a negative purpose, such spells are capable of harming the person who it is aimed at but also the person casting the spell. Before you cast a dark warlock spell you must be aware of the probable consequences of your work.

Information about the dark warlock spells magic is available online. There are different schools of magic, which also spread information about the warlock spells. Schools like Affliction, Demonology and Destruction are known for the warlock spells they propagate.

However, you need to do a comprehensive research before you try any of the spells. You need to know all details about the chants involved in each warlock spells, about what accessories are necessary for a spell, the duration it takes to cast a spell, what purpose does the spell serve, the immediate and far-reaching consequences of the spell, the positive and negative influences that it can have on the conjurer and so on.

The common dark warlock spells magic include Shadow Bolt, Demon Skin, Blood Fury Racial, Immolate, Curse of Weakness, Life Tap, Health Funnel, Fear, Curse Elements, Drain Soul, Howl of Terror, Hellfire, Inferno, Ritual of Doom and Curse of Agony.

They give immense powers to the person casting them. However the degree of the consequences of the warlock spells depends on how well it is performed. The way it is performed is the most important part of casting a spell. You need complete concentration when you cast a warlock spell. Without a focused mind no warlock spell can achieve its desired effect.

One of the common dark warlock spells magic is the power of levitation, the power to fly. Start with this simple spell that helps you to achieve flight. Focus on what you want to achieve and not on negative things like what happens if you fail. You must stand on a ledge and concentrate your thoughts on flying.

However, be sure to choose a ledge that is only 2 or 3 feet high so that you do not get injured if you fail. Another spell for warlocks is one that speeds up the flow of time. Commanding time is one of the most powerful spells for a warlock. The use of rose incense makes the spell more effective. For the spell you need to draw a pentacle on your left palm with a blessed pen and chant the spell.

The dark warlock spells magic also includes a powerful spell that makes the spell caster capable of controlling others. For casting this spell you need to use herbal blend incense for proper effects. The chants for the spell is “By the power of heaven and earth let others hearken to my words by my will, other will listen and hearken to my command through my will, it shall it be done right now.”

Magic spells, when used for a noble purpose can be very fruitful. On the other hand, if powerful spells are used to achieve negative ends they may harm not only the person it is directed to, but may also cast an adverse effect on the spell caster’s life.

People who practice the dark arts or make use of black magic are referred to as warlocks. The black magic spells make extensive use of shadows and fire. Though warlock spells should only be learnt from a master, there are websites that feature free warlock spells.

By the chanting of free warlock spells, you can acquire powers of levitation. The one requisite of this spell is the fact that the spell caster should be able to concentrate really hard. If you worried about the fact that you will fall off and get injured, then the chances of your success are limited.

There is another free warlock spell that enables you to expedite the speed of time. At the time this spell cast, the ambiance needs to be built up by burning of incense sticks. The spell caster requires a blessed pen to create a pentacle on the left palm and then chant his spell.

Another popular free warlock spells can make you powerful enough to command other individuals. Burning of specific incenses help to create an environment that is overwhelming and has the power to engulf your senses. The different warlock spells include Demon Skin, Shadow Bolt, Curse of Weakness, Blood Fury Racial, Immolate, Life Tap, Fear, Health Funnel, Drain Soul, Curse Elements, Hellfire, Howl of Terror, Inferno, Ritual of Doom and Curse of Agony.

Free warlock spells, however, should be chanted with much of caution. They should not be uttered with any evil motive. When delivered with such motives they can inflict greater damage. If you conduct an extensive research on the various aspects of these spells, you will find information regarding the description of the spells, its duration, the category of spells to which it belongs, the level to which it can incur damage, the range to which it can inflict damage and its repercussions.

Some schools of magic, namely, the Demonology, Affliction and Destruction, have propagated warlock spells. A Soul Shard needs to be done before particular warlock spells are chanted. These are imperative and thus cannot be avoided at any cost.

Free warlock spells are easily available on the web but they should not be misused. It is for people who have mastered the art of chanting spells and should not be uttered by all and sundry. When misused they can lead to severe consequences. You should venture into something like warlock spells only when you are aware of what it is all about.

It requires immense concentration and developed psychic powers to accomplish something through the exercise of warlock spells. However, the term warlock holds a different connotation in the other psychic arts, like Wicca. It is used in a negative sense to denote an expelled member of the community.

Spells for Levitating Objects

Spells and witchcraft are a taboo in many religions. Not many conventional religious groups support the idea of spell casting and witchcraft magic. But with time things have changed and now people from various walks of life are accepting the witchcraft as a useful art that can make their life easier and better.

