When you hear the stories of the unbelievable ghosts and spirits which come down to this world only to talk to the psychics concerned in a perfect bid to help sort out people’s problems, you still don’t tend to believe them many a time. This is why we are so naïve and innocent enough to take such tales like a joke only for the mere reason that we are human and don’t believe in anything until it eventually happens to us or our relatives we trust like no body else. Yes, it is very true to state here, that unless you go through an extraordinary experience of any kind, there is no way you would ever believe in it at all. But to a great extent, the theory has begun to change. This change is happening due to the television medium which is playing a major role in bringing the truth to people who don’t even wish to listen to the same for the reason that they have no faith at all. They just see and believe what they see, at the end of the day. And that holds immense truth for them and nothing else but that what they see.

Major arcana:

After all in today’s fast paced world we still take time to digest the fact that there is yet another world of snake charmers and magicians who could simply turn a frog into a prince or a dog into a cow just by snapping their fingers thrice. There is a world which goes beyond our imagination but always holds true for the reason that it has always been there and it will always be there until the sun finally goes down on all of us and the end of the world comes.

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