Can Kids Be Psychic?

“Kids Are Creative And Have Intuitive Minds”

If you look into the minds of the kids, the thing that you would mostly find would be purity and innocence. However, if you look into the minds of some other kids, you would find purity and innocence along with some other special ability and that special ability is a psychic ability.

These psychic abilities are actually possessed by these kids either from birth or are acquired by them over a period of time due to the influences the outside world and environment has made on their minds.

Do Children Have Psychic Skills?

Children actually possess more psychic skills than the adults but this most of the times goes unnoticed and the sue credit is not given to the kids for that. The kids actually feel to be in touch with some imaginary person which does not have a physical state.

Lots of parents tend to ignore this and look at it as an irrational behavior of the kid. The parents should not overlook such things and try to find out as to what is really happening with their kids. They should be more supportive and help their kids understand that there is nothing to be worried of.

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When Did You First Discover That Your Child Was Psychic?

Will Your Childs Psychic Skills Become More Noticeable Over Time?

The psychic ability of the kid will not stay under the wraps for a long time and if the kid is really having those special abilities, then that will become noticeable over a period of time. There are some studies which prove that kids having these psychic abilities are more friendly and sociable than most of the normal kids.

However the kid must understand whether the person whom they are talking to is really there friends or enemies. This knowledge would help them cope up with the issue in the best possible manner.

How Brave Is Your Child When It Comes To Expressing Psychic Skills?

Most of the kids with these psychic abilities become more brave and courageous as they can sense any kind of adverse situations and fight them accordingly.

During the early stages of the recognition of these psychic abilities, kids might not be able to find out as to what is really happening to them and they might also feel slightly scared and haunted. However this is only for some time and after they get used to this special ability of theirs, they would start enjoying it.

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Psychic Children Are Brave

A psychic kid will not get deceived by strangers and will not easily trust a person who passes by. This is not the case with non psychic kids as they are more gullible to the tactics of the strangers and this at times might lead to serious problems. The first hints of whether the kids are psychic or not can be got by the parents when the kids are first trying to talk when they are two or three years old.

They, during these times, could say things which could be psychic in nature. Lots of kids do this in fact and it is not necessary that the kids showing signs like these would actually grow up to become a psychic kid for sure. When compared to the normal kids, the psychic kids have better memories and that is one reason why one can see lots of psychic kids actually doing well during their school examinations.

Are Psychic Kids Unusual?

A psychic kid is one of the most unusual and charismatic child that is born. They show a distinct ability, which is different from other kids. They perform certain tasks, which are beyond the imagination of common people.

Many can see this being executed only in movies or with computer graphics. The amazing facts about these psychic kids are that they demonstrate whatever they think becomes reality. There are several instances where these psychic kids have demonstrated that they can see through the ear and are absolutely flawless.

Several research and tests have proved that discernment of such psychic kids are different and their intuition level about certain incidence and objects are very high. Such kids experience a different energy level during such period and they need to be told about the abilities in a non-threatening way about spirits.

The frequency with which they react to certain events would show the kind of the psychic capability they have and this needs to be developed properly. Ignoring such ability in a child and criticizing the child for his different behavior would de-motivate the kid and would probably take the child to deep depression. These psychic kids should be encouraged and given the right education to develop the skills and never exploit it for money making.

Are Psychic Gifts Inherited?

The psychic ability in such kids would be a born with the child or could be inherited from the family at an early age. The psychic ability needs to be demonstrated to the educators so that these educators understand these capabilities and appreciate and develop it in the child.

These kids don’t need any special attention, but there abilities can be increased to multi-fold if preached and developed at the right age. If this skill is not noticed at the right time in the child then the child tends to forget this ability as they grow up. Certain highly gifted children do show some learning disabilities.

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Are Psychic Gifts Passed Down From Generation To Generation?

Can Psychic Kids Have Different Abilities?

The psychic kids demonstrate the different types of psychic capability. Some of them remember their former life, and some tell about events that would have occurred before the child was born. Some children perceive certain future events within the family or neighborhood and these occur as was told by the kid.

These children in the initial stages of the childhood do not realize their ability and once they get to the age where they understand and realize their capabilities, they become conscious and would want to develop the skills.

Several children demonstrate telepathic skills when they are in preschool. This skill level is found in several thousands of children but they tend to forget or lose this ability when they attain the age of seven.

