Psychics are usually referred to as people who have a strong sense of intuition and those can predict the future. Psychics have a moral which is highly spiritual and immaterial. The history of psychics is outside of scientific knowledge. Science is trying hard to find the origin of psychic roots and various studies and researches are being conducted. Psychics are considered to be mysterious by a lot of people yet there is a strong sense of faith in psychics. This can be known by the large number of people who visit psychics for consultation regarding various events in their lives. Apart from predicting the future, psychics also have other abilities like talking to the dead, healing people by transferring energies, tarot card reading, numerology etc. They are also capable of assessing current situations and making it better. The psychic roots show that psychics are capable of showing and interpreting their psychic powers since a very tender age itself. The signs are not very strong, and have to be worked upon and perceived. The intuitions are always prevalent and provide a better sense of judgment to psychics. Where the visions come from still remains unexplained. People have a lot of doubts regarding the abilities of a psychic and having more of a scientific approach towards things demand for a proof, but as yet there is no solid proof to ascertain the abilities of psychics. Generally people talk about feeling an unknown presence or a force which helps them overcome obstacles and protects them from unfavorable situations. This is usually referred to as the spirit guide of that individual. There are different types of spirit guides. Listed below are few of them:

Major arcana:

Ascended masters: they are those who lead a physical life and then transcend to a higher plane. Buddha, Krishna and Jesus are a few examples. These spirits help a collective group of people and not just a particular individual. Their primary goal is the general benefit of humanity.

Ancestral guide: they are those who might have had a relation with you. Someone who loved you in the physical form, in some previous lifetime or maybe a close blood relation could be one of the psychic roots.

Teacher guide: they are those who come into your life to bring you on a particular path. They may introduce different archetypes in your life depending upon the need of a situation. They provide insights to the individual through means of meditation or dreams. They provide help and support only for as long as you need them.

Animal guide: they are generally companions. They might be a pet who passed away and stays around to offer protection and teaching.

So, although the history of psychic roots is not clear, it can very well be a part of your family. One might have psychic roots through their ancestors or any blood relations that might have been imbibed by the individual. The history of psychic roots is remains a mystery, and perhaps one of the most interesting ones.

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