Religious groups like Wicca, new age beliefs, and the amalgamation of various other groups that believe in the spirit and the supernatural power of universe has made this ritual magic so popular these days. This ritual magic is one of the most mysterious magic practiced nowadays. This kind of magic does not belong to any particular group or sect. It also does not follow the basic rules of the white magic or even black magic.

Spell to levitate objects can be considered under this ritual magic that have a definite ritual of its own. This is one of the most extraordinary spells that can actually levitate objects at a considerable height.

Spell to levitate objects is one of the exotic spells that you may interested in learning, if you are really interested in the paranormal activities and witchcraft. This is quite a tough spell to learn and practice. It even takes months to master this spell. While you learn and master this extraordinary spell you actually harness the cone of power. You may face many barriers and difficulties while you practice the spell to levitate objects. But if you manage to do it once you will be able to do it again with ease. Given below is the instruction of spell to levitate objects.

• Step 1 – Primarily you have to select the object you would wish to levitate. It will be a good idea to start with a lightweight object like a pencil or pen since you are learning the spell. • Step 2 – You will need to choose a quite place where you will not be disturbed for sometime. • Step 3 – You will need to turn off of everything that can distract you in the middle. It will be good if you can turn off the ringing phone and doorbells. • Step 4 – Now you have to position the object that you will levitate in front of you. • Step 5 – Focus all your attention on that particular object and then you will need to concentrate hard using all your energy to move the object. • Step 6 – While you are focusing on that object you will need to control the energy both outside and inside of yourself and then you have to start raising your energy or cone of power so that the object move. You may keep your eyes closed or open. • Step 7 – You can use some levitation spell and keep your focus on the object. There are different types of spell to levitate objects. You can choose a simple spell and try. • You will have to focus on it for at least half an hour. If the object does not move you will need to try it after sometime.

It requires a lot of practice to levitate an object. You will need to practice the spell everyday for about half an hour till you become successful.

Levitation spells are one of the most amazing spells that can be applied on various objects to lift it up to a considerable height. This spell follows the ritual of white magic and thus it is not harmful To cast this simple levitation spells that work you will require a good amount of practice. To acquire the perfection of lifting any object can even take months. And while you acquire the perfection, you know the secrets of the levitation spells.

It will be wise enough to start with a lightweight object while you decide to use and practice the simple levitation spells that work. Levitation spells are considered as some of the most powerful spells in the white magic. And while these spells are also called flying spells they actually defy the gravitational pull of the earth.

It requires a lot of energy and concentration to make the spell work. It is to be remembered that these spells needs to be performed with extreme caution. It is said that if this spell is cast very powerfully on an object, then it might not come back to the earth again. But this is an extreme case that does not happen always. On the other hand if you do not concentrate then you will not be able to lift even a feather.

Simple levitation spells that work requires a perfect ambience for the spell casting. When you decide to practice the levitation spell, you will require a very quiet place in your house. You will need to find a place where no one will disturb you for sometime. It will be good if you can turn off the doorbell, phone and other equipments.

While you start casting the spell, you will need to meditate and concentrate. While you focus and concentrate on the object you have selected to levitate you may keep your eyes open or closed. It will be wise to select a lightweight object like pencil, pen or even a feather while you are beginning to practice. It will be easier to lift a lighter object in the beginning.

While you are practicing simple levitation spells that work you will need to concentrate hard on the object for at least half an hour and think about the spell light as a feather, stiff as a board and repeat it as many times as you can. You can try it for thirty minutes, if the object gets lifted from the ground then you can consider yourself to be a success, but if it does not get lifted, then you will need to practice more.

Rarely it happens that one can lift an object in his first attempt. So you need to practice the use the simple levitation spells that work everyday for half an hour. You will require concentrating and focusing on the object while casting the spell. A lot of energy is required to cast this spell so a lighter object will be easier to practice. And as you get acquainted with this spell, you may start lifting heavier objects. You will need to increase your range while practicing.

Magic Spells in the Wind

It is not an easy task to control the natural forces or the weather. Rather it is somewhat impossible for an ordinary man to get a control over the natural elements. But if you are really interested in knowing the art of controlling the weather then you will require a very strong psychic ability, spells and a lot of practice. Controlling wind with spell can prove to be a tough thing to perform. But there is the magic spell of the wind which can control the movement of the wind.

This magic spell of the wind has no as such negative consequences. But it is impossible to make the spell work properly even if you have cast the spell properly. Although one requires a lot of practice to make this spell work, even the most experienced spell cater can have to cast the spell several times before it works properly. Months and years of practice of this wind spell can only make things work.

Wind magic is more connected with the state of creation, being, aura transformation and re-establishment if being. The spiritual quality of the air is always considered as the basis of life form. Although the wind moves and alters from time to time because of the fact that the terrain it stays over, it only changes its form and type of existence. It never dies down or born. It has to be remembered that wind is a combination many other elements too.