Several tests have proved this fact on the children and they have demonstrated this ability in them. Several individuals and organization do research on such skills of the children and the children have demonstrated in front of general public their psychic abilities. These test environments have not deterred the child but have encouraged them to improve their capabilities.

Do Children Have Natural Born Psychic Abilities?

It is widely accepted that children are natural psychic until they cross the age of 10. The age between 7 to 10 years is considered to be the age of reason. As the children of this age learns very fast, and his thinking abilities is not influenced by the norms the society. Sometimes are forced to forget their special abilities pertaining to psychology.

The special power of the psychic children, explains the phenomenon faced by many of them. Some incidents such as imaginary friends, strange imaginations, bizarre experiences, and so on are common to individuals of this age.

The psychic children should never be forced to abandon such special powers or abilities. This can stake a heavy toll on their mind, and even they can lose their mental stability. Rather encouraging their psychic abilities can help these psychic children to develop special powers. These children with special psychic abilities can ascertain things that are not perceived by normal human beings, or grown ups.

Are Psychic Children More Intelligent?

The psychic children can be more intelligent than his friends, and it is not so because of the psychic or external influence. The psychic abilities can be developed in children. To develop such abilities you can let them play certain games in order to develop the already present or new psychic abilities. Certain tests can reveal their psychic powers and these can be performed occasionally.

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Psychic Kids Are Intelligent

It is always suggested to perform such developmental programs if form of games in case of children, as because, they love games. The games can provide them with the learning experience in a very simple and acceptable style. Even the children would readily participate and take extra interest if they get to know about the game. The psychic children can perform really well in such games involving psychic abilities.

Now how to go about playing such games. Place photographs in envelope and seal them. Ask you children to find out which envelope contains which picture. This way one can also develop the memory levels of the children.

Another interesting games can be played with these psychic children. It should be played in a group. The size of the group would determine the level of the enthusiasm. Tell them to get a personal item. Each one of them should carry one personal item.

Place these objects into one big bag. Shake bags vigorously until you think that the all the objects inside the bag is mixed up. Now ask each of them to draw out any object from the bag.

Now he or she does not know whom that item belongs to. Ask them to write down whatever impression that comes into their mind. Let them try and find the owner of the object. The psychic children can perform really well, as finding out the owner or the entire game depends on skills pertaining to psychometry, or the art of receiving impressions.

You can also ask your children to discuss everything about their dreams. This way also you can enhance the psychic skills of your children.

Do Psychic Kids Help Other Children?

Psychic kids are amazing in the sense that they help people their own age and others that are even older to see the truth in the spiritual world. Chip Coffee has been known to work with psychic kids. He has a hit television show called, “psychic kids.” I have watched this show several times and I have seen how he works with kids and the fact that he helps them to accept their spiritual gift.

I have been alive since the early 1970’s and I can tell you that I have never heard of so many psychic kids popping up out of no where. These kids are said to be able to speak to the dead and to pick up on lost and stolen objects. I think that psychic kids can help people that feel lost and broken. What is even more amazing is that psychic kids give the best psychic readings and they don’t do it for the money. They often will just see something and tell a person what is on their mind and in their visions.

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Psychic Kids Learn To Work Together

They are solely using their psychic gift to help others when they need help the most. I think that if you have a psychic kid or know of one, then you should consider them to be very special. Psychic kids usually have a hard time accepting their psychic gift because nobody else around them can see what they are really talking about. Most psychic kids are first thought to have a form of bi-polar disorder of schizophrenia.

It’s important to ask your kid some questions before you bring them to any medical doctor. Of course bringing them to a medical doctor is most important, but many psychic kids have been wrongfully mis-diagnosed as having a serious mental illness when really they were seeing and hearing the deceased.

Are Kids Psychic?

Kids are very psychic. Most kids just want to express their psychic feelings to people that can really understand them. Some psychic kids want to keep their psychic intuition to themselves beaue they are afraid to tell people that their gift in fear that others may see them as being “crazy” or a liar.

It’s important for you to encourage a psychic kid when you see them because a psychic gift is something that a lot of people want to have and so few can actually express it properly. I suggest that you help support a psychic kid when you can so that they can grow into the gift that they were born with.


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