The world seems to be getting a good shake from God right about now. I think that all of our spending has finally caught up with us and now we are forced more than ever to sit down and pray. Most of us lead very busy lives and we often forget about God. Some people work 10 hour days and have no room in their lives for their spirituality. Now however, people are being forced to spend time in prayer. Sometimes God uses money as a way to wake us up. It reminds us that we are really weak and that we need God. It makes us realize that we are supposed to have a physical relationship with him. The most important lesson that I learned in my life is to love unconditionally. Love people with everything that you have inside of your heart and then things will just come forward on their own. I think that we can really learn more about ourselves by asking others to love as we love. You can be a role model now because so many people are hurting and in need of a friends shoulder to cry on. We are living in a day in age where we or our family members may actually loose everything. It’s a time of testing. It’s a time to see who will still love God even when all of our material possessions are taken away from us. Will you be able to stand the test?

The economy seems to be scaring everyone. People don’t know whether or not they should spend money or hold onto it. My advice to people everywhere is to spend only on what you need. Don’t worry about those big fancy toys because it really doesn’t make you a better person and it certainly doesn’t make you happier. Things should not define you. I hope that this blog posts helps someone out there who may be hurting and feeling down. Life is not easy and sometimes it can be painful when we feel like we have to go it alone. That’s why its so important to keep loving friends and family around you at all times. This is especially true when you need to be and feel comforted each and every day of your life.

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