Psychics are known not just for their ability to predict the future but also for their ability to subtly heal the body by transferring positive energies to the patients. These healings like Reiki, crystal ball healing etc. have shown amazing results. Psychics have intuition and the ability to see through a particular problem and find proper solutions for it. They usually have the common good of humanity in mind. Psychic scanning can be done on the human body for holistic healing. It is generally done on the subtle body. The subtle body is made up of various attributes. The subtle body is considered to be the non-physical energy that all forms of body have. The subtle body is made up of the dense physical body, the etheric body, the astral body, the mental body and the causal body. The causal body is followed by the Aatmic body, the Buddhic body and the Monadic body, all of which are connected to the soul. The physical body is the densest form of the subtle body. The other subtle bodies are a lot more refined and spiritual.

Psychic scanning for holistic healing can be done in different ways. Listed below are a few of them:

Aura scanning: to see the aura of a person, make him stand in front of a white wall and look at him for a few minutes. You absorb the energy and at times you can also absorb the colors of the aura. Aura is “visible” in the mind. If you notice a dark spot or a hole during psychic scanning, then there is a problem in the energy fields. One can also use the hands while scanning for problems. One doesn’t have to touch the body while scanning. Instead they can just feel the difference in the body temperatures. One has to look for cold areas where energies don’t flow properly.

Pendulum: psychic scanning with pendulums are also very effective. While using pendulums for scanning, one has to move them up and down and check for troubled spots. If you see that the flow of the pendulum is erratic, it means that there is a break in the energy fields. The pendulum has to be moved through the seven chakras while scanning for holistic healing. While moving the pendulum through various chakras, it will move in different directions. For example: at the crown chakra, the pendulum will move in a clockwise or an anti-clockwise direction, at the forehead or the third eye chakra, the pendulum will move in a spiral opposite direction and at the third chakra the movement of the pendulum will be similar to that at the crown chakra.

Psychic scanning also helps to remove the cause of a stressful situation and one can know how to deliver the best in a given situation. Scanning helps in avoiding negativity to a certain extent and prepares you for the rest. One can know how and when to hold back or make a move by assessing the flow of energy.

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