The magic spell of wind mainly deals with the properties like power of movement, motion, transportation and even teleportation. There are different types of spells of wind which are used for different purposes. The magic spell of the wind includes spell to call the wind, whispering wind spell, teleport any object or move the wind.

The following wind spell is used for calling the wind. While casting this spell the spell caster must concentrate and use his or her psychic ability and then utter “Winds of the world I call upon you now to blow a gale breeze or storm blow it up cool it down make us feel your power and your fury and I will act as jury So mote it be”. This spell should be repeated till the wind comes and work according to your wish. There are various other simple spells which can move, transform and call wind. Another magic spell of the wind says “Faith and confidence Stay in an open space where the wind can be felt”

There are other spells like Vanish spell of the wind and whispering spells. These spells require a lot of practice, psychic ability and concentration. You will need to practice these spells over and over again to make it work. Whispering wind spells helps you to know a particular answer through it. And vanishing spell can actually make any object disappear. Though the magic spell of wind is not a harmful spell, but precaution should be taken while performing these spells for your safety.

Evil Spells

Spells can be described as the power that you can use to make your wish come true. Spells are of various kinds and there are good spells as well as bad spells too. Although goods spells are more in use these days because of their beneficial results, the dark art or the black magic spells are also being used sometimes. One of the important differences between the black magic art and the white is the methods that are being used to cast a spell. Spell casters who are using black magic can cast evil spells that are harmful. Evil spells are sometimes cast to ward of negativity or protect a person from curse.

Spells are cast employing mind power, positive imaging, positive thinking and creative visualization. While casting a white magic spell the spell caster will have to think positive and good since these spells derive positive results. But evil spells that are generally cast to harm others include negative thinking. Sometimes spells casters of an evil spells worship demons or devils to imbibe the powers that are useful for hexing, cursing and harming others.

Evil spells are cast when the moon is waning. To make the spell work successfully the spell caster perform the casting of these spells in the waning moon night and when it is completely dark. Spells casters of the negative spells are also known as evil witches. While white witches invoke the good spirits like angel and seraph, the evil witches invoke the power of demons and devils for casting their spells.

Evil witch can prove to be quite harmful, as they not only curse of hex someone they can actually kill anyone. Evil witches are same as a vampire and the fascinating fact about these evil witches are that most of them have untimely death or succumb to suicide or self-destruction. Sometimes if they cannot perform the spell ritual properly or become unable to cast the evil spells properly they get killed in return. So casting of these spells can be dangerous too as it can be as fatal as death.

Although there are many fake witches who call themselves evil witch, but they only do it for money and never obtain the desired results. Evil spells are often used for banishing a problem or a troublesome person. There are spells that can destroy a person’s mental health. It can even kill a person. Death spell is one of the most powerful spells in this category.

If you are interested in the dark art and wish to know more about it you may search online or visit a spell caster who can teach you these spells. It will also be advisable to learn casting the spells from an experienced witch. Trying these spells on your own can prove to be quite fatal and harmful. You need to have a strong mindset to master this dangerous craft. Since it is a dark art and involves the invoking of demon powers one should be careful enough while using the spell and performing the ceremony.

Spells for Controlling Fire

While it comes to controlling any of the forces of nature it becomes just next to impossible task for humans. Humans do not really have any measures to control the wind, flood or fire. But with magic man has made it possible to control fire.

There are actually different spell to control fire. The Wiccan Rede instructs that one can try out anything as long as it is not harming anybody. Since the Wiccan Rede talks about the three fold system of receiving back for what you do it will not be a good idea to invoke the forces of nature like fire which can create massive destruction. But there is spell to control fire and have a small amount of influence on them.

Fire is one of the most hazardous elements in many ways. People who are born under the fire signs of the western astrology are more prepared to handle the element of fire.

People who have zodiac signs like Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are fire signs and they have the fire element prevalent in their first, fifth and ninth house of their horoscope. While you wish to learn a spell to control fire you can start practicing with a candle flame.

When you start to cast spell to control the candle flame you need to concentrate hard and stare on the tip of the flame. While you cast the fire spell you can actually able to move, lengthen, spiral and make the flame jump. Since it is quite tough to make the flame move you will require a lot of practice

Fire spells are included under the weather spells and they are usually used for controlling the effects and spreading of fire. Professional spell caster and witches can control the fire of the thunderstorm by using fire spells. Fire spells can also be used for negative purposes.

While you are learning fire spells from a professional you will be introduced to the Quell flame primarily. This is the spell which is generally taught at first and after you learn the fire spell you can create, hold as well as put off fire. Quell spell is very common and are quite helpful for beginners. Quell spell does not require a lot of knowledge about fire spell and you can also cast the quell spells if you learn it.

