Those of you who are born between 20th April and 20th May are considered to fall under the zodiac sign of Taurus according to tropical astrology. However the later development of the sidereal astrology considers the birth time of the Taurus is between 15th of May and 15th of June. It is thus exerted considering the position of the sun during this time, which is on this particular zodiac symbol. The Taurus horoscope is made according to this particular position of the sun as well as other elements and planets in astrology.

People who are born in this particular time dwell on the second house of the zodiac. This is because in the order of zodiac symbols Taurus comes at the second position. Of the four elements that influence the person’s character and future most, earth is most dominating in case of Taurus. This sign is also among the four signs in the zodiac circle, which are known as fixed. The people of this house have a feminine sign with negative connotations, characteristic of all the earth elements of the zodiac. This negative feminine trait represents in Taurus horoscope an introvert personality, with lots of withdrawn and reserved attitude.

There are various mythological Gods and Goddesses associated with this sign of zodiac. The most well-known of them is the bull form of Zeus in Greek mythology. Following this, the symbol of Taurus is also the head and the horns of a bull. Also another very popular association is with Goddess Aphrodite in Greco-Roman mythology. Aphrodite is considered to represent the planet Venus. This is the reason why Taurus horoscope is dominated by the planet Venus. Also other Gods and Goddesses like Juno or Hera, Bacchus, Isis, Quetzalcoatl, Xolotl, Ishtar, Pan, Freyja are considered to have a sublime influence over this sign.

There are many factors that contribute to develop a person and his or her personality. According to astrology, the planet position at the time of the birth of that person and the zodiac sign of that person determine a lot of it. These people who are born under Taurus horoscope share some common traits, few basic characteristics that also determine their way of thought and action and thus their future.

Taurus most of all is someone who has a strong personality. This strength of personality sometimes takes the form of stubbornness. Though to Taurus themselves, they are never as inflexible as they seem to be to others. However their stubbornness is the result of their strong determinism and complete dedication. Their dedication increases with a job of their likeness.

The Taurus horoscope advises professional fields such as bureaucratic posts, banks, engineering, also music or acting. Being sensitive, sensual, romantic, loyal and loving they prove to be very good in love relations. However sometimes they are conservative, resentful, steadfast and overindulgent. Personally they appreciate music, arts, nature, comfort, luxury, beauty and stability. But they do not like to be forced and feel rather uncomfortable at change or disruption.

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