You are a Gemini, if your birthday falls anywhere between May 21st to June 21st. You occupy the third position in the list of zodiac signs. It is ruled by the planet Mercury which plays a great role in defining the typical traits in the person. Gemini’s – on one hand – are super-active people, always buzzing with energy, innovative and substantially friendly by nature. On other hand, they are emotionally very unstable. Often they take vital decisions based on impulse. Often they are perceived as childish for their impulsive decision making nature.

Todays Gemini love horoscope predicts good time ahead in romance as the moon is in 5th house of romance. However, a Gemini needs to use communication abilities to maximum to avoid any miscommunications with partner. Be wary of the assumptions that you make regarding your loved ones and perform the due diligence to cross-check the assumptions. Todays Gemini love horoscope also says that love is round the corner. A Gemini should not ignore the favor from Cupid and run ahead chasing other trivial and mundane matters. A good time for Gemini to take events at their own pace, enjoy the minute details and small things in life and make self mentally ready for the big moment which is just round the corner.

According to todays Gemini love horoscope, a Gemini should strive to look beyond the looks and tried to strengthen the bond on the basis of common interests and intellect. It is just the time they realize that romance is lot more mushy talks and physical attractions. In todays Gemini love horoscope, Gemini is warned against the tendency to use their heart more than their heads. If while following this tendency, they try to make some changes in their personal front then it may cause more harm than help. This point in time, they should be prudent in taking decisions on personal or domestic front. You are sharing your zodiac sign with some very eminent personalities like Queen Victoria, Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, Richard Wagner, Nicole Kidman, Clint Eastwood and Ian Fleming. Your lucky stone is emeralds, lucky colors are orange and gold, lavender flower is your lucky flower. Gemini’s often excel in careers like arts, music, politics and journalism.

Todays Gemini love horoscope that a Gemini should not try to finalize any love decision or formalize any personal process today. Imagination should soar high as it will help the dream and the objective stay alive without being subjected to the risk of rejection. This is only for today and things will improve substantially after today. Todays Gemini love horoscope says that in this period the energized sub-consciousness will result in few consequences. As a direct result of this, many events, occurrences and situations will bring back the memories, people and details that had happened in past. A Gemini needs to act prudently today as any wrong step can jeopardize the present because of past. But anything they say will be interpreted in their favor so their prudent message will easily get communicated to relevant people.

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