Everyone has some innate psychic abilities. It’s the difference of the extent that we are able to understand these natural abilities. For example everyone knows how to sing, but very few have a voice that actually attracts others attention. Natural psychic abilities are the means by which the mind is able to access information and influence something in a way that everyone cannot do. It’s only few selected people who can do this.

How to test your psychic abilities? This is the question which everyone thinks of. All have some traces of being a psychic, but how well you can use these abilities depends on how well one polishes it with time, study, and practice.

Major arcana: In order to test your psychic ability, there are number of tests available online. Some can also be conducted at home. One must prepare his environment of quiet, private place where he feels safe and comfortable. He/She should make sure that he/she has everything required for the experiment. Ensure that you even have a note book besides you. Also, ensure that you are not hungry, tired, ill, or feeling negative emotions. Before you proceed to test your psychic ability, relax and clear your mind. Try not to have any expectations, simply go with the flow.

Just one time experiment would not show your psychic abilities completely. Outstanding or poor, it does give you a little indication of the psychic abilities but not completely. It’s better to repeat each experiment a number of times and on different occasions. The average of all the experiments would be the true test of psychic ability. Some tests of psychic ability are –

 Ask a friend to choose some cards from deck of cards and without seeing guess the suit of the cards without looking at it and in the end analyze how many guesses were correct.

 Sit in a quiet place and visualize a place where you have never been to and try and guess the details of the place and then go to the same place and see how many of your guesses were true.

 Ask your friend to present an item in front of you which you have never seen or heard off. Try and concentrate on the object and tell your friend what flashes you see and what you feel about the item and then again let your friend tell you what was correct.

 You can also prepare yourself in a different way. Instead of relaxing, take some time to do some vigorous exercises, dance or laugh. When you are done take an object and try moving it with the power of your mind. Wait to see if it moves. If you are having any effect on it, it will move.

The most important thing in all the above experiments is concentration, proper recording of your activities, trying them a number of times and then analyzing them. These simple tests can reveal to you an approximate level of your innate psychic ability. By these, you will know where to begin.

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