Numbers are an important part in our daily lives. The numbers around us influence us through our names, addresses, money, pin numbers, bank accounts, telephone numbers, money and many other things. Without numbers, our lives would be extremely difficult. Even if you don’t feel or see the effect that these numbers have on your daily life, the effects are still there. Numbers greatly influence everything that happens to you. One example of this is name numerology.

Numerology is simply the study of numbers. It helps people to understand their current lives, past lives and can help to guide or predict their futures. It’s similar to other spiritual fields like astrology. However, numerology is much easier than most if not all of the other spiritual fields. It deals with the Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Saturn, Neptune and Mars. All of these planets and celestial bodies are shown as a number, ranging from 1 through 9. Each number has a meaning of it’s own and influences each individual in a different way. There are two main types of numerology : name numerology and birth date numerology.

Unlike name numerology, birth date numerology focuses solely on the date that you were born. The day, month and year are added up until they make up a single digit number. This number can then be analyzed to see how it affects your life. This type of numerology typically doesn’t change over time, meaning that a reading you get when you are 10 should be similar to one you get when you’re 40. However, the influences that your birth date numerology has over your future can change, which means it’s a good idea to have frequent birth date numerology readings to see what your future has in store for you.

The other basic type of numerology is name numerology. In this type of numerology, each letter of the alphabet is given a different numerological value. There are several different methods for deciding the value of each number. Which ever option you choose, you will then add up the values of the letters in your full name. Be sure not to use nick names or a married name. For name numerology to work best, you should focus solely on your given name.

One unique factor of name numerology is that it can change. As you go through life and your goals and aspirations change, so too will your name numerology reading. For this reason, many people choose to have a name numerology reading done on a frequent basis. Your name can also tell you many things about your future. It can help you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as your destiny. If you pay heed to this information, it can help you to live your life in a much more deliberate and open-minded way. The key to have a successful name numerology reading is to simply keep and open mind and really think about the information you’re being given. Sometimes it takes a little soul searching to accept the truths about yourself.

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