I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been in a position where I’ve been looking for numerology to help me find compatibility. Often times I’ll meet someone that I think might be suited to me, but it’s hard to know if they’re right. Sometimes I have a feeling that they might be just the person for me, with no real reason to think that. Other times I’ll experience just the opposite; someone will look like a perfect match on paper but something just isn’t right.

When I find myself in these positions I’ve used numerology to help me find compatibility. Having a numerology reading done on both myself and the person I’m considering partnering with has helped me to have a greater understanding not just of what they have to bring to the table but how their positive and negative attributes will come together with mine if we were to partner together.

If you’re looking to have numerology help you find compatibility, the first thing you need to do is find an advisor to give you your own numerology reading. Be sure that you ask questions so that you understand the reading. A good numerology advisor will want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your reading. This initial reading will not only be helpful in your current situation but will help you to find partners in the future as well.

Next you will need to have a numerology reading on your potential partner. All you need to get this done is a good advisor and the person in question’s birth date. You’ll then get a reading that will give you some insight into their personalities. You should be told about different pros and cons. Be sure to carefully consider this information on it’s own. You want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the insight that your advisor has to offer.

Once you have both your personal numerology reading and the reading of the person you’re considering, you need to use numerology to help you find compatibility. This means that you’ll need to get a third reading that combines the aspects of your reading with that of the person in question. Your advisor should be able to help you understand who your readings will come to work together. Be sure that you’re taking notes so that you can go back later as you contemplate the situation.

Finding the right person can be difficult. It can be hard to really know if the person you’re with is the best person for you. By utilizing numerology to help you find compatibility, you’ll be able to get some spiritual insight into how well the two of you could work together. It’s a good idea to discuss the results of the numerology readings with the person you’re trying to find compatibility with. Not only will you get some insight into how self-aware they are, you’ll get an idea of whether or not they are knowledgeable and comfortable with numerology.

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