I loved watching the movie, “the sixth sense.” I liked this movie because it reminded me of myself. I have always been fascinated by ghosts and things of the paranormal in nature. I used to sit at home watching movies like the sixth sense because I knew that it would become a part of my life to a certain degree. I can say that the movie, “The Sixth Sense” was good because it helped me to see that there were others like me out there in the world in which we live in.

I don’t know why there are people in the world that are blessed with this sort of a gift, but I do know that when someone has this gift, they are supposed to share it with people that are in their life and also people tat just want to get their help for whatever reason. I for one know that a good psychic gift happens for a reason. It’s usually because you are supposed to help someone from a particular walk in life. If you really want to learn from someone or from a person gifts, then you should. Most people have no idea how to make their lives more complete. Some people just want to use their sixth sense for some sort of a hocus pocus fantasy and then forget about their psychic gift. I think that it is necessary to find a psychic talent that you are good at and then use it for spiritual purposes. Some people would make better psychic book authors then psychic readers. I think that you have to find your most gifted area in the psychic realm and then try to discover on your own what area you are best at. Sometimes it will even take a friend or a fellow psychic to tell you what your best gift is.

I think that the movie, “The Sixth Sense” was a direct eye opener for all of us. It allowed us to see that a person can have the ability to see dead spirits. Even though we may not fully accept a dead spirit, we can at least wonder if a deceased spirit actually exists. I think that a deceased sprit does exist because I have heard them on my cassette tape. These are known as EVP’s. I think that people that hear electronic voice phenomena are more apt to accepting the spirits of the deceased because they are actually hearing the voices of the dead themselves. When you bring your own digital tape recorder and do your own haunted house investigations, you are more prone to becoming a believer in the spirit world more than anyone else.

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