People having their birthdays between the dates 21st May to 21st June share the zodiac sign Gemini. A Gemini represents dual nature, which means that they have liking for things which are completely in contrast with each other. They are social butterflies. Can easily become the centre for attraction among a large crowd due to your ability to keep the conversation flowing. You can very well hop from one topic to another. The monthly horoscope for Gemini forecasts that your family, especially the children will keep you on your toes.

Lady luck will bestow its kindness upon you according to the monthly horoscope for Gemini. You are sure to feel more active and energetic, ready to take up any challenge. Professionally you might be able to achieve the completion of a major project. This sudden success in professional life might make your self esteem too high. Don’t let your ego come in between your personal and professional relationships.

After a sudden drive in career one might also observe a downfall. So as per the monthly horoscope for Gemini one needs to be a bit flexible in one’s thought process. If you are a salaried professional then you might find new opportunities knowing at your doorstep but there are also huge chances of having unpleasant arguments with your seniors. Try to play your card safely and by timing them correctly you might notice some gains. Your hard work will get noticed.

You might face some confrontations from your family members due to differences of opinion. Love life in the monthly horoscope for Gemini is pretty good. Those who are planning to propose from a long time might see some action happening in the beginning of this month. Those who already are in a relation would progress in making some major commitments towards their partner giving them assurance of your seriousness towards your relation. This month may not be that positive for married couples. You might observe some hostility in your relation. The best thing one should do in this month is not become too stubborn in making people do what you want. Try to be more understanding and take decisions by keeping in mind the broader, long term perspective.

The monthly horoscope for Gemini would see some good days in the beginning of the month and some not so good days by the second half of the month. As a whole do not try to stick to one decision of yours, try to be more flexible according to these changing situations. Just go with the flow and let things take its course. Things will come back to track before you know it. Try to do away with all burnt or torn cloth.

As per the monthly horoscope for Gemini your lucky numbers are 1, 4, 6, 41, 43, and 45. You have a craving for good art and music. Your lucky day this month is Wednesday. Lucky colors are Orange, Lemon and Yellow. Lucky stone one can wear are Topaz, Emerald, and Agate. Lucky talisman are Quick Silver.

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