A Leo as its symbol suggests is nothing less than a Lion, or a king. The occupant of the fifth position in the study of astrology, a Leo is generous, kind hearted, extremely extrovert, creative and always full of energy plus enthusiasm. Just like a king or a queen, a Leo is dominating, determined and has strong principles which are difficult to change. In todays Leo love horoscope love is in the air.

Today’s Leo love horoscope predicts strong chances of your getting a love proposal from someone when you are least expecting it. You will also be attracted to this person emotionally or physically. But this is not a good time for you to get carried away by blind emotions. Keep your judgment clear while accepting such proposal. A Leo is very loyal in relationships and family oriented. Their relations seem to last a very long time.

According to todays Leo love horoscope you should avoid acting pushy or else you might turn away the love of your life. Remember that in love one must also learn to compromise and sometimes do the things which your partner wants. In some incidents you might also have to support issues which you feel is wrong but as long is nobody is getting harmed try to take side with your partner. Keep in mind that in relationships two roads don’t run parallel but meet to become one and for them to meet both of them have to make certain sacrifices at some point in life.

Leo’s are bossy and pompous by nature but at the same time they are loving and caring. Their big heart accommodates everybody they love. Their magnetic personality attracts everybody. Todays Leo love horoscope foretells that you will be most compatible with zodiacs sharing the same fire sign like the Aries and Sagittarius. This scorching fervent relation will make a superb steamy romance and talk of the town. But as your natures are, you might end up in jealousy or a fight to prove who is better.

You are sharing your zodiac sign with some very eminent personalities like Bill Clinton, Jennifer Lopez, Neil Armstrong, Alfred Hitchcock and many more. Your lucky stone is Ruby, lucky colors are orange and gold, your best season is summer as is your personality, always hot and sweltering.

Todays Leo love horoscope suggests the gifts that you can give to a Leo. Leo men love larger than life kind of events. You can get a Leo head over heels by going out late in the night in an open-roof car or by playing his best romantic song. To please a Leo lady, price tag is unimportant but the gift should be of her choice. It can be expensive jewelry or simply a card with a music CD of her favorite love songs. The thought behind the gift is more meaningful to a Leo. Finally their trade secret revealed – pleasing a Leo is not difficult, one just has to pamper their ego.

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