Aliens and UFO’s From Outside of This World

Yesterday I watched and awesome show about UFO’s on the History channel. It was an episode of the UFO hunters. I don’t know if you ever saw these shows, but the editor of UFO magazine is one of the spokesmen on the show every time.

He is always trying to prove the existence of UFO’s. I was amazed because He actually has some awesome footage. He went on a mission to find a UFO in the middle of the Ocean. He was told that there was an underwater UFO base near Cuba.

He was curious and wanted to take an underwater scuba diving team with him to explore this. It is on the Cuban side and so He had to obtain permission from the Cuban government as well as the United States government to see if He could take a team of scuba diving experts to the area where they say that UFO’s are seen.

He originally got permission to conduct his research from both the Cuban Government and the United States government. However, when the Cuban government found out that he was going to do some research about UFO’s, they quickly rejected his plea even though it was originally allowed.

The question now remains is what are the Cubans trying to hide about the existence of UFO’s? Do UFO’s exist? I think that they do. There seems to be such a huge government cover up in almost every established country. Could it be that the governments are really trading secrets with the Aliens as they are saying and really don’t want anyone to find out about the technology that they are learning from these beings.

It was also shown in this episode that Aliens have always been acknowledged since the beginning of time. There are images on walls that are said to depict Grey aliens. For those of you that do not know about the grays, they are said to be the aliens that do the kidnapping of humans on planet earth. They are known as the “bad aliens” or the aliens that are looking to do scientific research on humans.

You have to ask yourself how much truth is out there about this. There is a website called that contains thousands of images and pictures of UFO’s.

This guy has been keeping an online diary for years of alien footage. There are also many clips on about UFO’s as well. This seems to be a hot topic and I think it’s because so many people have had experiences with a UFO.

I remember seeing a UFO when I was in Kuwait. I looked up and I saw three huge balls of fire hovering next to each other. I was with some others at the same time and we were all amazed because it wasn’t an explosion in the sky. It was 3 spacecrafts observing for around 20 minutes. They were huge balls of fire though. When they finally left, they all just slowly dimmed the fire and they were not seen anymore.

I must say that when you see a UFO, you know it’s a UFO. There is no question about it. I highly suggest that if you are looking to learn more about UFO’s, then tune into the Sci-Fi channel as well as the History channel. I have seen some pretty amazing UFO stories and footage on both of these shows.

I know that we are not alone because I have been able to pick up voices from beyond on a digital tape recorder and I have seen UFO’s with my own two eyes.

I would love to head up to area 51 one of these days. However, it’s a long haul into the dessert to just see the outskirts of area 51. As you may or may not know, area 51 is off limits to everyone. However, many people say that UFO’s are often seen there at night.

I would love to see what the governments know about this stuff. The technology is out there, but it seems like nobody wants to talk about it. However, NASA is taking a bold step by sending their robots into space to see if there is life on other planets. Perhaps they are trying to slowly tell us that we are not alone.


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