Psychic readers vary in their technique, their communication channels, approach. It is very unique for every person. The abilities are sometimes raw and undeveloped. They may be telepathic abilities; abilities concerned to mind and may be extra-sensory perceptions. People, who have developed the abilities, by breaking the “conditioning”, that prevents them from accessing the psychic abilities, can consider of taking up psychic reading professionally. The people who are unaware of the level up to which they have developed their psychic abilities may try out psychic ability quiz.

A psychic ability quiz is nothing but a set of questions, which may be multiple choice questions or a questionnaire. Beware of the gimmicks played by the internet solicitors, which eventually bring bad name to the profession. The psychic ability quiz should be tried, tested and most importantly evaluated by a psychic reader himself. It is better to take it on a personal level with a psychic reader to guide through the process and enable you to access the ability beyond ordinary. The quiz though can be generalised through tests but as I have mentioned earlier and won’t hesitate to mention a million times that psychic abilities are unique to an individual. It can’t be standardised, proved or generalised. It is beyond the realm of consciousness. I don’t disagree the apprehensions in the minds of each and every one o us. But, it is something you have to believe in order to see it. Unlike, the ordinary cliché “see it to believe it”. Yet there are a few pre-requisites that you should have in order to know if you truly possess or more precisely have harnessed the psychic ability.

Major arcana:

Psychic ability quiz: Ask yourself the following questions and if 3 answers are a ‘NO’, then I think you should reconsider the possibility and practise better to harness the abilities. It exists and may be dormant in many of us. Q: Is the ability you think you possess available to you at will? Q: If asked to prove the ability to an outsider (who believes in psychic abilities), can you do it?

Q: You believe in your ability with utmost sincerity?

Q: Have you learnt the techniques from an established Psychic ability? Q: Have you ever used it successfully?

Disclaimer: this is just a generalised psychic ability quiz as there can never be a specific quiz and it may prove to be wrong in extreme cases. With my study it seems to be accurate enough. The ability that you possess may be new as it may have never been discovered before. In such cases meeting up with a psychic reader you can trust is necessary. Also, some of the “psychic readers” may discourage you, so you may consult a reputed psychic. Also, generally it is preferable to visit a psychic reader who is trustworthy because you need to trust the psychic reader in order to enable him to access his ability and help you. At the same time, If the Psychic reader is not advanced or is not a true reader, your faith may prove to be harmful. The best thing is to consult only the reputed psychic readers.

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