It is a wise idea to learn and use this spell to control fire rather than using it for destruction or negative purposes. While beginning the lesson you should train yourself in putting off or controlling a small fire.

Creating fire requires a lot of knowledge and practice and these are learnt at a later stage. After the casting this spell the flame is put off otherwise it can go out of control. Spell to control fire should be learnt from an experienced mage or witch. This is a dangerous spell which should be cast with precaution, otherwise it can have severe consequences on both you and everyone else around you.

African Voo Doo Spells

Voodoo is actually a religion that was originated and developed in Africa. It was brought by the African slaves to Haiti. It is quite fascinating to know that Voodoo spells are practiced even today in African inhabitants. Although there are some negative spells which are practiced in Voodoo, but most of the spells of this religion derive positive results and it benefits everyone in different ways. Voodoo spells can be cast to improve health, relationship, career, money, protection and mortality.

Voodoo religion includes various kinds of rituals, spell casting, worshipping of their god and communicating with spirits and unearthly being. While communicating with their god, the voodoo practitioner takes the help of loa spirits. And the voodoo followers believe in a relation of give and take which is based on mutual understanding and trust. They hold different kinds of ceremonies for worshipping the god and honor him and the loas who help them in their lives.

The voodoo religion does have some dark sides. There are some spells which uses black magic but they are rarely used and really a typical part of the Voodoo religion. In the early time during the mid nineteenth century there were many false ideas about the voodoo religion.

It was thought by the common people that this exotic religion is based on the ghosts, zombies and werewolves and that the followers of the voodoo were obsessed with the evil beings. The casting of different voodoo spells were also seen as something evil.

The voodoo followers use a voodoo doll while casting their spells. People who did not have any idea about the voodoo religion thought that the voodoo dolls are bad omen and something evil too. Though the voodoo followers rarely cast a black magic spell, but this myth has remained still now in some people.

While the voodoo religion was being brought from Africa to Haiti, there was o record of the voodoo dolls being used there. But the Voodoo dolls are mostly used in New Orleans even from the early part of the nineteenth century. The voodoo dolls are generally used as the effigy of a person on which the voodoo spells are to be cast. It can be a hexing spell or a good spell to derive beneficial results. While casting the spell the voodoo spell caster pricks many pins on the doll to direct and reinforce the spells on that particular person.

While casting the voodoo spells the spell caster actually talks to that doll as he think that this doll has the spirit of that particular person on which the spell is cast. The spell caster also asks that doll to change his or her actions in accordance with his wishes and desires.

A genuine voodoo doll can be used to bring upon power forces. This doll helps a spell caster to perform rituals and fulfill their hearts desire and wishes. Voodoo has gained popularity in recent times and people are actually realizing its good effects on their lives. The voodoo spells along with the voodoo dolls are being used for making people’s wishes come true. People in New Orleans practice this exotic craft quite religiously.

Psychics often use spells to do their psychic work. I personally believe that spells can be powerful because I have seen them work with my own two eyes. I also think that most people have no idea what they are really getting themselves into by doing a bad luck spell or even a love spell on someone. Did you know that a spell is only temporary and will not last forever? It will also bring so much bad karma to you because a spell is not supposed to be used on anything or anybody.

A spell is actually used when people become desperate. So desperate that they want to force someone to do whatever it is that they want and to do it successfully.

A spell is said to help people, but in reality, the mode of it is to hurt other human beings and to bring people down to a level of doing exactly what the person that created the spell wants them to do. I think that if you are that desperate, then you should go and see someone that can really help you to see the light in whatever it is that you are trying to do. When you do something that you know is right, I strongly belief that you do what you are supposed to.

A spell usually costs around $300.00 and it’s shocking that people will pay thousands of dollars for a spell as well. I have heard of people paying $5,000 or more for a love spell. My suggestion is to not pay this. After all, there is not true way of knowing if the psychic has any magical powers in their spell to begin with or if they are just pulling your leg.

It’s really hard to say and it’s important for people to understand that they may not have all of the answers when it comes to the spirit world. It’s best to just pray and ask God to give you the answers that you are searching for and for Him to lead you to the truth in whatever it is that you are truly searching for.

I personally believe that the truth is out there and if we really look for it, then we will be able to find it completely. If you really examine your heart, you may be able to see for yourself that a spell is not really something that you want to involve yourself in.

Patience and love is always the best way to go in my opinion and when you do anything out of love, you will always reap good karma because of it. Just tell yourself that you have to learn the truth about what you are doing so that you can fully understand yourself a whole lot better and the people that are involved in your life. I suggest that you read books on spells if you really want to learn or even get a spell made for you. You may be surprised to find out that you have spell ability yourself.


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