I have seen some real haunted places in my lifetime. These are places that everyone claims to be haunted to some degree. You can usually find these places online. I know that the internet has a lot of these so called “haunted places” on the internet. It always amazes me that people from around the world take a good look at ghost hunters and ask themselves why and how they can become a supernatural force.

When a place is haunted, it is said to be with an unexplained “ghostly presence.” This presence is not easily explained by the average person. I think that when people have a “ghostly encounter” with a haunted house, they just know it inside of their heart and head. The mind can easily detect from what is paranormal and what is of the norm. We have all been in situations when we have felt the dead around us. Perhaps it was when a parent or a loved one died and then all of a sudden we witnessed them trying to speak to us through animals, noises, voices and even apparitions. Real haunted places do exist for the purpose of proving the supernatural to living human beings.

Jesus said that there was a place called hell and a place called heaven. Hell is said to be a place of unrest. Perhaps the dead that are speaking to ghost hunters on digital recorders are speaking to them from a place of hell. I say this because they seem to be unhappy and they seem to be aware of their surroundings. Ghost hunters often tape these voices and sounds and the living often wonder if they can take it anymore. Many people gets spooked from the voices that are beyond us. In my opinion, you should always ask a paranormal ghost hunter a few questions before you enter your own real haunted place. It can definitely give you some sort of direction.

Some people try to do ghost hunting alone and that can be a very scary experience. You never know what a ghost is going to do. I suggest that you don’t play with the dead. If you are trying to do it as a onetime experiment to prove the existence of ghosts, then I would say to go for it. But to live your life out ghost hunting, can bring some really bazaar and evil activity into your life. You may wish that you never messed with the dead if you play long enough in its field.

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