Every human being is blessed with some power or psychic ability. Are you psychic medium? Do you have psychic ability? How one can know about his/her psychic ability? There is some psychic ability quizzes are there to know about one’s psychic ability or psychic level. It depends upon person to person how he/she can improve his/her psychic ability. It is not easy to know about one’s psychic ability because there are different types and levels of psychic ability and different types of psychic ability quiz are there to know about one’s psychic level or psychic ability.

In various types of psychic ability quizzes first type includes cards with different symbols on them. These cards generally consists symbols like star, squares, triangles and circles on it. To know about the one’s psychic ability one has to predict the next symbol comes after one by one. This type of testing is widely used technique since 1970. It is now available on various websites encoded with the help of software but the real constraint is that it is generally used to judge all types of psychic ability. Originally it is developed to know about one’s psychic ability of clairvoyance (Ability to predict the future incidents). There are so many types of psychic powers like telekinesis (Ability to move objects from one place to another), clairaudience (Ability to hear the inaudible voices), telepathy (Ability to communicate with the help of mind) and many others.

Major arcana:

The other method or psychic ability quiz to know about the psychic ability and level of people is use of a right brain method. This quiz or test is based on the personal experience; it is not based on the prediction or set to a laboratory condition where one has to predict about what comes next. These types of psychic ability quizzes ask about the direct and obvious questions like Can you tell about the future happenings? Do you see future events in your dream? These types of questions are easy to find someone’s psychic ability to predict the future and also easy to take on the internet because it is based on the self knowledge not on the real time prediction about the symbols.

This type of quiz considers the various questions to come on to the conclusion to know about one’s psychic ability. It includes: 1. Do you often know which advertisement or song come after another on television? 2. Do you feel bad after reading news paper? 3. Do you often experience sound or feeling images when you visit to new places? 4. Do you often know during football matches which player will make hat trick of goals or will make a goal?

To know about the psychic ability of a person there are two types of psychic ability quizzes used. First one is using different symbolic cards. The constraint with this quiz is that it only identifies the psychic ability of clairvoyance and it is only a type of different psychic abilities. Second type of quiz which is a questionnaire method includes various direct and obvious questions matches with the different types of psychic abilities like clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, medium and others.

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